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Market to Market Ride Recap 05012010

Highlights of the ride. 6 riders in our group. The ride probably had 150+ riders total. 29 miles Waffles for breakfast Jeni's at the end Knickers! Rain for a good bit of the ride. Pierogi King DNF - His big day out included completing 1/33rd of the route before flatting.

As seen at Bicycle One in Gahanna, Ohio

Cannondale Electra Bikes Raleigh Bachetta Greenspeed Bicycle One Website

Best E-Bike in the World? – Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport

Best E-Bike in the World – Pro Connect Sport This sophisticated machine offers superior hill climbing capabilities, energy efficiency and enhanced safety features in what has been called the 'best electric bike in the world'. While we're on the subject of features, the Pro Connect S also has the most advanced Panasonic motor available, top-of-the-line Magura hydraulic brakes, and a 9-speed Shimano Deore XT derailer and gearset. The built-in Sigma trip computer lets you track your stats. These high-end components combine to provide a fast, enjoyable ride the serious cyclist can depend on.   Features Up to 50 miles of assisted cycling power per battery charge Faster commute with pedal-assist up to 26 mph Variable motor speeds - conserving energy or maximizing power, as needed Highest rated electric motor on the market Hydraulic brakes for dependable stopping and safety Integrated high-powered night lighting double-walled BlackJack rims with high-end Continent

VW Bike Video

Are There Really No Hipsters in China?

Irony-resisting Chinese bicyclists have skipped the fixed-gear trend that has swept the rest of the world. By J. David Goodman Posted Wednesday, April 21, 2010, at 2:22 PM ET A non-fixed-gear student rider on the campus of Tsinghua University, Beijing. BEIJING—A multicolored messenger bag slung over one shoulder and short-brimmed hat cocked to the side, Nie Zheng parked his brakeless bike in the corner of a trendy cafe in the Beijing Central Business District before settling into a molded plastic chair to chat about his particular obsession. "It's been a dream since I was a kid to get a bicycle like this," the  40-year-old fashion photographer told me. "But no one sold them here." It took nearly nine months, he said, to get a track bike he wanted sent from England in 2007. story continues...

Tuesday Night Ride Video - Thanks Mike!

Civia Cycles has great clothing recommendations

What to wear? It’s a timeless question that's challenging to answer. With variables like temperature, precipitation, wind, cloud cover, season—and personal comfort level—it’s impossible to provide a simple answer.   more... Dry 90–100º Head Helmet, eyewear Torso Sleeveless jersey Legs Shorts Hands Short finger gloves Feet Short socks, shoes

Ray's in Cleveland highlighted on CNN

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 0427010

It was a low and full moon tonight. We had 14 riders for the TNR this week. 2 new riders, Jen and Rob, joined the ride. We had some regulars and irregulars show up. We headed east on Long over to Woodland and through Franklin Park to the trail. We took the trail south to Williams. We headed west to High and took up the lane all the way into town. Some riders split off and went home, but most went to Dirty Franks for food and drink. 21 miles total. Mileage varied for all depending on start points. Hope to see everybody again next week.

Asiemut Project - Get on your bike and ride!

THE ASIEMUT PROJECT      Asiemut is the story of a french canadian couple, Mélanie & Olivier, that choose a journey... but most would call it a long adventure, approximately 8000 km long. Riding their bicyles & pedaling through Asia. They traveled from Mongolia to Kolkata, at the mouth of the Ganges in India, passing through Xinjiang, the Taklamakan desert, Tibet & Nepal... Asiemut is their first film. website...

Hampsten Cycles Zucchero - I am in love...

Zucchero And now for something slightly different: Zucchero, wherein Hampsten Cycles brings the performance attributes of a light steel frame and fork a little closer to home. We think Zucchero (meaning “sugar” in Italian, pronounced zuk-KER-ro) is the perfect bike for commuting, fun rides, grocery runs, or simple coffee-shop jaunts. The frame, fork, and optional custom rack can be built as needed for the load-carrying capacity of your dreams. A simple swap of the handlebars, saddle, and shifters would turn this into a great fendered road bike similar to our Strada Bianca model. We use Reynolds 853 Pro Team for the main triangle and True Temper seat and chain stays. Each frame is designed here at HampCo Seattle then perfectly welded and painted by Independent Fabrication of Somerville, MA; steel fork is brazed in-house by Martin. The Hampsten website is here...

This Week in Bicycle Rides - April 26th

Tuesday Night Ride - 7pm start at Goodale Park - route changes weekly - Like it at the Facebook page Market to Market Ride Event details here... COP Top of Ohio Ride Ride details here...

More photos from the Taco Truck Tour 04252010!

Madsen kg271 Bucket

kg271/BUCKET Frame.  OST Hi-ten steel. Step-through frame. Derailleur.  SRAM X5 8-speed Shifter.  SRAM X5 trigger shifters Disk Brake.  Promax 160mm Stem.  Promax adjustable 1 1/8'' Colors.  Black, Cream, Blue Size.  Adjustable for a variety of body types including 5'- 6'6'' builds. Bucket.  40 gallon, LLDPE rigid plastic cargo carrier. Comes with rear removable bench seat and two seatbelts. MSRP.  $1299 Madsen website

Mid Ohio Ride Recap - 04252010

We all decided to ride the 67 due to the uncertain weather. Due to a hyperextended knee and sleeping in we lost two of the 6 riders before the start. Taylor showed up to ride the century to bring our number to 5. I rode my Klein because I am waiting on new tires for the Lemond. So, we headed out hoping for the best and the weather was beautiful for most of the ride. One section of course has a bridge issue so riders head down a hill, dismount and cross the bridge, then climb back on and climb a little hill. After we crossed the bridge I dropped the front chainring to the small ring and started pedaling. I turned half a crank and then it stopped cold. I looked down to see the chain wrapped around the entire small ring and half of the large ring. After review we determined the screw holding the front derailleur cage was missing and it allowed the chain to wrap backwards onto the big ring (see pics). So I pried the front derailleur up enough to spin the chain backwards releasing itse

Taco Truck Ride Recap - Spring 2010

The first Taco Truck tour for 2010 was a success. I didn't know what to expect because of the weather conditions, but was pleasantly surprised that 45 riders joined me for a tour of the westside trucks. We may have had close to 50 total since some riders showed up separate from the main group. The weather held for the entire tour although we were hit with a shower as we crossed High Street on our way to Hal and Al's on Parsons. The entire ride was about 16 miles if you rode to the bar. I brought out Big Orange for the ride since I vowed that it would be a leisure pace and leisure it was. It was great seeing a bunch of old friends on the ride and I met a lot of great people. I want to thank  for organizing the trucks for all the participants. Their event recap is here.  I want to thank Hal and Al's bar for hosting an after party and offering drinks specials to the participants. Hope to see you out for the next tour. Stay tuned for announcements.

Pedal to an event and park it with Pedal Instead

Earth Day Celebration at Franklin Park Pedal Instead website