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4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case | NY Times

Citing cases dating back as far as 1928, a judge has ruled that a young girl accused of running down an elderly woman while racing a bicycle with training wheels on a Manhattan sidewalk two years ago can be sued for negligence. The ruling by the judge, Justice Paul Wooten of State Supreme Court in Manhattan, did not find that the girl was liable, but merely permitted a lawsuit brought against her, another boy and their parents to move forward. The suit that Justice Wooten allowed to proceed claims that in April 2009, Juliet Breitman, 4, and Jacob Kohn, 5, were racing their bicycles, under the supervision of their mothers, Dana Breitman and Rachel Kohn, on the sidewalk of a building on East 52nd Street. At some point in the race, they struck an 87-year-old woman named Claire Menagh, who was walking in front of the building and, according to the complaint, was “seriously and severely injured,” suffering a hip fracture that required surgery. She died three months later of unrela


The Science Behind Why Cycling Makes Us Happier | Oopsmark

Photo by  kharied  – Flickr You hear so many cyclists gushing about their daily rides that it might be a bit bewildering to imagine how biking could make so many people so happy. As it turns out, the reasons why are firmly grounded in science. Many people don’t realize that happiness emerges from the state of the body as a whole – how well we sleep, our energy levels, the stress hormones coursing throughout our systems all play a role in determining how happy we feel. So how does cycling affect all these different areas of life? [Keep reading at  Oopsmark]

Tweed Run Tokyo 2013 | Fashionsnap

画像 お洒落ツイード×自転車「ツイードラン東京」参加者の着こなしに注目 [See more Tweed Run Tokyo - 2013 at Fashionsnap]

Biking Across a Pool of Cornstarch - Hard Science

Woody's Fenders

Woody's fenders are produced in Bend, Oregon from as much recycled hardwoods as possible and are signed and dated when complete. All of the mounting hardware is stainless steel and brass to prevent rusting and they are finished with four coats of high quality Marine grade polyurethane in your choice of gloss or satin.    They will fit a vast variety of bicycles and are easy to shape and or cut to fit hard to fit bicycles. You will not find a better variety of affordable super quality wood fenders anywhere.

SUV driver, crowding cyclist, almost hits oncoming car, then rages at cyclist.

Wrong-Way Cyclist on Admiralty Way

Wrong-Way Cyclist on Admiralty Way from Gary Cziko on Vimeo .

Bicycles On Snow - IDITABIKE 88

This is the story of The Iditabike 1988 race in Alaska on the Iditarod Trail. Originally broadcast on the Discovery Channel. [Watch Bicycles On Snow - IDITABIKE 88 on Vimeo]

Pre-order your Copenhagen Wheel

MOTOR US: 350W / EU: 250W SIZE 26" or 700c rim BATTERY Removable 48Volt Lithium CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.0 BATTERY LIFE 1000 cycles SMARTPHONE OS iOS, Android CHARGE TIME 4 hours COMPATIBILITY Single Speed or 9/10 Speed Free Hub TOP SPEED US: 20 mph EU: 25 km/h BRAKE TYPE Rim brake and regenerative braking (downhill and back-pedal) RANGE Up to 50 km / 31 mi WEIGHT 5.9 kg / 13 lbs DROPOUT 135 mm [Superpedestrian]

The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive At Republic Bike

Republic Bike has created a limited edition fixed gear Portlandia bike.  " If you have absolutely no self-control and undying devotion to Portlandia, we've got you covered. Republic Bike has teamed up with the folks at Portlandia to properly outfit you." It looks very close to the fixie used in the famous "Bike Rights" sketch. And yes, they put a bird on it.

Roule Toujours (Always Roll)

[Watch Roule Toujours - English subtitles on vimeo]

Lynskey Performance bikes SUPER SALE at Wheelcraft Cycles

Lynskey MT 650 Medium, with Deore 10 speed X Fusion Velvet air fork                          $1900 Lynskey MT 29 Medium full XT with Manitou Tower fork                                                    $2150 Lynskey Helix Large SRAM mix Shimano R500 wheels, Enve 2.0 fork CC 110 headset    $4000 Lynskey Peloton Medium 105 kit                                                                                               $1900 Lynskey Viale Small 105 kit rack and fenders                                                                          $2000 Lynskey Breakaway Small 105 kit                                                                                              $1900 Lynskey Cooper CX commuter rack, fenders, SRAM Rival BB7 steel fork                           $2750 Lynskey Pro 29 Medium Sid XX with hydraulic remote, full XT cheap green wheels        $4000 It’s much better to pick up at the shop, but I can pack and ship Fed Ex for a reasonable fee. Lynskey

HATTARICK 2014 is Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ride In the Cold for Koffee (RICK) (Ok, where does the HATTA come from?) Saturday, January 4, 2014 10:00 AM start   Finish before dark,  The HATTARICK is a -no rules, no limits- type ride... and therefore, NO EXCUSES. The worse the weather, the fatter the tires. I t's a social ride, not a race, but it's not for the faint of heart. The ride starts in Nelsonville, OH,  at a Hocking College parking lot…. (drive clear through town, it's on the south end, (follow the signs to the college)   next to the railroad track-bed.   It's across the tracks, just west of their frontier village.    We ride to Athens, eat some food, drink something to bolster our courage,  and r ide back. Many are invited, but few hear the siren's call. See YOU there? RSVP not necessary, just show up. The prizes this year, same as last year.   It's Ok to share this opportunity with like-minded... idio.... People. (No, I don't know why the type is so la

Scioto Trail Detours Fall 2013 - Fall 2015 UPDATED


Scioto Bike Connector event cancellation due to Winter Storm (December 6)

Due to the winter storm headed our way, we are cancelling tomorrow’s event at 10 a.m. to officially open the Scioto Bike Connector. Just because we won’t be there for the first ride or run, doesn’t mean the bike path will not open tomorrow. Like the well-known motto, Through rain or shine, sleet or snow, WE DELIVER. ODOT will deliver and open the Scioto Bike Connector tomorrow. We are just cancelling the 10 am event due to winter weather. Please spread the word to cyclists and runners especially if they were planning on attending. Thank you Nancy Respectfully, Nancy C. Burton District 6 Communications Manager 400 E. William Street Delaware, OH  43015 W 740-833-8063 C   614-205-3131

Dub Tales Ep 5: Last Pass Lap

Dub Tales Ep 5: Last Pass Lap from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo .

What Cyclists Say and What They Mean | I Love Bicycling

Cyclists are the biggest sandbaggers and secret trainers around. They’ll say anything to soften you up for the kill. Don’t let this happen to you. Study this handy rider’s phrasebook to find out what they really mean when they say: I think my tire pressure is low.” Translation:  Slow down, will ya? “I definitely have a flat tire.” Help me change it “This trail is a blast!” I hope you have good medical insurance [See more at  I Love Bicycling]

Bicycles Let The Kid In Us Come Out!


Take That, Contributory Negligence | BikeLaw Blog

Contributory negligence is most frustrating when a driver  knows he did something wrong,  admits  he did something wrong and is still trying to get out of it by arguing that the person he hurt is at least some small percentage at fault.   A surprisingly not-so-uncommon explanation: “Yeah I know I didn’t look before turning right on red, but that cyclist should have known I might be negligent and been able to avoid running into the side of my car when I darted out in front of him.” In 46 states, anyone would laugh at such an argument.  In North Carolina, it has a decent chance of getting that driver out of having any responsibility for his actions. That was the approach the driver took last week in our jury trial in Mecklenburg County.  The driver’s attorney argued more than once to the jury that they only had to find our client 1% responsible and then he would get nothing.  Thankfully justice prevailed this time. It helped to have a client who is a careful and experienced cycl

Le cyclo cross de Montmartre

Frank Zappa Plays A Bicycle On The Steve Allen Show


Walnut U-LOCK HOLSTER - Rack-Mounted (For 5.5" X 7.25" U-lock)

Finally a convenient and stylish way to carry your u-lock on your bicycle!  Inspired by Brooks saddles, I designed this holster after searching for months for a stylish, non-plastic way to carry my u-lock on my bike rather than in my bag, and refined the design on my bike commutes to ensure it stays put in a rattle-free way. The u-lock holster has been featured on The Awesomer, Gear Culture, and Biped Fred. Super-strong waxed hand-stitching keeps your lock tightly secured and rattle-free.   The leather in this holster is made with USA-made tanned leather from a local company that I finished with a combination process including Walnut Studiolo weatherproofing dressing. Hand-finished, hand-stitched thick leather holster attaches to your bike in two places on your front or rear rack using Chicago screws and a buckle closure. It requires a flathead screwdriver to mount.  This u-lock holster is designed to fit the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-Evo 5 u-lock (or any lock with exte

La bici Bianchi di Fausto Coppi mod."Campione del Mondo"

vintage Campagnolo bicycle toeclip keychain | orbitingolive @Etsy

This keychain is made from a original vintage Campagnolo bicycle toe clip. It's carefully cut to size and the edges are smooth for a comfortable, stylish accessory. This keychain is great for the bicyclist enthusiast in your life! [ vintage Campagnolo bicycle toeclip keychain]

Drivers Get Rolled | The Weekly Standard

Late last August, along the coast of New Hampshire, Kevin Walsh, police chief in the town of Rye, got a lecture on law enforcement from a bunch of grown-up bicyclists. Local law requires bikers to ride single-file when there is traffic. But this day, a pack of a dozen or so bikers were racing down Ocean Boulevard, at high speed, up to five abreast, according to an interview the chief later gave. Walsh decided to flag them down and tell them what they were doing was unsafe, “out of control,” and “an accident waiting to happen.” He stood in the middle of Ocean Boulevard and signaled them to stop. The bikers blew past him in a  whoosh!  of Lycra, sweat, and profanity. Walsh got in his cruiser and cut off the bikers four miles up the road. When he stopped them, they began to chew him out. “You almost killed somebody back there, standing in the middle of the road,” one of them screamed at the cop. “Do you understand we can’t stop? Do you understand we can’t stop like a car?”  DAVID CL


MEET BROOKSHIELD, THE MUDGUARD OF YOUR WET DREAMS. WITH A SUPERB FIT AND EXTENDED REACH, IT SITS PERFECTLY ON YOUR BROOKS SADDLE. Not only does it save your ass from the wet stripe, it also function as a protector of the leather saddle which otherwise can easily be destroyed by the notorious road spray from your back wheel. Although developed especially for BROOKS saddles, it also provides a good fit for other similar "old style" leather saddles such as IDEALE, BLB Mosquito to name a few. Choose your BROOKS model from the the drop list above. Does not fit coil spring saddles. [ Ass Savers BROOKSHIELD]

Bike Butterfly

Top TOOB Protector | Etsy

If you've got drop handlebars on your bike, you know they have a tendency to swing around and hit the top tube - causing unsightly dents or chips. That's why we decided to make the Top TOOB Protector - a simple ring that absorbs the handlebar impact, right where you need it. Easily attach it to your bicycle when you need it, and snap it off when you don't. The rubber stretches to fit almost any top tube diameter and we've covered up the back of the button so that it doesn't scratch your bike. The Top TOOB protector is tough and hard wearing, and will never slip or move. Designed with fixed gear and track cyclers in mind, anybody with drop handlebars can benefit from this simple and clean top tube protector. ** Paste this link to see an animated example: Dimensions: Length - approx 11 cm Width - approx 2 cm Innertube type - 700/23c Works with most common top tube diameters (Ask if you're not sure). [ Top TOOB Protector]

Ciclotte carbon fiber

Colors: Full Carbon Black Fiber / Silver Fiber / Purple Fiber Size: h 113,4cm x p 54cm x l 112,2cm Weight: 55 kg Power Supply: 220 V by way of transformer (to recharge only) Epicycloidal transmission by way of dual satellite system Central movement on padding Carbon handlebar with adjustable tilt Carbon saddle with alcantara adjustable to four positions (adjustment setting: 15mm, total range 21cm) Touch screen display for adjusting to 12 resistance levels Wheel mass: 5Kg Maximum weight of user: 130Kg MARINE SET-UP OPTION:  With components even more resistant to sea salt and atmospheric agents. Ideal to be used on yachts, ships, coastal areas and for long outdoor exposure. – Worldwide express delivery. In your home in 1 week. – No Assembly required! -  Need help? Contact us! [Ciclotte]

Father of the Year - Boy on bike crashes into tree

White Ice Cycle - World Record Cycle to the South Pole

Read more about it on the blog

Eleven Velo Musette

We took the simple core concept of the musette, the lightweight and easy to 'wear' nature of it, and added internal pockets and a double layer of our hard wearing drill, to create and lightweight do everything bag. For those wanting something a little more, we also offer the ELEVEN vélo Musette in full leather, with a clean cut, geometric look. Made in Sydney, Australia. Standard bespoke options include: Material/panel colours Thread colour Enhanced bespoke options: Adjustable strap Reflective stripes [Eleven Velo]

Tate Labs Bar Fly 2.0

The Bar Fly 2.0 is designed with an aerodynamic low profile that places the Garmin Computer screen inline, out front, and level with the handlebar/stem.  Whether you are using the Garmin 200/500 or larger 510/800/810, our clever Dual Mounting Position design is optimized with no screws to lose and no bolts to adjust.   Taking aesthetic and function one step further, we've engineered a platform for Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS electronic shifting modules on the underside of the 2.0.   This platform will also integrate with a safety light to be released summer 2013. Our single bolt,  Full Wrap Clamp  is easy to install without removing the handlebar tape and is added protection that your Garmin will never "fall off" even without the bolt over the roughest terrain.      Tested at the highest level.  The Bar Fly is the preferred choice of Pro Tour road cyclist, Ironman triathletes, and World Champion mountain bike racers.  Plastic on Plastic design.  Garmin com

Pro Bike Gear Mini Tool 6

MINI TOOL 6 FUNCTIONS Extremely small tool with 6 functions Alloy body with nickel plated steel tools Compact design and lightweight (69g.) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Hex keys 5mm Hex for rear derailleur Philips Screwdriver Inch/Cm indication on the side [See more at  Pro Bike Gear]

Road Rights: Sign of the Times @bicyclingmag

“It is better to run over a bicyclest [sic] than to get in a head on accedent [sic] because they don’t share the road.” This was the message that somebody posted  on a sign  along a rural road in San Diego County in California. Within days, news of the sign had gone viral. Naturally, cyclists were outraged. Had it ever occurred to the sign maker that there was another option available to motorists—to make a legal pass when it is safe to do so? Apparently not. Never mind that the better option was also the only legal option, when there were seconds to save and cyclists to kill. And it turned out that the sign’s creator wasn’t alone in his or her murderous fantasies. Several motorists driving along the road were quite willing to  voice their agreement  with the sign. Their rationale? “Cyclists do not obey the law and sometimes purposely disrupt traffic.” “Cyclists do not obey the law.” OK, let’s agree that this is often true of many cyclists. It is also true of virtually every motor

Cold Rolled-Official Trailer

Cold Rolled-Official Trailer from Clear & Cold Cinema on Vimeo .