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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Columbus Bum Shuffle 2007 Results Posted

I ended up 27th with 208 points

Check out the results...

December 10 Ride Report

It was a balmy 41 degrees at the start and the weather cooperated for the entire ride. We had the largest group in recent memory, 10 riders at the start. Since none of the usual suspects were present to lead, someone had a route planned and we headed out.

North up High Street and then we turned onto a side street and then left onto Indianola.

I was kind of hanging out at the back, when I noticed Alex was falling behind quickly. I yelled to him to see how he was doing and I kind of heard a mumble, mostly because my headband muffles most noises. As we headed north on Indianola I kept looking back, but I did not see him. We were moving pretty quick at that point.

From there we headed northeast. I will need to look at the GPS to verify roads, although my batteries crapped out so it may be incomplete. I know we were heading south on Cleveland at one point. We ended up in Bexley where we looped through the neighborhoods. From Bexley we headed west on Livingston then turned south.

There were a few people who were straggling or struggling so we stopped to regroup. From there the route headed south, then turned north and east where we finally ended up on South High. As we were heading east it seemed as though it had rained pretty hard right before we passed through.

From there it was a straight shot to the High Beck. I needed to unload my stuff in my car and I walked in the High Beck and sitting at the table was Alex. Alex had taken his own route at his own pace to the bar. This was the first time in a long time that I did not buy beer. Thanks everybody or somebody. Of course the conversation was all over the map. Beer, ping pong, and for some reason bathroom habits were topic for discussion. The result was ping pong challenges, disgust on my part (not really), verbal insults (in jest), fisticuffs (just kidding), and finally mass exodus from the bar (we all decided to go home at same time, or at least some us did). Overall a great time.

Total mileage was a little over 21 miles, which was one of the longer rides. We averaged 14.5mph.

editor's note - Alex emailed over the reason why he was having a problem keeping up with us. I guess his rear tire was slowly divesting itself of air. After he left the bar the tire decided to give up the ghost, while he was in the middle of nowhere at 3AM. And we thought the reason he was dragging was because he is wimpy.

Updated - this from a rider. Route was Indianola-Weber-McGuffy-Hudson-Cleveland-17th-Joyce. The neighborhood we briefly stopped in was American Addition. Joyce-Mt.Vernon-Woodland-Clifton-Nelson-Broad-Parkview-Dale-Fair-Brookside-Main-College-Livingston-Ellesworth-Whittier-Lockbourne-Reeb-Champion-Jenkins-Parsons-Thurman-High.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cross Country in 50 days on a bicycle

Ralph Antolino joins Rich Simpson and a cast of 70+ others to travel across the U.S.A. on The Great American Bicycle Adventure tour. The ride begins in Astoria, Oregon and finishes in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 50 days on the road to adventure. Follow Ralph on the bicycle adventure of his lifetime!

I saw John recount his story at the Columbus Rotary meeting on Dec 10.

Check out his blog

Coast-to-Coast Cycling Adventure

Check it out at America by Bicycle

America by Bicycle provides organized, first-class, bicycle tours. We handle all of the details and let you focus on the cyling. Some of our daily features include:
Beautiful cylcling routes with daily maps and cue-sheets
Daily SAG stops with refreshments
Mechanical Support
A Rolling Bike Shop
Luggage Transportation
Friendly, Experienced Support Staff

Learn how to bike through the winter

Chris Luers of Restoration Bicycle is offering a fantastic opportunity to learn how to bike through the winter! With Chris, learn how to: keep your body safe, equip and maintain your bicycle, avoid danger on the road, and deal with accidents. Please bring your bike and any winter gear you may have.

Junctionview Studios
1–4 pm

Registration is required and limited. RSVP to Chris @ or 614-937-7616!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Columbus Bum Shuffle 2007 Ride Report

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I didn't know what to expect when I showed up to the Seagull Bags store. I conveniently parked across the street and the entire sidewalk in front of the store was filled with bikes and people milling around. Of course, I look like an outcast with full spandex compared to the jeans/jacket/courier bag look. But, I look like an outcast at every urban ride so I am used to it. I registered in the store and I was number 47. I got my map/manifest and spoke card.

The basic premise of the Columbus Bum Shuffle is to ride to various points in the city where bums are known to hang. Your manifest is stamped at these checkpoints and you can get bonus points for the "crack" run cards. These cards given at the stops and at certain checkpoints they can be stamped for bonus points. Other bonus points could be gained by finishing in less than two hours (conversely points lost after two hours) and picking up aluminum cans.

The start was in an empty parking lot a few blocks from the start. We put our bikes up against the fence and we were supposed to lock em' up. I didn't need to carry my lock since the start/end was at the Seagull Bags store so I just leaned it against the fence. I noticed a few people from the night rides and decided to ride with them. I need to ride my own pace so I didn't know if I could keep up with them.

We all ran to our bikes and and it was a mad scramble out of the parking lot. We decided to ride the route in clockwise route. First stop was Franklin Park on East Broad. As we headed down the side streets one of the guys I was riding with almost went over his handlebars at a stop sign when a car came through the intersection. When we got to the park I was following him along the path when he yelled out to stop as he fell down the amphitheater steps. He said he hurt his wrist, but we continued on. We got our stamp, but none of the other people in our group were around.

We headed southwest. The next stop was at Shiller Park. As we were heading along Whittier we caught up to other people in our group. They had stopped at a gas station. One of the riders was hit from behind by a car, but he was OK. His bike was another story. His rear wheel looked like a taco. So everybody I was riding with decided to call it a day, due to injuries/bike problems. I pressed on toward the next checkpoint, Shiller Park.

After the checkpoint I headed over to High Street and headed north. I continued north until I passed the capitol building and headed west to the waterfront. When I got to the Battelle Wterfront Park a few other riders showed up. I recognized Levi from rides and we continued on to the other checkpoints.

We made our way over to the North Front Street. We continued north until it became Park and passed Goodale, which was the next checkpoint. The checkpoint person told me I was missing a "crack" card, but I knew I would get one at one of the final checkpoints. We then headed up Neil to 5th down to the river. Onto the path and the next checkpoint. We decided to contnue onto the path since we needed to go to Arcadia and High. Unfortunately we overshot the turnoff and were several blocks north of where we needed to be.

I received the third "crack" card at Arcadia, but needed to go to Goodale for the stamp. Eli lost one of his cards and was indifferent as to whether we should head back as long as we had time. We rode over to Summit and headed down to Iuka Park. We rode all around the park until I realized the checkpoint was under the bridge. We decided to head down to Goodale, but as soon as we got back on the bikes Eli realized his tire was flat. So he bailed since he was near his house.

I continued down Iuka to High. I made my detour to Goodale for the last "crack" card stamp. Back over to High and then turned east on Broad over to Parsons back to the store. I was in 10 minutes before 5. Total mileage was about 22 miles.

So according to my calc, I received the base points (which I think were 100), and got the three "crack run" cards for an additional 95, plus 10 for the early bonus points for 205. The prizes were being given away at the after party at 9PM on Saturday night, but I was not going to be around for it. I don't think I was in the running for prizes anyway. There were riders who rode pretty quick.

I think the "race" was well planned. I had a great time and got some exercise. I think they are planning a spring 08 race so I will post it as soon as I get the info.