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A more efficient pedal. Ergon introduces the first flat pedal (or Contour Pedal as we call it) to provide an ergonomic and positive connection between bike and user. The first pedal designed with biomechanics and correct foot position in mind. Advantages are increased power transfer, more control and fewer hot spots and knee complaints.   The Ergon PC2 is the first non SPD-type pedal constructed with the ergonomic biomechanical demands of the user as a priority.   PC2-L - 506 grams per set PC2-S - 444 grams per set   [Ergon]

SUN Atlas - interesting hauler

* 4130 chromoly long wheel base frame design with removable rack (Disc & V-brake Compatible) * Compatible with Xtracycle bags * Heavy duty steel fork (Disc & V-brake compatible) * 38mm extra wide alloy rims with 14g SS spokes * Heavy duty 48 spoke rear wheel with 14mm axle * Fast rolling 26 x 2.125'' Duro EasyRide tires * Front and rear alloy linear pull brakes * Two-tone rubber-gel comfort grips * Sun comfort saddle with quick release lever for easy adjustments * Shimano Tourney 21 speed drive train with twist shifters The Atlas Cargo brings a whole new level of utility to our Atlas line. A long-wheel base utility commuter that greatly increases the limits of what you can haul with a bike. This bike will carry almost anything you can think of plus some stuff you haven't thought of yet. The rear end is constructed around the original Xtracycle brand bags. The combined rider and cargo weight limit is 400 lbs.  [Sun Bicycles] Sun Bicycles are sold

Jamis Aurora Elite - nice looking tourer

Road bikes are too light duty. Mountain and city bikes are too heavy duty. Welcome to the Just Right world of Aurora Elite, Aurora and Bosanova, the road bikes for smart urban speedsters and cyclo-tourists. Legendary Reynolds steel is our chassis material of choice, for its unbeatably robust performance and the resilient ride-damping you’ll appreciate while loaded up and bombing around on the streets and rural backroads. This is magic stuff, especially for full pannier touring and rough-road adventures. This year’s rides are simply better and lighter—Aurora Elite gets Shimano’s venerable 105 group with triple-chainrings and a 12-30T 10-speed cassette for a huge gear range every serious world cycle-traveler can appreciate and sports new full-coverage/fully adjustable fenders. [Jamis Bikes] Jamis bikes are available locally at Baer Wheels

President's Day Ride Recap 02202012

Highlights 37 miles Blacklick Creek Trail Blacklick Metro Park Hines Road section to Portman Park still being constructed Three Creeks and Alum Creek Trail Tech Center Drive bike lane in poor condition

Go shopping with Banjo Brothers market pannier

1500 cubic inches (13.5″ L x 8″ W x 15″ H). It’s like a deluxe grocery pannier, only it’s so much more. This is a great bag for errands, commuting (drop your briefcase right inside), and visiting your favorite market. The easy-on and off mounting, long handles and a shoulder strap make it convenient to bring inside, and a large cinch-down flap keeps your stuff covered on the road. FEATURES 1500 cubic inches (13.5″ L x 8″ W x 15″ H) Load grocery bags into it, or bring it inside – includes long handles and wide shoulder strap Heavy-duty HDPE frame on back and bottom to prevent sagging Ballistic reinforcement panels in all wear areas Can be used as a utility pannier for commuting and other errands Cinch-down flap keeps load covered and secure Side straps adjust support and fold pannier closed when not used Inside zipper pocket for keys and cash [Banjo Brothers]

Pegoretti with Ciavete paint scheme

The Ciavete paint scheme is “Dario’s Choice”. If you order this, you will get a frame hand painted by Dario, but the colors and graphics will be whatever he chooses to do at the time. Due to the unique nature of this paint scheme, each will be one of a kind. Please don’t ask for a reproduction of a Ciavete paint scheme you’ve previously seen, as the idea behind Ciavete is for each frame to be a unique work displaying Dario’s aesthetic creativity. [Pegoretti website]

PEdaLED Reflective Denim

“The Diane Reflective Denim Trousers are made from 95% 12oz. USA Cotton and 5% stretch material. Made in the famous denim factory in Okayama, the denim is treated with the exclusive PEdALED reflective treatment, then applied to the textile with a paintbrush. The washed areas on the garment are created using sand instead of chemical treatments, and the denim is dyed using natural Indigo. [more at PEdaLED]

entrepreneurs riding road to success thanks to growing bike-based economy [freshwater]

TRAVIS PEEBLES & JAMES RYCHAK OF BLAZING SADDLES CYCLE - PHOTO BOB PERKOSKI It’s a well-known saying that to live in Cleveland, you’ve got to be tough. Yet to be a year-round Cleveland cyclist -- battling snow, frame-destroying potholes and distracted drivers -- is another thing entirely, demanding wheels as tough as city streets. Some businesses are born out of ingenuity and opportunity, while others are created out of frustration. One might say  Blazing Saddles Cycle was born of all three. "We were fed up with unhappy customers that weren’t getting what they wanted," says Travis Peebles, who created Blazing Saddles with fellow bike mechanic James Rychak to sell refurbished steel bikes that are more durable and flexible than mass-produced aluminum bikes. “We wanted to build quality commuter bikes priced from $400 to $1,000 that are able to withstand the rigors of Cleveland." [continue reading at Freshwater Cleveland]

Invisible Cyclist [Blog]

[From the blog] Recently Steve was preparing to teach a course in which students would develop a bicycle transportation plan for the University of San Francisco, so he began to look into the range of issues the class would need to understand in order to situate the plan in the broader context of the bicycle advocacy and bicycle culture bursting from what seemed like every corner of San Francisco. Trained as en environmental sociologist, and working at a university that takes its social justice mission seriously, transportation justice was one issue Steve knew the class would have to examine. So he delved into the literature on the transportation justice movement and looked at the websites of major environmental justice organizations doing transportation justice work. He found little to no mention of the role of the bicycle in transportation justice. Julian came at this from a slightly different perspective. Trained in geography and environmental policy and planning, he was gett

Advice for Drivers: How To Drive With & Around Cyclists


Revolution Cycles - Local cycle shop | From their blog...

[Bill] I had the pleasure of meeting Jared from Revolution Cycles at 1189 N. High St. near 5th Ave. at the BikeOSU Winter Cycle Show , and if you were there, you'll recognize their over-the-top beautiful builds. Check 'em out... Livery Design Gruppe - In Stock and Sexy! We’re proud to announce that we now carry frames and parts from Livery Design Gruppe .  If you haven’t seen their work up close, we invite you to stop by and take a look for yourself! These things are incredibly sexy, and the amount of detail and care that goes into each part is remarkable. Seriously, stop by… you won’t regret it!  More pics after the jump.

Columbus Parks and Recs Future Trails

Columbus Recreation and Parks is embarking on a new, exciting and aggressive plan for the creation or future biking and walking trails in the Columbus area.  The Bicentennial Bikeways Plan, adopted in May 2008, provides a new vision of transportation, recreation and quality of life for the citizens of Columbus.  On the heels of this progressive plan came “Bicycling” Magazines naming of Columbus as “New Best City for Cycling” in their June 2008 edition.  In conjunction with the City’s Green Initiative and the Commit to be Fit Program, Columbus has the opportunity and the ability to vastly improve the city’s trail systems.  Columbus Recreation and Parks is striving to not only beautify Columbus, but to enhance the quality of life of the city’s residents as well.   Updates: Trails Map

Do Bike Paths Promote Bike Riding? [The Atlantic]

The " fundamental law of road congestion " tells us that building roads creates traffic. There's such a latent demand for space on the highway that no sooner does it appear than it's filled. But whether or not a similar law applies to bike paths and bike lanes remains a mystery. A recent study of Seattle residents found that those living near bike paths had an  increased likelihood of riding , but saw no effect for bike lanes. Then again, a study in Minneapolis reached the  opposite conclusion . Some recent work has  found no connection  between bike lanes and ridership levels at all. In short, the research picture is far from settled. A new study published in the March 2012  issue of the journal  Transportation  attempts to clarify the confusion. Ralph Buehler of Virginia Tech and John Pucher of Rutgers analyzed a new batch of 2008 data on bike lanes (that is, on-road routes) and bike paths (off-road ones) in 90 of the largest cities in America. Even after co


When thieves stole his beloved ­commuter bike on a busy street in broad daylight, PATRICK SYMMES snapped—and set out on a cross-­country plunge into the heart of ­America’s bike-crime underbelly. What he saw will ­rattle your frame. In the act     Photographer:  Jake Stangel MOVIES MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK WORSE THAN IN REAL LIFE. I used to stay up late watching  the film of my bicycle being stolen . It’s amazing what you notice on the 38th replay of a surveillance tape, running the grainy recording backward and forward, pausing and advancing. Sometimes I’d back the tape up to before the 17 minutes that changed my life. All the way back to the part where I still had a bicycle. Rewinding—past all the New Yorkers striding backward toward lunch; past the Algonquin and Royalton hotels inhaling crowds and the door of the Harvard Club admitting well-fed members; past the New York Yacht Club looming impassively like a beached galleon; past all the finery and civility of West 44th

Delta 7 IsoTruss

Extremely efficient and light, the Ascend™ maximizes the IsoTruss® tube structure proving to be the best carbon fiber bike available, weighing just 2.3 lbs (1050 grams). Truly stunning visually with ride qualities and features unmatched by any other tube structures. Unique carbon fiber frames are limited in production, handcrafted in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. Purchase the frame alone or select a build package. [Delta 7 website]

Request installation of two-wheel vehicle (BIKE) detection (311 Columbus)

Do you want a traffic signal optimized for bikes? Call it in to 311 or submit at their website.

ODOT improving Traffic Signal Safety for Motorcycles and Scooters (and Bikes)

COLUMBUS  (April 29, 2009)  -  As more Ohioans choose motorcycles and scooters as their primary means of transportation in warmer weather, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is taking special steps to ensure their safety at intersections across the state. Over the past several months, ODOT has worked closely with the American Motorcycle Association to target automated traffic signals that are not sensitive enough to recognize when a motorcycle or scooter is waiting for a light to change. Frustrated bikers or the drivers in cars behind them may choose to run the red light, putting them and other motorists at serious risk. Last year there were 60 intersection-related motorcycle fatalities, representing nearly a third of all motorcycle fatalities in Ohio. To enlist the help of Ohio’s motorcyclists, ODOT has set up a special phone number - (614) 387-0722 - and email address -  - for motorcyclists to report these problem intersections.  ODOT will

New National Plan to Transform Bicycling

The leadership of the Alliance for Biking & Walking,  Bikes Belong , and the League of American Bicyclists  has agreed that uniting the three organizations would dramatically improve their effectiveness in increasing bicycle use in U.S. communities. Leaders of the three groups issued a joint statement summarizing the outcome of their recent meeting in San Diego, February 13-14: “Our enthusiasm to take this momentous step for the movement is matched by a commitment to do this right,” said Noah Budnick, Board Chair of the Alliance for Biking & Walking. The boards of all three organizations must ratify the agreement. Once (and if) that occurs, the transition team will work with a variety of board, staff, partners and advisors to determine the initial programs, membership structure, and staff needs of the new organization. “Changes will be implemented carefully and respectfully over time,” continued Budnick, “and it is important to say that all existing contractual agreement

2012 Bike Lights Shootout []

For 2012, bike lights are now brighter than car head lights, smaller than your thumb and cheaper than ever before. Of course, this is not all in one light that has all these qualities. But now the market has evolved to these different segments. The customer can now choose the best type of lights for his application. This year, we will break up our Lights Shootout into different categories: High End Commuter Flashlight or Self-Contained Tail Lights Here’s a round-up of the complete set of lights. Please note that ‘Claimed Lumens’ is the stated lumen output by the light manufacturer. ‘Measured Output’ is a proprietary Mtbr tool where we use a Lux meter to measure the total reflected light in a controlled room. Details on the setup are here: . This has been very effective in comparing the output of the lights to each other. So come join and explore the wonderful world of bike lights. [continue reading

North to Alaska... on a bike [Winnipeg Free Press]

Enlarge Image Lindsay Gauld has biked close to one million kilometres. (SUBMITTED PHOTO) Lindsay Gauld is running out of cycling challenges, but he may have found one worthy of his efforts. How about the longest and hardest winter bike race in the world? A former Olympian who tracks his distance every time he gets on the saddle -- he pedals about 30,000 kilometres a year and is closing in on one million kilometres for his lifetime -- is currently plowing his Fatback bicycle through snow and ice in the 2012 Iditarod Trail Invitational. The 1,609-km race follows the northern route to Nome, Alaska, and will take the better part of a week. "Doing long events is something that is exciting and challenging and, much like other addicts, we adrenaline junkies find we need to continuously push the envelope," the 63-year-old Gauld said in an email to supporters. The former owner of Olympia Cycle & Ski, who keeps in shape these days as a bicycle courier, considers

How Do You Wean People Off Cars? By Rebranding Bikes And Buses [Fast Company]

More than half the global population now lives in urban environments, and that number will only grow: By 2050, an estimated 80% will live in cities. This means that in the next 40 years we will need to build the same amount of urban infrastructure as we have in the last 4,000 years. This trend will also have an impact on global warming: Between 1990 and 2007, transportation-related emissions increased by a third, while emissions from other sectors decreased. Regardless of our political views, we can’t afford to perpetuate the car-centric model. It’s time to brand alternative forms of transportation in a way that convinces consumers to opt for higher-efficiency modes over the traditional automobile. It’s widely accepted and understood that consumer decisions are as much influenced by emotional attachments to a product or service as by the hard facts such as price and performance. So why is it that when it comes to most aspects of human transportation, the world still seems to beli

Novara Randonee Bike - $1199

Our Novara Randonee® touring bike is built for epic rides that cross mountain passes, explore the countryside and tour through town after quaint little town. Classic touring frame accommodates fore and aft racks and fenders—rear rack provided (front rack and fenders sold separately) Reynolds 520 chromoly frame offers great stability and strength under heavy loads, and you get the reliably smooth ride quality that steel is known for Dependable Shimano Deore LX crankset and front derailleur, along with the super-reliable SRAM bar end shifters and X7 rear derailleur, make up the 30-speed drivetrain The SRAM X7 rear derailleur accommodates up to a 36t rear cog for an ultra-low gear option for sweet relief when tackling mountain passes with a full load Tektro linear-pull brakes provide reliable stopping power; wide brake arm spacing allows ample room for fenders front and back Robust Mavic A319S 36-hole rims and puncture-resistant Vittoria Randonneur tires have the durability n

Helen Skelton's 500-mile journey to the South Pole

... Skelton is best known the host of  Blue Peter , (the world's longest children's television show, according to  Wikipedia ), though lately she's been garnering recognition for more extreme exploits: she's been known to run ultramarathons (she completed a 78-miler just under the 24-hour limit) and she kayaked the 2,000-mile length of the Amazon for Sport Relief 2010. The latter effort yielded two world records: longest solo journey by kayak and the longest distance in 24 hours by a woman... ... As for the specs of the bike: designer Kane Fortune noted that "the wheels are key to the challenge." While the handmade, sealed-bearing hubs come in at about 1lb each, the tubeless rubber tires—20” diameter and 8” wide—weigh in at nearly 8lbs each, due partly to the steel belts woven inside. The wheels, then, are the majority of the extra weight of the 40lb bicycle... Read the full article at core77

Gates Corp. works to transform bikes with belts in lieu of chains

Gates Corp. works to transform bikes with belts in lieu of chains POSTED:   11/05/2011 01:00:00 AM MDT UPDATED:   11/05/2011 01:36:32 PM MDT By Jason Blevins The Denver Post Frank Scurlock of Gates Carbon drive holds a bicycle with carbon drive system at the office in downtown Denver on Thursday. Gates Carbon Drive system, a unique belt driven system that is vying to replace the bike chain. Developed and made in Denver, the belt has many advantages over chains and more than 150 bike makers are now designing bikes with the belt. (Hyoung Chang / The Denver Post) The Denver-based Gates Corp.'s innovative belts changed car engines decades ago. Today, the century-old company's carbon-fiber belts are transforming bikes. Like disc brakes and full suspension — technology that revolutionized biking — Gates' 3-year-old Carbon Drive belt system could eliminate the venerable bicycle chain. "This is equally as game-changing," says Gates business developme