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Bike Virginia?

I received a brochure from Bike Virginia today. It highlights some rides coming up this year in Virginia. 21st Annual Crooked Road Tour, June 20-25, 2008 Tour de Chesapeake X, May 16-18, 2008 3rd Annual Northern Neck RiverRide, September 26-28, 2008 Check out their site for more info...

Another local bike blog highlighted on Cranksters this Friday

Bike Commuting in Columbus One man's fight to make the streets of Columbus safe for all pedal pushers. "This time around the revolution will not be motorized!" Check it out...

Cranksters Archive

Here are a few Cranksters shows in mp3 format. Enjoy! Edition 1 Edition 3

Columbus Bike Polo

You will need a Myspace account to see the site Columbus Bike Polo's Blurbs About me: we are a group of people playing polo in columbus. we are not a club. just people playing a game, a game that you can also play. the weather is the key factor now as to whether we play. sundays at 2pm on the court at lane and high is our current weekly game, although we tend to play on week nights when the weather is good. contact us with your info if you would like to be called or texted about last minute games. don't worry about how good or bad you think you will be, or what kind of bike you have. come as you are and play. ps. go out, buy some ski poles and pvc pipe, and make mallets. the more the merrier.

Mark your calendars for the next Alley Cat Race

I believe this race is organized by the same group who did the Bum Shuffle. More details as they are revealed.

Biking, Hiking, Caving in central West Virginia

I have a friend who rents out a lodge in central West Virginia. It has access to a wide variety of outdoor activities. Check out the site...

Cranksters with Zach Henkel

Cranksters- Columbus' weekly bicycle radio showcase featuring a bike of the week award, news and policies, ride and race reports as well as featured guests discussing cycling topics from repair and safety to fashion and culture. Fridays @6 hosted by Zach Henkel. WCRS FM 98.3/102.1 FM

My interview on Cranksters - WCRS FM 98.3/102.1 FM

Does my head look like the Shrum Mound? Zach and I at the station. I will be on the local radio show Cranksters on Friday January 25 on WCRS FM 98.3/102.1 FM. Zach and I talked about the blog for about 15 minutes. The show is an hour long and I do not know when I will be on. So I recommend everybody listen to the entire show. Support local independent radio. The radio station websites... Simply Living

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op - Columbus, OH

The primary goal of The Third Hand Bicycle Co-op is to promote cycling as safe and environmentally responsible transportation. The non-profit organization provides community members with the facilities and tools, as well as the skills and knowledge to help make cycling an essential part of their everyday lives.