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Night of 1000 Tacos - September 18, 2009

Charity Tour of Taco Trucks on the north side of Columbus by bike, scooter or car. Approximately 20 miles. Donations requested for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Ride starts at 7PM. Our last tour was a lot of fun - come and check out the north side taco trucks. Apologies for the change of date and program. This is due to circumstances beyond our control. Check back for news of another taco truck event in October. Facebook event page

Baer Wheels

Stopped by Baer Wheels last night to see what Dave has going on in the shop. He has a great selection of accessories jammed into the front of the store. His store reminds me of the bike shop I still call home in Wheeling, WV - Wheelcraft Bicycles. I love all bike shops, but there is something about going into an older bike shop with all the bikes, parts and service area visible and jammed into a smaller space. He carries Breezer, Waterford, Seven, Surly, Look, Colnago, and others. He just got in a set of the Shwalbe studded tires for a customer. They are cool and functional and I may pick some up for winter riding, depending on how the weather goes. Stop in and say hi to Dave. He has a pump outside the shop available 24 hours a day, so if you need air in the tires at three in the morning he can help. Website here More bike shop tours coming soon...

I stripped out the derailleur hanger threads... What do I do now?

Wheels Manufacturing Dropout Saver Eliminate the high cost of replacing a derailleur dropout!! Simply drill out the dropout with the included drill bit and press the saver into place. Then thread the derailleur into the savers and off you go. Ds-1 is the wide saver for dropouts over 7mm thick Ds-2 is the narrow saver for dropouts under 7mm thick more...

Giant Clip Folding Bike - Wired Magazine Review

$1,025  • 6 out of 10   Ingenious Folding Bike Nails Form and Function Folding bikes get a bad rap, but rightly so: Few deconstruct smoothly, even fewer look cool. And while Giant's latest folder doesn't fully reconcile the category's classic rift between aesthetics and engineering, the Clip flaunts features that leave its competitors looking flatter than a punctured tire. Combining the gentility of a Brompton (fenders, mudflap), the sporty pep of a high-end Dahon (decent components, including a Shimano derailleur) and the ingenuity of a Strida, the 8-speed Clip is the most visually striking mini-ride we've tested. Apart from its Euroesque appearance, the folding mechanism works well. Two main rectangular clamps on the frame fasten and unfasten relatively easily and quickly (under 30 seconds to do a full breakdown or setup). more...

Pedal for Pets - September 19

Pedal for Pets  is one of CHA Animal Shelter's newest fundraisers. It will begin and end at our shelter - 3765 Corporate Drive, Columbus -  to take advantage of the Alum Creek Bike trail that runs behind our property.   Pedal for Pets routes are for the serious bike riders and families alike. We’d like you to join us in celebrating not only the animals at CHA Animal Shelter, but also the healthy bond between animals and their guardians.   Did you know that studies have shown that biking and owning a pet can add years to your life?    By adopting and caring for a shelter animal, you are not only saving a life, but improving your health, as well.   So please join us on September 19 to celebrate you, your family, your pets, and ours! Ride begins and ends at: CHA Animal Shelter 3765 Corporate Drive Columbus, OH  43231 location map here  $25 Adults ~ $10 Children 12 and under Register Online Here! Click Register for an event, then Pedal For Pets Sponsors and Vendors Click H

Popcorn 100 Bicycle Tour

Saturday, September 12th, 2009.  Registration 7-9am.  8:00 a.m. start for the 62-mile ride.  9:00 a.m. start for the 25-mile ride from Marion General Hospital.  Advance registration closes Friday August 3rd: Contact Kim Wenig   740/383-8980 Sponsored by Marion General Hospital  Get your application for this years tour  HERE

Bicycle ban petition sparks debate

JOHNSON COUNTY- A petition initiated by a concerned group of neighbors has sparked statewide debate about the use of bicycles on Iowa's roadways. At least one locally-based organization is pushing back with a petition effort of its own. Since July 7, an informally-organized group calling themselves the Citizens for Safety Coalition of Iowa (CFSC) has encouraged people to sign a petition seeking to ban bicycles from Iowa's Farm-to-Market roads. Nearly 800 signatures have been obtained through an online petition, with more signatures gathered on paper copies being circulated throughout the state, said CFSC member Dan Jones of Van Meter, Iowa. more...

Find yourself in Copenhagen - on bike

Good Morning Copenhagen from Colville Andersen on Vimeo .

So how do you commute in high heels and a skirt? NA to me...

Cycling in Skirts and Dresses - The Cycle Chic Guide #3 We might as well get it over with. It's high time to tackle it. Answering that question of questions about our cycling culture. Here's the Cycle Chic Guide to Bicycle Commuting #3: How do you ride a bicycle in a skirt?! I think we've been putting it off for so long because it really is a strange question to ask Copenhagen women. In a way, it's like asking a peroxide blonde, Texan, trailer-trash mamma "How can you shoot a gun in that NRA t-shirt?!" " Y'all just do it, bubba. Now git off my lawn. " Being a male of the species - and not a Scottish or Fijian one at that - I don't consider myself an expert on the subject. In order to answer the question I figured I'd ask the experts. The cycling women of Copenhagen. Every one of them has tried it at some point. But as there are roughly 250,000 of them each day on our bike lanes, I figured we'd narrow it down. So... I asked

WOSU All Sides - Commuter bicycling program

Listen to the audio here...

Remi Gallard does Tour de France

19th Annual Tour of Hocking Hills - Circleville

Saturday, September 12, 7:30-9AM Circleville 75-100 mile routes. All options are hilly. Tune-up for Columbus Fall Challenge.  Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Jon Schaer, 614/447-2200, jschaer AT

34rd Columbus Fall Challenge - Sugar Grove

Saturday and Sunday September 26 & 27, Start 7-8:30AM CFC is a challenging ride, for the rider who likes steep climbs, swift descents, and breathtaking (if you even have any left) views from the hills of Southeastern Ohio. It is a strenuous, two-day ride that covers over 200 miles, starting and ending at Berne Union School in Sugar Grove. The YMCA in Marietta will be the overnight stop this year. Registration packets, available for pickup from 7-8:30AM will contain: 1) wristband and 2) detailed route map. Your rider fee provides am and pm snack stops, lunch on both days, and breakfast at Marietta College on Sunday morning. Eve Holland, bike2live AT, 614/326-0435

Cateye launches World Commute website

CatEye Launches NEW website In an effort to promote cycling as a solution to many of the world's problems CatEye has launched a  new website  to help track and record the positive contributions made by choosing human-powered efforts over a typical vehicle trip.  Take a look and measure YOUR progress. 

Charge your iPod with your bike - from Bike Hugger

This is freakin’ genius. Dahon will introduce the BioLogic FreeCharge, a device that connects to any dyno hub on the market to charge your iPod, iPhone, GPS unit, or other small electronic item through a USB port. The BioLogic FreeCharge siphons off juice from your generator hub into a high-capacity battery, which in turn supplies steady current to your electro widget. Thus the FreeCharge protects your electronics from the wildly variable output of the dyno hub. The FreeCharge uses a silicon casing to secure the unit to the bike and provide sealing to the charger. An iPhone takes about 3hrs to reach full charge, so it’s not like you could fully charge it while on your lunch break, but the BioLogic FreeCharge would allow you to fully use your device all the time while you ride. I could see how the FreeCharge would be the item to have for touring riders next year. And Dahon will include this item standard on two bikes, the Ios XL and the Speed TR. I imagine stepping out of an airport or

Market to Market Ride is October 3, 2009

Market to Market Bicycle Adventure Saturday, October 3, 2009 Two of Columbus' premiere independent, locally-owned specialty foods markets are partnering to celebrate the bounty that Ohio producers bestow upon our great state. The Hills Market and North Market share not only a philosophical connection: one that makes it a priority to provide and promote the best Ohio has to offer to consumers, but also a physical connection: the Olentangy River Greenway (or more commonly, the Olentangy Bike Trial). Join both markets on Saturday, October 3, as they connect to celebrate the end of a great summer season with “Market to Market”: a cross-city local foods-centric bike ride, for amateurs and aficionados alike.  Market to Market will be the kick-off event for Local Matters Local Foods Week in Columbus.       Participants have the option of starting at either market to fuel up with breakfast before embarking on the 13 mile adventure to the market at the other end of the bike trail. Each part