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True Fabrication Bicycles

True Fabrication was born during a 16-hour car ride home from a weeklong mountain biking trip in Colorado. It was during this car ride home that we (Cody, Clark & Cole) discovered we each had individually been contemplating a way to begin fabricating bicycle frames. We had all been friends for a long time and had spent many years riding, racing, traveling and training together. Therefore, in the summer of 05’ we made a plan to be riding our own “brand” of bicycles during next summer’s annual trip to Colorado. During the course of the next 12 months we acquired a bitch’n set of tools, honed our fabrication skills and perfected our welding. One of us took the 2 weeklong UBI frame builder’s school; another began development of our geometry philosophy and the third finished completion of our logo and branding images. Even though this sounds like we are each polarized in our skill-set, nothing could be further from the truth. Any of the three of us are capable of taking a bicycle fro

Travis Pastrana Tricycle Backflip

2009 Mohican MTB100

The Challenge: 100 miles or 100k loop consisting of 11,000+ feet of climbing along mostly singletrack, doubletrack or dirt roads, spanning 4 counties through some of the most remote and scenic areas in the rolling hills of Mohican Country. Climbs of nearly a mile, with elevation gains of 300+ feet, rock gardens, streams, and more! the site is here...

Sogreni Wooden Bike

Large image Website

Sogreni Mountain Goat Bike

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The Worksman Cycles Factory Direct Store

Worksman Cycles is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the USA!!!! Thank you for visiting our new e-commerce store and we trust you will enjoy this shopping experience. Don't let high Gasoline prices and a slow economy ruin your something about it with Worksman Cycles. Good for the environment,good for your well being, good for your budget. Worksman Cycles has long been known as the world-leader in Industrial Cycles (Bicycles and Tricycles). Today more than ever, leading companies call upon our Worksman Business Cycle System to safely and efficiently move key personnel and supplies within large industrial facilities. Our customer list is incredibly diverse and impressive, featuring the world's largest and most respected companies. These companies know that for durable, emission-free transportation, Worksman Business Cycles are the only smart choice. The website...

Col du galibier n°2 (hautes alpes - france) VTT MTB descente

MayaPedal - Bicimáquinas (translates as "bicycle machines")

About Us We are a non-governmental organization located in San Andrés Itzapa, Chimaltenango, Guatemala. We started in 1997, working with a group of Canadians from the organization PEDAL. Following a vision for sustainable development in Guatemala, we became constituted under local control as Asociación Maya Pedal in 2001. We recycle used bicycles to build pedal-powered machines, bicimáquinas, which support and help facilitate the work of small-scale, self-sustainable projects. Through this work we hope to contribute to the conservation of the environment, the health or the Guatemalan people, and the productivity of the local economy. Mission and Vision To support the basic family economy, through the design and distribution of bicycle machines, providing an efficient alternative for the rural development of Guatemala. To be a non-governmental organization that promotes the use of bicycle machines through programs, projects, partnerships, activities, and actions, also promoting the use

Foes Racing Power Clamp Bicycle Stand

Foes Racing introduces the first automatic bike work stand, and the last and best work stand you’ll ever buy! The Power Clamp is a pneumatically-driven, self-adjusting service stand that allows you to lift the bicycle with both hands and correct posture while securing it with just a tap of the toe. Another tap of the toe releases it just as easily! No more struggling to lift and lock the bike simultaneously with both hands - the Power Clamp saves your aching back from wrestling with bicycles all day long. The fully adjustable clamping pressure allows you to safely secure any bike made from any material. The Power Clamp is the first serious service stand for the professional - made from the finest materials, it is designed to last a lifetime. Features... 2 heavy duty CNC’d aluminum clamping collars easily secure the bicycle Fully adjustable: rise and fall, and 360° bike rotation Works with any compressor Additional pneumatic ports for tire pump or blow gun Clamping pressure completely a

Wear a helmet people!

Dead athletes' brains show damage from concussions By Stephanie Smith CNN Medical Producer (CNN) -- For years after his NFL career ended, Ted Johnson could barely muster the energy to leave his house. In healthy brain tissue, virtually no protein tangles, which show up as brown spots, are visible. "I'd [leave to] go see my kids for maybe 15 minutes," said Johnson. "Then I would go back home and close the curtains, turn the lights off and I'd stay in bed. That was my routine for two years. "Those were bad days." These days, the former linebacker is less likely to recount the hundreds of tackles, scores of quarterback sacks or the three Super Bowl rings he earned as a linebacker for the New England Patriots. He is more likely to talk about suffering more than 100 concussions. "I can definitely point to 2002 when I got back-to-back concussions. That's where the problems started," said Johnson, who retired after those two concussions. &q

Columbus Ohio Bike to Work Week Site

2009 Columbus Bike to Work Week May 11th - May 15th, 2009 The site


Cold Weather, Warming Embrocation Our Cold Weather Embrocation is idea for use during cyclocross and riding in temperatures below 60 degrees. This product is the cornerstone of our line up, specifically engineered to provide steady, long term warmth to your legs back and even your neck. In addition to high quality Grapeseed and Soybean Oils, this product contains unbleached beeswax and a helping of raw, unrefined West African Shea Butter. There are a few other goodies in there to provide you with a smooth warmth and aroma. As with all Mad Alchemy products, our Cold Weather Embrocation is hand-made in small batches to ensure freshness and the highest level of quality possible. Mad Alchemy

What will be Classic Bike of the Year for 2009?

First Place, Best Restored - 2008 Jim Hern 1939 Colson Commander I don't know. But we will find out at the... 29th Annual Ann Arbor/Saline, Michigan Classic Bicycle Show and Swap Meet on April 26th, 2009 This would be a good roadtrip. If anybody is interested contact me.