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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cyclepedia for iPad - Official Promotional Video

Their Will Be Skidz Alleycat Recap 01072012

49 riders
13.1 miles for our route

Temps in the upper 40's, low 50's

Tim was on his fatty and he kicked my butt : )
I was number 32 signing in, and I finished 32nd
Thanks to Sarah Elizabeth for organizing!

(R)Evolutions per Minute: Cargo Bikes in the US - a trailer for the crowdsourced documentary

This is a new and improved version of what was "The US Cargo Bike Revolution doc trailer." (The big changes are toward the end.)

Do you love your cargo bike? Has it changed your life? Your family? Your town?
Join me in producing an authentic crowdsourced document of a cultural revolution in progress. I'm seeking submissions from cargo bike folk all over the world to combine in the form of a feature length documentary. More info at Watch the trailer, visit my site, get inspired and learn how to become a co-director!

What To Do When You’re Doored: Fill Out A Bike Accident Report Card [FastCompany]

To combat the confusion that reigns in the aftermath of bike accidents, a Boston lawyer has designed a helpful card to make sure cyclists don’t leave the accident without the important information they may need.
We all know how to handle a fender-bender. You pull over and exchange contact information and insurance details. But for cyclists, the post-accident protocol can be less clear. Often times, neither the driver, the cyclist, nor even police are aware of what laws govern the crash or how to proceed in terms of insurance claims. It can get messy, and add to the already simmering acrimony between bikers and drivers.
“I had so many people coming to me with the same story,” says Josh Zisson, a Boston-based lawyer specializing in bike law. “I was doored on my bike, but the cop told the driver to leave because it was my fault for riding too close to the cars. I never got the driver’s info.”

Cyclists may not know their local bike laws or what to do after an accident. To help solve that problem, Zisson enlisted his friend Tim Jacques, a graphic designer, to create the Bicyclist’s Accident Report card.
Zisson’s card includes spaces to record the driver’s information, as well as witness reports and the time and location of the accident. “I made it very simple. Just fill in the blanks,” he says. It also includes a simple visual guide to Massachusetts bike law and--in a bit of self-promotion--Zisson’s own contact information.

Zisson first distributed the cards in local bike shops but found that caf├ęs and bookstores went through them much more quickly. “So far, I’ve gone through over 3,000 cards in about a month.”
He’s had “about two or three” calls from cyclists who’ve used the cards after accidents in Massachusetts. There’s also been lots of interest from cyclists in other parts of the country. In response to that demand, Zisson is looking for partners to help him print up custom versions of his card for each state. He’s already got a California card done and is working on one for Portland, Oregon.
And Zisson plans to keep his own phone number and email address on all the cards so he can help cyclists avoid another pitfall: shoddy representation. “I want to sort of act as a clearinghouse for bike accidents, so that I can send people to lawyers who actually know what they’re doing.”

Road Cyclist Meets Triathlete [VIDEO]

Dirt Rag quick look at Lynskey Cooper CX

By Adam Newman
Lynskey might be getting a lot of press right now for bikes they are building for other brands—see our Kona post from yesterday—but they build plenty with its own name on the side too.
Though they can build you a mild-to-wild, full-custom titanium bike, the Cooper line of road, cross and mountain frames feature stock geometry and limited options with all the same made-in-Tennsessee craftsmanship they're known for.

Bookbike by BYografia


Living the Cargo Bike Dream [Momentum Planet]

Living the Dream
Derek Heffernan
A cargo bike is your ticket to two wheeled freedom.
Nancy over at Family on Bikes has been raising some interesting questions about following dreams, especially family bike dreams. For those of you who haven't yet met the amazing Vogel Family, this is the mom, dad and two boys who cycled 17,300 miles from Alaska to Argentina and are now motivating other would be family travellers to go for it.
Responding to a reader's comment on her blog about the relationship between wealth and dreams-- "Fact is, you must either inherit funds, or have had the opportunity to earn or win funds some way, somehow. Either way, it’s money that’s freedom. If you don’t have it, like it or not, one can dream all one wants to, but no dream will come true” -- Nancy's been asking the rhetorical question, "Can only the wealthy live their dream?" 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tour deWest is Saturday at Franklinton Cycleworks

Come join us for a special Saturday Tour deWest! We'll be leaving Franklinton Cycleworks at 12:30 EST (not co-op time!!!). From there we'll be riding North to rendezvous with a second group of riders for the return trip South with a stop along the way to see the start of the alley cat at Goodale Park. We'll be returning to FCW at about 3:00 for a lunch generously provided by Marshall's in Grandview ! Total distance, only about 15 miles, but it's not about the distance as much as just getting the bike out for a Saturday afternoon ride! The weather guy says that the temperature will be up near 50 degrees F (NOT C!!!) so come out and join us! Please RSVP by leaving a comment so that we can plan. See you Saturday!

Let em know here!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Retroshift - Index or Friction

Retroshift Index or Friction from Retroshift on Vimeo.

Quick video to show how easy it is to have an index and friction system. Not a bad feature if you should tweak a derailleur hanger for example.

Also wanted to show this as I am still getting questions as to if it will do friction.

Sorry for wobbly stand (it needs repair)!

Wahoo Bike Pack for iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a full featured bike computer! The Wahoo Bike Pack wirelessly connects your iPhone to any ANT+ bike sensor so you can get all of your favorite cycling data on your iPhone, including speed/cadence, power (wattage), and heart rate.

The Wahoo Bike Pack features the Wahoo Bike Case for iPhone and a wireless Speed and Cadence sensor. Your iPhone can be mounted on your bike's handlebars or stem in a protective and water-resistant case. Also included in the package is the Wahoo Fitness App for iPhone, which is perfect for turning your iPhone into a cycling computer. 

The Wahoo Bike Case for iPhone works with all types of bikes - road, mountain, e-bikes, and hybrid. The Bike Case encompasses Wahoo Fitness sensor technology along with a water resistant protective barrier for your iPhone. You can now have your iPhone read data from any ANT+ sensor - bike speed and cadence, bike power, and heart rate - now your iPhone is a bike computer! WILL NOT FIT IPod TOUCH!

Wahoo Fitness wirelessly connects your iPhone to your favorite ANT+ fitness measuring devices. With Wahoo Fitness, your phone, your favorite playlists, the best fitness Apps and real-time activity information are all in the palm of your hand - or mounted on your bike, or in your pocket. 

  • 1 Wahoo Bike Case for iPhone
  • 1 Premium Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor

Note: Please see individual product pages for full product details

  • built in ANT+ radio transceiverwith support for all current and future ANT+ sensors
  • fits iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S from all carriers!ships with custom rubber liners to easily adapt between phone types
  • Wahoo Fitness Poweredsupported by most of the leading iPhone fitness Apps
  • water and shock resistant
  • bike mountwith quick release for Case/semi-permanent mount attachment to bike. Adjustable portrait or landscape orientation
  • microUSB portmicroUSB port for charging/data connection with tethered rubber plug when not in use
  • fully accessible/functional touch screen access
  • universal mounting railfor bicycle mount and auxiliary battery
  • optional auxiliary battery Wahoo Fitness rail mounted 2.3 AmpHour battery (1.5x that of the iPhone battery) or any auxiliary battery with microUSB plug compatible (sold separately)
  • sends and receives signals up to 10 feetunobstructed

Price: $149.99

Pelotonia riders will bike to Kenyon College this year [Dispatch]

TY WRIGHT | DISPATCHRiders in the 2011 Pelotonia take off from Chemical Abstracts on Olentangy River Road.

The Pelotonia will have a new route this year.

Instead of traveling through the hills of southeastern Ohio, bicycle riders raising funds for cancer research will go north to Kenyon College in Gambier.

Event organizers announced the route change today.

“We had nearly 5,000 riders last year and expect more this year,” said Jessica Kinman, Pelotonia spokeswoman. “Heading up to Kenyon College let’s us add more routes.” 

[continue reading at Dispatch]

Their will be Skidz alleycat is THIS Saturday

Start at Goodale Shelterhouse. be prompt, it was cold in Oct it will be colder in Jan

START POINT:GOODALE SHELTER HOUSE. IF you have raced in my or my/andy's races, you all know this...END: ACE OF CUPS. in the middle, you wont know until day of. :P it won't be crazy long due to the nature of the winter beast. 12 miles tops. no inception, i promise.
$5 to enter, you know i think you all should wear helmets, but i am not your mom, there will be a waiver to sign. hope to see you there.

we are in talks to just do 
overall prizes
1st male or female
not dividing it up by sex, however, this can change upon a good showing of female attendance. listening ladies!!!
you all can share this event or spread the word.

Bike After Dark

The Fireball Mark II is Bike After Dark's first creation. It is a rechargeable, water resistant, LED bike light system that will keep you visible during those awesome night rides. The Full Wheel pack comes with two Fireball Mark II spoke attachments, 6 installation ties, and a charging cable. Full Wheel pack weighs 3 oz per wheel. (Wall chargers are sold separately!)

Finally, safety meets cool!! 

[Bike After Dark website]

More Cyclist Crackdown Promised By City Council In 2012 [Gothamist]

James Vacca, chair of the City Council Transportation Committee, says he will push through tough new safety rules for cyclists in 2012 and demand strict enforcement of the current laws. In an interview with CBS 2, Vacca says, "We’ve got to make it clear that when you use a bicycle you have to go the right way on a one way street, you have to obey red lights, you have to stay off sidewalks. You have to consider motorists and pedestrians. You have to consider all users of public space in the city."
Speaking to the Post, Vacca vowed to focus on delivery cyclists, whom he says tend to be the biggest scofflaws. "Because they’re delivering and they’re in a hurry, they sometimes just flout traffic laws, and we can’t have that," the councilman told the tabloid. Last year the NYPD, acting on complaints from UES residents, orchestrated a crackdown on cyclists, particularly delivery bikers, issuing 360 summonses within a single month's time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

iBike Powerhouse [via engadget]

Just like the iBike Dash from the days of yore, Velocomp is back with the Powerhouse -- a cycling computer that integrates with any standard bicycle along with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed in collaboration with cycling coach Hunter Allen, the Powerhouse features distinct fitness plans tailored to the goals of training cyclists and lazy bums alike. Regimens last four to six weeks and include iSlim, Express Fitness, Brazilian Butt, Kid Fit, Weekend Warrior, Zero to 50 miles in Three Weeks and Healthy Heart. Perhaps more intriguing, however, is the ability to purchase additional training routines within the iBike app. The product will be fully unveiled at CES and will retail for $269, which includes a water / shock-resistant case, a universal mounting system, all the necessary electronics and the iOS app -- which lets cyclists listen to their music as they train. Those interested in the finer details may check the PR just after the break.

[continue reading at Engadget]

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ai Weiwei Piles 1,200 Bikes On Top Of Each Other, For Dazzling Effect - FastCompany

Ai Weiwei Piles 1,200 Bikes On Top Of Each Other, For Dazzling Effect

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum hosts a large-scale exhibition of the Chinese dissident artist with his new work, "Forever Bicycles."
The humble bike has inspired artists ever since Marcel Duchamp put a bicycle wheel on top of a stool in 1913--even Picasso, during the bleakest period of World War II, used a pair of handlebars and a bike saddle to whimsically conjure the skull of a bull. The artist Ai Weiwei, who was detained in a secret location for 81 days by the Chinese government last summer, continues this tradition with a new exhibition in Taiwan.
As part of what the museum bills as the first large-scale solo exhibition of the artist’s work to be held in the Chinese world, Ai Weiwei’s most recent work, Forever Bicycles, installs 1,200 bicycles--some hanging from the ceiling, some standing upright on the floor--one behind the other. The bikes have no handlebars and no seats and instead use those parts of the frame to extend upward and outward to connect to other wheels and other frames, creating the illusion of a labyrinth-like space in a three-dimensional area.

Installed at the highest point of the museum, nearly 100 feet high, the sheer quantity of bikes allows this most functional of objects to take on an abstract quality when viewed from a variety of different angles. The exhibition, entitled Absent because the artist is not allowed to travel and therefore will not be present at the show, contains 21 additional works by the artist, already famous for his Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing. It will be on view until January 20.