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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Biking in Good Company [Good Magazine]

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Spend some time cycling and passion has a tendency to take over. Sometimes that passion is all about the benefits of cycling. Other times it spurs the need to participate in cycling events or to lend a voice to issues that impact cycling, like safe streets and bike paths. Don't believe us? Check out some of these awesome national and state organizations created by ordinary bike enthusiasts just like you who are making a difference in the world.

LAB Bronze-Level Bicycle Friendly Status for City of Columbus - Tricia Kovacs, a Yay Bikes! board member wrote and submitted the application eventually accepted by LAB.
Updates to the Ohio BMV drivers test -
The Ohio BMV has informed the Ohio Bicycle Federation they are revamping their drivers test and will use the OBF suggestions for the bicycle related questions. Thanks to Tricia Kovacs of OBF (and Yay Bikes!) for her successful work with Ohio BMV in making this happen!
Cycling safety grant from ODOT -
The Ohio Departments of Transportation and Public Safety have awarded Yay Bikes! a $150,000 grant to provide a cyclist safety campaign for OSU students  this fall! The campaign is designed to reduce the number of car/bike crashes on campus and within the University Area by addressing the specific behavors known to lead to crashes. It will include:  
  1. Data collection and analysis of unsafe bicycling and driving behaviors, and bike/car crashes
  2. A research-based mass media safety campaign targeting specific behaviors
  3. An "onslaught" of bicycling education classes, workshops, rides, volunteer experiences, etc.
  4. Lights handouts for ill-equipped bicyclists
There are volunteer and internship opportunities associated with this project; we also request financial support to help YB! develop organizational capacity as we implement the campaign. Please contribute in any way you can! And please give BIG props to all the people at ODOT, ODPS, OSU Transportation & Parking, and MORPC who worked so hard to make this campaign possible -- there are many unsung heroes out there who care about us cyclists!

Timelapse VIDEO in a bike builder shop (MAP Bicycles)

A typical afternoon in the shop with Mitch. from Joseph Ahearne on Vimeo.

JABR (Just Another Bike Ride) Recap 06112011

12 riders
3 blind stokers were riding on tandems!
14 or 40 mile route (I rode into town for a total of 67 miles)
Temps in the 80's
At least three trees were down on the Alum Creek trail from storms
40 mile route was a south loop from Three Creeks through Groveport and beyond

Tuesday Night Ride Recap 06072011

16+ riders
25 miles
Goodale Park to Hills Market for pizza and beverages
Heading south Jill went off the trail and flatted
Carey dressed like it was "Miami Vice" theme night. Bravo!

Woman Riding Bicycle Struck By 3 Vehicles, Dies [WBNS-10TV]

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police said that a woman was killed early Saturday while she was apparently knocked off her bicycle by a vehicle and was then struck by two other vehicles.
The crash occurred at about midnight along Morse Road, near Beech Hill Avenue on the northeast side, 10TV News reported.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Biking in America: 2011

High-tech cycling clothes eliminate the need for a shower and change of clothes

By Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
June 9, 2011, 1:43 p.m.

Cyclists no longer have to arrive at their destination looking like a wet rag and needing a shower. As more people take to commuting and traveling by bike -- for both health and environmental reasons -- some clothing companies are stepping up, offering office-ready clothes that don't have to be wrung out upon arrival.

Thank technology for the ability to create or enhance street wear fabrics that not only stretch, but keep perspiration away from the body, resist water and dirt, and retain heat with little insulation. Companies such as Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company Outlier design stylish menswear perfect for cyclists with features like pants with waistbands that are higher in back (so riders can lean forward without revealing too much) and back pockets that riders don't have to sit on while cycling.

Guess who else is getting in on the action? Levi's. The venerable San Francisco company introduces its Commuter Series: a 511 Skinny Jean (full length and cropped) and Trucker Jacket specially designed for cyclists. Features include a Nanosphere treatment that resists water and dirt, antimicrobial properties and reflective material. A raised back yolk on the pants prevents too much skin from showing, a handy waist tab holds a U-lock, and they're reinforced at the crotch, back pockets and belt loops. The jacket has an iPod pocket in front and a longer tail in back. Retail prices range from $68 to $128, and the clothes will be in Levi's stores in July and at Urban Outfitters stores in August.

"The idea came about pretty organically," said JeWon Yu, the brand's senior designer for men's bottoms. "I think the lifestyle here [San Francsico] lends itself to something like this -- everyone here rides their bike, even people here at the company. And since everyone here is also wearing Levi's, why not try to offer something for the commute?"

Yu added that bike commuters are all over the globe, making this less of a trend and more of a lifestyle: "Some people have to carry a separate pair of pants, which is not really ideal and could even deter you from riding a bike."

More pieces will eventually be added to the line, and she said the company welcomes feedback from consumers.

Textile technology also allows people to avoid harmful UV rays. Clothing lines such as Solumbra and Coolibar offer tops, pants, cover-ups, outerwear hats, bathing suits and scarves that protect against the sun. So now there's no excuse not to go outside and work up a sweat.


For the coffee drinkers: Presso

Presso USA brings you Presso, the environmentally friendly espresso maker. Using only a little elbow grease and the power needed to boil a cup of water in your kettle, Presso has the smallest carbon footprint of any coffee maker around. What's more, the Presso is made of recyclable aluminium. How's that for a lean, green espresso machine! Guilt-free coffee coming up. Buy Online or email or phone (913) 735-5273.

Look Keo Power Pedal - Spindle with power meter!

Keo Power, the latest LOOK/POLAR innovation, received an excellent welcome at its presentation at the Eurobike and Interbike trade shows in October 2010.

Keo Power is the first automatic road pedal to measure the pedalling power and rate as well as the right/left distribution of the effort. The system retains all the advantages of a Keo pedal and of POLAR systems.

The Cofidis and QuickStep teams were able to test the Keo Power in preview during their training courses in November and January. The runners, among which David Moncoutié, Samuel Dumoulin, Tom Boonen and Sylvain Chavanel, as well as the technical staff, were bluffed by the system so simple to use and so efficient.


Looking to ride on Saturday? Check out JABR Just Another Bike Ride.

Saturday, June 11 · 10:00am - 1:00pm

Wolfe Park, just east of E Broad St & Nelson Rd
105 Park Dr
Columbus, OH
Nothing special, except that some riders have sensory or mobility disabilities. But we love to ride, so come and join us. JABR provides the opportunity to get to know people with some disabilities and other abilities. Ride 16 miles on Alum Creek trail or 40 miles on trail and roads. Bring your lunch and money for ice cream and pie along the way. Volunteers are needed who can loan a tandem, who can captain a tandem and/or who can provide transportation to Wolfe Park for others.

No fee, but let us know ( or by June 1 if you can volunteer or need a tandem captain and/or transportation.

Sponsored by American Council of the Blind Ohio, Cycling for All and YayBikes!

[Facebook Event]

Awesomefest is July 30, 2011!

Awesomefest is about all things Awesome. What is Awesome, you may ask? Tattoos are awesome. Riding bikes for long distances, I would argue, is pretty awesome. And movie marathons are also really great in my opinion. When you combine all three you get a triathlon of sorts. A triathlon of awesome.

Awesomefest is an all day event that consists of cycling, a movie marathon and tattooing. Each year the theme changes. This year's theme is Star Wars. Come out and join us on July 30th in Columbus, Ohio. All proceeds from the silent auction and a portion of the registration fee supports the non-profit organization Asia's Hope.


NY bike lanes [VIDEO] by Casey Neistat

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Randonneuse - A photo journey by Map Bicycles

Global Bicycle Race: The longest, toughest, most dramatic adventure competition ever.

On 18th Feb 2012, the 18,000 mile Global Bicycle Race will begin in London.

The Concept:
To encourage 2012’s world tourers and world record attempters to start from the same place at the same time. The riders, press, and public at large can then compare progress and experiences as the challenge unfolds. Few constraints will be put on the riders; they’ll simply follow the Guinness World Records criteria for a circumnavigation. Route choice is down to each rider, they just have to travel 18,000 miles (29,000 km) around the world carrying GPS trackers so we can follow their progress.
Riding in to the sunrise in Kentucky
Where and when?
The start/finish will be in Greenwich Park, London – the prime meridian and home of Greenwich Mean Time. The winner should ideally finish just before the start of the 2012 Olympics (27th July). To this end the race will start 160 days before the Olympics on Saturday 18th February 2012.
Who will do it?
Men and women with a hunger for adventure and a background in cycling or multi-sport challenges. These are inspiring individuals both physically and in character. They will need significant funds of their own or generous sponsors as world travel can be expensive. They will be motivated by the challenge/travel/competition, and to be one of the first to ride the historic Global Bicycle Race.
Geoff Thomas presents Vin Cox with the Guinness World Record certificate
Based on Guinness World Record’s rules for Fastest Circumnavigation by Bicycle, participants will start together in London and race around the world returning to the same point to finish. Live tracking on the race website should be gripping and accompanied by reports of conditions from the riders. Winners may claim the Guinness World Record currently held by race organiser Vin Cox (163 days).
Who will be interested in it?
Armchair adventurers, people interested in travel, adventure, cycling, or outdoor leisure. The cultural diversity which the participants will encounter will capture the imagination of many, while at the same time the massive physical achievements will inspire. A lot of press interest and internet traffic is expected.
During the 163 day World Record circumnavigation, Vin Cox enjoyed this beautiful sunset in the Australian outback
Vin Cox set the record motivated “In search of adventure, in aid of charity, and in pursuit of a Guinness World Record”. Global Bicycle Race participants will probably have similar motivations. The whole endurance sport scene has been steadily growing and becoming more extreme. Events which 10 years ago were pure minority madness are quite main-stream now thanks to boundaries being pushed. The ultimate distance for any endurance race has to be around the world.

Woman Charged In Crash That Killed Cyclist Along Sawmill Road [10TV]

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police announced charges on Monday against a driver who allegedly struck and killed a bicyclist last year.
The crash happened shortly before 5 a.m. on May 24, 2010. 

Central Ohio 2011 Bike to Work Challenge Wrap-up from Yay Bikes! #bikemonth

Congratulations to all participants of the 2011 Bike to Work Challenge, and especially to members of our winning teams: 
For their exemplary commitment to healthful and environmentally friendly commuting, each of these teams will receive an original bike art poster from the Pinchflat show, and all active members who attend the afterparty will receive 50% off tuneups and 30% off lights, locks, tires & helmets at Paradise Garage through July 8! Great job to all of you!  
  • 157 teams  
  • 1,404 cyclists
  • 38,872 miles  
  • 6,833 trips
  • 38,095 lbs of CO2 not spewed
  • 1,904,728 calories burned 
Join us for the 2011 Bike to Work Challenge afterparty on Wednesday, June 8 from 6-9pm at KOBO. FREE BEER & PATTYCAKE SWEETS will be available during the celebration; stay afterwards for karaoke!!   

Please take just 5 minutes to fill out a survey of your experience with the Challenge in 2011; it's a real contribution to our programming. Plus, several respondents will win a $25 Evolved gift certificate or a sweet bike journal from Igloo Letterpress!

THIS IS AMERICA'S RACE. USA Pro Cycling Challenge


There are 1.5 billion cyclists in the world and Colorado is home to some of the sport’s most loyal participants, fans and enthusiasts. With an average household income of +$87,000 and deep avidity among decision makers, business owners and professionals, cycling delivers an important and sometimes hard-to-reach demographic. Since the announcement of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in July 2010, the event has already garnered more than 880,275,000 media impressions. With more than 1 million on-site spectators and global television distribution, media and marketing reach and impact is guaranteed to be spectacular.


The world’s best cyclists from teams such as Radioshack, HTC, Garmin, and Liquigas will be put to the test like never before. The USA Pro Cycling Challenge will be a high-speed endurance test on terrain unmatched anywhere else in the world, with altitudes and downhill peaks double what riders typically face. Lance Armstrong – the most famous cyclist ever and the most influential athlete in America – is the visionary behind the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and his partnership and passion are a driving force behind America’s Race.


Never before have professional cyclists had to endure a course this difficult or elevations this high. The USA Pro Cycling Challenge will truly pit man against mountain: the Rocky Mountains, to be precise.
Denver. Colorado Springs. Salida. Gunnison. Aspen. Avon. Steamboat Springs. Golden. Vail. Crested Butte. Breckenridge. The host cities of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge include some of the world’s most famous and beautiful vacation and resort destinations – only adding to the special magic of this event.


After more than 20 years, world-class professional cycling returns to Colorado when the first USA Pro Cycling Challenge launches on August 22, 2011.

[USA Pro Cycling Challenge]

The Far and Near Road Skewers at FairWheel

The Far and Near Road Skewers feature a titanium axle, and anodized aluminum levers and nuts to create a stylish lightweight component. The cam design uses a spherical washer with a durable brass fillet to ensure smooth hassle free engagement.

Far and Near Skewers are available in: Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Green, and Silver.

Weight: 44g (per pair)


Americane' Vintage Track & Road Bike Festival (Rochester Hills Michigan)

Saturday, June 25 · 9:30am - 5:00pm

345 John R Road, Rochester Hills Michigan 48307

The International Velodrome at Bloomer Park, Rochester, Michigan, is proud to announce the 3rd year of this ground-breaking event. 

The Americane' Vintage Track & Road Bike Festival is a show and swap meet, bringing together vintage track and road cycling enthusiasts from around the country. Vintage bikes in multiple categories are invited, covering a full century of cycling. The swap meet will feature amazing collections of vintage equipment, giving browsers and enthusiasts a chance to connect over cycling gear of every kind. Look for that one-of-a-kind part at The Americane'!

This event coincides with some of the highest level, most exciting racing in the nation, the NAS-Track International 3 Day Series!

Schedule of Events:

9:30AM: Americane' setup begins
10:00AM: Velodrome opens – swap meet officially begins
10:00AM: “Track 101” class start. Mandatory for beginners, or as a refresher class for those who haven't recently ridden a steep-banked track. Depending
on turnout, this class may be repeated. Loaner bikes are available.
12:00PM: Show bikes should be in place and tagged - judging begins
2:00PM: Americane' Show results & awards ceremony
3:00PM: Vintage track riding & events (by availability and skill of participants)
5:00-7:30PM: NAS-Track International 3 Day racers take over the track
7:30-10:00PM: NAS-Track International 3 Day races

Swap meet and show are FREE for display, vendors and viewers. DONATIONS ARE SUGGESTED! Funds will defray costs of the event, and go to the nonprofit Velodrome Fund (responsible for track maintenance & operational expenses)
Track riding is FREE (special for this annual event)
Bike rental is $5 (½ the normal price)
Entry fee to Bloomer Park is $5 per car
Contact Mark Agree:


Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Bull Mini Drome

Yelp On Two Wheels: A Taco Truck Tour! UPDATE - Ride your bike, eat tacos and support Yay Bikes!

Saturday, July 9 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Goodale Park
Buttles and Park
Columbus, OH
Rev your engines, yelpers! Er, we mean hop on your bike. We're takin' it to the streets to hit up some awesome centrally-located taco trucks!

We will be riding out to the west side of Columbus and visiting 3-4 taco trucks. Bethia Woolf from and Columbus Food Adventures is working with the trucks to make sure they are ready for throngs of hungry people.

The ride will leave promptly at NOON so please be at Goodale Park by 11:45AM!

Registration for the ride is $10 (bring cash, please) and includes:
- Yelp swag-filled gift bag
- pint glass for use @ the after party
- discount coupons from participating sponsors
- guided bike tour from Goodale Park to participating taco trucks
- bike support along the route

All proceeds will benefit Yay Bikes!

Columbus Rides will be leading the cyclists to and from the taco trucks. Mileage from Goodale to the trucks and back is roughly 20 miles. The pace will not be fast, so don't let that stop you from joining us! The ride normally takes about 4 hours, so plan accordingly.

But the fun doesn't stop when we're finished riding! We've planned a righteous after-party at Hal & Al's!

Click "I'm In!" and oil that chain. See you then!

Cycling Event Help is leading the ride to the trucks. will be providing technical support for the riders.


Taco Truck Expertise in Columbus, OH

Hal & Al's