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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Midwest Outdoor Experience - Oct 5-6: Dayton, OH

Midwest Outdoor Experience Highlights Dayton’s Recreational Amenities!

Re-imagined with a new name and a new image, GearFest has transformed into the Midwest Outdoor Experience, presented by Subaru. This recreation celebration is taking place Friday, October 5, through Saturday, October 6, atEastwood MetroPark, 1385 Harshman Road, in Dayton.
View ScheduleView the 2012 Schedule to learn about all of the activities, demos, competitions and more!

Dog Friendly Event - Thanks to Subaru
Dog Friendlly
Thanks to our friends at Subaru our furry friends will have plenty to do at Midwest Outdoor Experience. Watch the high flying Subaru Ultimate Air Dogs, play in the Pooch Island Dog Park or snap a souvenir photo with your best buddy at the Subaru booth. Learn More >>

Get Out & Ride at IMBA Bike Village!!
IMBAThe IMBA Bike Village at Midwest Outdoor Experiencewill offer guests an opportunity to try all styles of bikes while learning from leading bike manufacturers, retail shops, race promoters and advocacy organizations in the country. Learn More >>

USA National Slackline Championships
GibbonThe best slackers in the country will converge on Dayton, Ohio to compete in USA National Championships hosted for the second year in a row! The top 16 athletes in the USA will compete for the title of National Champion. Learn More >>

Bring the Whole Family
CampingFrom camping to biking to kayaking, the whole family can get engaged. On-site exhibitors will hook patrons up with gear they need to “Get Out & Live,”and local clubs and other outdoor adventure resources on-site will help patrons connect to local events and activities year-round. Kids will love the Subway Fresh Fit Youth Adventure Zone, and dogs even have a special place to play off-leash on Subaru Pooch Island. Take a break from the action to enjoy live music featuring Dayton Music Fest artists, grab a craft brew from the beer garden, and fill up on delicious fare, including vegetarian options.

Camp for Free!
CampingStay the weekend and “rough it” in the Eddie Bauer campground (sites are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis) or take weekend residence in the Crowne Plaza, located in downtown Dayton near the historical Oregon District, just minutes from Eastwood MetroPark.

Incredible Amount of Outdoor Fun!
  • IMBA Bike Village
  • Slacklining
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Orienteering
  • Backpacking
  • Climbing
  • Geocaching
  • Bikeway group ride
  • Subway Fresh Fit Youth Adventure Zone
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  • Disc golf
  • Fishing/fly fishing
  • Mad River Mountain snow tubing
  • Skateboarding
  • Subaru Ultimate Air Dogs
  • Gibbon Slackline Team
  • DK Bike Team
  • Earthjoy Tree Climbing
  • Whitewater Freestyle Kayaking
  • USA Slackline Championships
  • Off-Road 5K Presented by Runners Plus
  • Ruffwear Ruff Run K9 Division
  • MoMBA X Country Classic mountain biking race
  • Subaru Ultimate Air Dogs
  • Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta
More fun
Get the weekend’s complete schedule, learn about all the various demonstrations, plan a strategy for hitting up desired exhibitors and more at or call (937) 277-4374.
Thanks to our sponsors: Subaru, Wagner Subaru, Subaru of Dayton, Yakima, Subway Fresh Fit, Mad River Mountain, Eddie Bauer, International Mountain Biking Association, Ruffwear, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bonbright Distributers, Earth Fare and Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Event Details

Midwest Outdoor Experience
October 5-6, 2012
Eastwood MetroPark
1385 Harshman Road,
Dayton Ohio 45431

2012 Main Sponsors

Wagner Subaru
Subaru of Dayton
Great Lakes
Mad River Mountain
Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer
Crowne Plaza Hotel
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$5 Suggested Donation

Admission and parking are free, but the success of this annual event depends on sponsorships and contributions from patrons. The suggested donation for this action-packed weekend is $5. If you feel inclined, pay on your way in, during the event, or on your way out! Your contributions will help us maintain the high quality experience you expect and allow the event to become a regional destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Green Partnership

Green Partnership with Subaru
In efforts to save resources and the environment, Five Rivers MetroParks has developed a partnership with Subaru of America and two local dealers. Subaru’s corporatecommitments to the environmentmake them an ideal partner for Five Rivers MetroParks. Learn More >>

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Friday, September 21, 2012

10 great places to blaze a (bike) trail of good food [USAToday]

Orange County, NY Tourism
Cyclists in the Hudson Valley region can travel rural paths and visit small towns like Warwick, N.Y.
After a day of cycling, the food always tastes better, saysDavid Howard , executive editor of Bicycling magazine. "Riding burns up to 800 calories an hour, so you've got a calorie deficit to make up." With more locally sourced restaurants and markets, riders have some great options for eating on the road. Fall is a perfect time to explore, says Howard, who shares some favorite areas with Larry Bleiberg  for USA TODAY.
Hudson Valley, N.Y. 
With several bridges spanning the Hudson River, it's easy to map bike loop tours through the scenic upstate valley. "You can ride right alongside the Hudson River and get these amazing sweeping views," Howard says. Work up an appetite on the hills and stop to eat at St. Andrew's Café at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and the Rhinebeck Farmers Market. 800-232-4782;

After more than 450 tickets, Columbus Police not finished with jaywalking crackdown [Lantern]

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor
A student crosses the street within a crosswalk on campus. The Columbus Division of Police has been cracking down on jaywalking and bicycling rules in the off-campus area, and plans to continue.

The crackdown on jaywalking and bicycle violations along High Street is far from over. In fact it will continue “minimally for the next couple weeks,” according to a member of the Columbus Division of Police.

After issuing 241 tickets in the University District Sept. 7 and 8, Columbus Police followed up its increased enforcement the next weekend with 226 tickets in the same area.

Students should expect the same level of focus for at least the next couple weeks, said Columbus Police Precinct 4 Commander Chris Bowling.

“We’re just trying to get everyone’s attention,” Bowling said.

But some students don’t think issuing fines and tickets is the right way to address the problem.

“They’re giving out like $100 tickets and I think that’s a little bit excessive especially for college students who already pay a lot for their books and whatnot,” said Jessica Howard, a first-year in microbiology.

When Bowling was working at Ohio State’s football game Saturday, he was approached by a number of students asking why he was trying to make students’ lives “miserable.” But Bowling said he’s just trying to keep everyone safe.

[Keep reading at The Lantern]

Coop’s new bike parking will debut at this weekend’s Art Harvest Festival [Pittsburgh] - Nice rack!

Last week The East End Food Coop put the final touches on 30 new and secure spaces for its patrons and employees to park their bikes.  The 30 spots are spread over two locations on The Factory’s property; a parking spot turned Bike Corral and an indoor rack / work-station.
The East End Food Coop, along with The Factory’s landlord, developed the property’s first Bike Corral in the parking spot adjacent to the outdoor picnic area. The Corral consists of ten new ‘swerve’ racks with space enough for twenty bikes. Its convenient location will provide bikers easy access to the coop, a safe area to pack their bike with groceries, and a more quiet space for picnickers to enjoy a car free meal!
Ten more bikes can be parked at five new swerve racks located inside the main entrance to The Factory. These spots will be used primarily for employee bike parking. A Dero Fix-it station, equipped with all the tools needed for basic bike maintenance, will also be located in this area to give employees and customers the opportunity to make quick adjustments or inflate their tires before hitting the road.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Study: 10% More Smart Growth = 20% Less Driving []

A professor at San Francisco State University recently developed an econometric model to study how smart growth affects travel behavior. His finding: quite a bit.

If Bakersfield, California enjoyed the same density and transit amenities as the San Francisco Bay Area, households would drive 55 percent less, according to a recent study.
Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay measured the impact of certain smart growth indicators on 18 metro areas across the U.S. He found that a 10 percent increase in smart growth amenities — measured by residential and job density and per-capita transit spending — leads to a 20 percent reduction in miles driven.
“This is a huge impact,” said Chattopadhyay. “Success is gradual and long lasting.”

UK judge excuses bait bike thief, criticizes police [Biking Bis]

Imagine this English judge carefully placing his wig on a shelf and hanging his robe in the closet after work, then discovering that the bicycle he was going to ride home had been stolen.
Instead, judge Peter Hughes recently criticized police in northwest England’s Cumbria county for putting out a bait bicycle fitted with a tracking device. Then, he threw out the charges against a man charged with stealing the bicycle.Maybe he’d see bike theft differently.
According to the local Times & Star newspaper:
The judge said that “there must be a better use of police time” than laying out bicycles as bait for thieves. “Some people would think it is close to the police acting as agents provocateurs,” he added.

Horn-Crazy Driver Busted for Harassing Cyclists [Adventure Journal]

Cyclists have been harassed by drivers for years with little to no recourse, but thanks to technology and changing attitudes among law enforcement, justice increasingly is being served: The driver who hassled two road cyclists in Colorado this week by following them and honking his horn obsessively for three minutes has been charged with four misdemeanors by the Colorado State Patrol.
[Keep reading at Adventure Journal]

Best iPhone and Android apps for cycling

With today's launch of the new iPhone 5 and the average person's ever increasing dependence on their smartphone, there has never been a better time to combine your mobile device with your cycling.
There’s something very powerful in your pocket that you probably aren’t using to its full potential. Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android-based handsets offer a range of applications to turn your humble phone into a powerful cycling aid. They can help you track your training, get you fitter and even fix your bike. Here’s how…
Bike Doctor 2
Compatibility: iPhone and Android
Cost: £2.99/$4.99
The bike doctor app features 29 of the most common repairs. From fixing punctures to stopping gears from skipping, the app will take you through it step by step. It’s a useful guide to have in your pocket at all times ready for emergencies. The app also contains a safety check to make sure everything is running smoothly before a ride.
Download Bike Doctor 2 for iPhone | Android
Bike Hub
Compatibility: iPhone
Cost: Free
 Bike Hub promises to get you from A to B via the best route for cycling. This app lets you decide between a quiet route, a fast route or a balance of the two. The Bike Hub app stands out with its really useful listing of local bike shops, so you can always locate one nearby. The best part is, it's free to download. 
Download Bike Hub for iPhone