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VISIJAX®. World's Most Advanced Electronic Cyclewear.

Introducing  VISIJAX ® . World's Most Advanced Electronic Cyclewear. With integrated high intensity LEDs, motion- activated signalling system iMASSTM, rainproof and breathable fabric, all-round ventilation and the conveniance of one-touch operation, Visijax® is the ultimate commuter cyclewear. Visijax® is a revolutionary cycling jacket packed with the latest technologies and meticulously designed for you in order to significantly enhance your visibility and safety on public roads. Visijax® combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional high visibility rainproof jacket design to join the cause of making cycling easier and safer. Visijax® is the best all-in-one cycling companion. iMass™  Signalling System. Visijax® introduces the notion of active signalling for cyclists through the revolutionary iMASS™ - integrated Motion Activated Signalling System. Controlled by motion sensors on the arms of Visijax® and a central computer built into the bat


DOVETAIL BIKES WAS STARTED FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO GET LOST. We wanted to create a resource for people who want to travel by bicycle. Bike camping is something we love. Whether it's a month long tour or an overnight trip, we're convinced it's the best way to spend your time. We have tutorials, reviews, and advice on our website, all designed to help you get on your bike and ride somewhere amazing. We also offer a carefully selected inventory of bike equipment, camping equipment, and miscellaneous bits to go camping with. If you have any questions, drop us a line. Thanks for stopping by. [Dovetail Bikes]

Küat Bottle Lock

Features 5’ long internally coiled cable Cable is 8mm thick braided steel Comes with two keys Locks frame and both wheels Bonus compartment for storage of keys , cash , or other small items Available in Black, White, Pink and Rasta Weighs less than a pound [Kuat website]

Detroit's Bicycling Booming To Meet Transportation, Recreation Needs [Huffington Post]

Editor's Note: Beat the Train, Critical Mass and Tour de Troit are all worth the travel. I have done all three and they are great urban rides. In a city where cars have long reigned, bicycles are gaining visibility in Detroit -- and not just because of their lights and reflectors. More and more Detroiters are biking, some to fill gaps in a struggling public transit system and others simply for pleasure. As the city's public transit system continues to suffer, more Detroit residents are biking to work. A 2012 report by the  Alliance for Biking & Walking  found the number of bicycle commuters in Detroit rose 258 percent over the last two decades. Organized bike rides such as  Beat The Train  and Critical Mass are steadily attracting groups of dedicated riders -- and the annual  Tour de Troit  ride  saw more than 4,000 people turn out for its 10th anniversary last year . [Continue reading at Huffington Post]

Minoura LH-50 Besso - mount your light on the fork

Light holder for suspension fork It's a good idea to mount a head light on the stanchion tube of suspension fork if you need a light but you don't wish the have it on handlebar and your bike is equipped with suspension fork. Stainless band clip for Besso is the specially longer one. It accepts up to 38mm (1-3/8") diameter so it fits most suspension forks. A similar device to have a room for light is available in the market. It's installed on the front axle instead of acorn nut. But if you have hit something to this device, the front axle will be damaged and the hitting shock may cause serious accident. Also it could be possible that the nut becomes loosened due to the vibration while riding. The body of Besso is made of glass wool reinforced nylon to resist against UV and rain. The body diameter is 22mm (7/8") to accept every light for mounting on handlebar. [Minoura]

The Boom in Biking Benefits Everyone, Not Just Bicyclists [Shareable]

A protected bike lane on Dunsmuir St. in Vancouver shows the street of the  future.  (Credit:  Photo by Paul Kruger under a Creative Commons license from For the past year powerful voices around Washington have singled out programs to improve biking and walking  as flagrant examples of wasteful government spending.  Since last summer, proposals have flown around the Capitol to strip away all designated transportation funds for biking and walking—even though biking and walking account for 12 percent of all trip across America but receive only 1.6 percent of federal funding.  But yesterday (March 29) the U.S. House of Representatives—the hotbed of opposition to bike and walking as well as transit programs—voted to extend the current surface transportation bill for another three months, saving the funding of bike and ped programs. The Senate followed two hours later.  (This marks the 9th extension of the existing transportation bill since 2

A Planter for Your Bike

"Foliage on Your Fixie" A planter for your bike! Make your green form of transportation even greener. Works great with small potted plants and flowers, and even large air plants. Encourage yourself to ride your bike more by giving your plant some sunlight. This will guarantee that you will have the coolest bike at the bike rack. Part of my wearable planter series, shown here printed in blue ABS, the same material as Shapeways' Grey Robust. This model is sold from Shapeways, and is only the 3d printed piece. You'll have to add your own cord, and directions are available here. [Order it here]

Wahoo Fitness BlueSC [Engadget]

It wasn't all that long ago that Wahoo Fitness unveiled it's iPhone 4S friendly   BlueHR   heart monitor to let you track your workouts. Well, it turns out that Wahoo's been working on something new, and at a Bluetooth 4.0   event today in SF, we got a sneak peek at the company's next device, the BlueSC. It's a gadget aimed at would-be Alberto Contadors that wirelessly tracks the speed and pedaling cadence of cyclists via Wahoo's existing app. It's a three piece affair with a main hub that straps to your bike frame, one magnet that goes on your wheel, and a second that's placed on the pedal crank. [read more at Engadget]

Bandito Designs Co Pinchflat poster evolution

[Pinchflat on Facebook] [Artist Submissions due April 15] [Pinchflat is May 5]

Instant Brew

Road Guardian is simple: to save lives.

The goal of Road Guardian is simple: to save lives. Our lives. And our success in meeting this goal depends upon all cyclists reporting, marking and sharing information on the danger points and trouble spots we encounter. Please tell all your cycling friends and buddies about Road Guardian… this can become a powerful tool for all of us to use in making cycling safer for everyone. If you see any ways to improve Road Guardian, please don't hesitate to  contact us . Feel free to pick up the phone and call me  1.800.761.0907  or  email me . The strength of this tool depends upon the information reported by cyclists… information that can end up saving the lives of fellow cyclists. Be seen. Be Smart. Be safe. Thank you! Joe Mizereck, Cyclist An initiative of Safe Cycling, LLC [RoadGuardian]

Product Review: Convert your geared bike to singlespeed (DMR STS chain tensioner)

The simple tension seeker (STS) by DMR Bikes should not really be called a chain tensioner , but rather a slack-remover. It's an incredibly simple solution for those looking to convert a bike with vertical dropouts for single speed use. DMR is a UK-based company that specializes in downhill, freeride, and dirt jump chain devices, and the STS reflects this design experience in this burly device. Installation is a 5-minute job (assuming you have already replaced your cassette with a cog, and shortened your chain as much as possible). Simply remove the skewer nut and slide the black aluminum mounting bracket onto the dropout. Then loosely bolt the stainless steel arm to the bracket and the derailleur hanger with two 5mm bolts. Replace the skewer nut. Rotate the cranks until the chain is at its tightest. (Very few chainrings and cogs are perfectly round.) Lift up on the arm so that the red pulley pushes the chain upward, removing the slack, and tighten the two 5mm bolts. That&#

U.S. PIRG Report: Young Americans Dump Cars for Bikes, Buses [DC Streets Blog]

he U.S. Public Interest Research Group has been crunching the numbers on travel preferences among young Americans — and the news is not good for auto makers. Public transit use increased 100 percent among 16-34-year-olds with household incomes above $70,000, according to a new report from PIRG. Photo:  U.S. PIRG The report —  Transportation and the New Generation  — is chock-full of nuggets like this: Driving is down : “From 2001 to 2009, the annual number of vehicle miles traveled by young people (16 to 34-year-olds) decreased from 10,300 miles to 7,900 miles per capita—a drop of 23 percent.” Biking is up : “In 2009, 16- to 34-year-olds as a whole took 24 percent more bike trips than they took in 2001, despite the age group actually shrinking in size by 2 percent.” [Keep reading at DC Streets Blog]

Bethlehem Car v Bike Crash Hit and Run

The 40th Street Parklet - A Public Art project in Oakland, CA

parklet:  a small urban park, often created by replacing parallel parking spots with a patio, planters, trees, seating & tables, sculptures and/or bicycle parking. Parklets provide a public place for citizens to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city around them. We want to build a parklet on 40th Street! On a stretch of  40th Street  once characterized by empty storefronts, there are 5 new small businesses –all having opened since 2008. This thriving neighborhood attracts more and more pedestrian and bike traffic as neighbors gather, friends meet for bike rides, and locals grab coffee or a bite to eat. We want to enhance our community by bringing native plants, seating and bike parking to an area where customers, employees, business owners, neighbors and passersby alike will benefit. [More at Kickstarter]

Yay Bikes! Advocacy Featured in National Magazine [American Bicyclist] #letsride

Yay Bikes is featured in the March-April issue of  American Bicyclist , which is a League of American Bicyclists magazine distributed to 300,000 members, including 25,000 individuals and 700 organizations. The article,  The Role of Advocacy ,  features posters developed for the How We Roll campaign. Meredith Joy, Executive Director of Yay Bikes! is also highlighted for creating New Ideas in cycling advocacy and expanding the conversation. The  American Bicyclist   article is part of the magazine's theme:  2012 Bicycle Friendly America Guide: True Life Stories and Real-World Tools . Feature article  The Role of Advocacy  highlights ways bicycle advocacy can create a positive community influence,  features bicycle-friendly universities and businesses that provide leadership, and discusses the different types of advocacy. The article can also be viewed as a PDF . Or, interactive magazine viewer. [Check out Yay Bikes! here]

BikeWell intelligent cycle light at #ideomake #letsride

The Bikewell team looked at cycle safety on London streets and created a service to teach people about cycle safety as well as a series of smart bike lights that react to cars when they’re too close, or post messages to drivers in traffic.

Bikes Belong - Green Lane focus cities. *SPOILER ALERT!* Columbus is not one of them.

Green Lane focus cities The Green Lane Project has selected the six focus cities that will be national leaders in creating comfortable spaces for people on bikes over the next two years: Austin, Texas Chicago, Illinois Memphis, Tennessee Portland, Oregon San Francisco, California Washington, D.C. The six cities were chosen from a pool of forty-two city applications. The selected cities have ambitious goals and a vision for bicycling supported by their elected officials and communities. They are poised to get projects on the ground quickly and will serve as excellent examples for other interested cities. Project director Martha Roskowski said, “We are delighted to be working with these forward-thinking cities. They are a range of sizes, spread across the country, and at various stages in terms of developing networks for bicycles. What they share is a strong commitment to rethinking how city streets are used and making room for bicycles.” The Green Lane Project will pr