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Moments - Les Deux Alps

What Do You Think About The Tour? @roadholland

What Do You Think About The Tour? from Road Holland on Vimeo .

It’s time to tone down the tirades against bicyclists

The very first thing the driver said was that he was sorry. He had been looking for an address on a two-lane road, and when he saw it he turned left toward it. I was coming the other way on my bike. He said he wasn’t paying attention to the road. My neck was broken, my shoulder torn to pieces, my hand had a spiral fracture. Six years later, my neck doesn’t turn like yours does. My handwriting has been transformed to that of an 80-year-old. Stuff like this happens to bike riders all the time. Not everyone is as lucky as me. A lot of cyclists get killed — more than 700 of them a year — including some people I’ve known. Am I biased? Sure. I ride thousands of miles every year. I also drive a car tens of thousands of miles. I will fly more than 50,000 miles this year. And I cover transportation for The Post. You could say I’m biased about every form of transportation, and you’d be right. Here’s my bias: No matter how you go — bike, car, bus, train, boat or plane — I want you

Country Biking -

Country Biking - from Russ Roca on Vimeo .

Turn signal biking jacket

This tutorial will show you how to build a jacket with turn signals that will let people know where you're headed when you're on your bike. We'll use conductive thread and sewable electronics so your jacket will be soft and wearable and washable when you're done. Enjoy! See more on  Instructables .  

Video: Destination USA

From April 2013, we spent 6 months on the road crossing the United States by bicycle. This is a collage of the videos I shot while on the road along with an interview with Denise (my wife and biking partner). View some of our preferred moments of the journey and get Denise's impressions as you watch the panorama unfold. It is a long video, I know! But I could not cut any more scenes! If you like, I also suggest that you watch the video footage of some of the fantastic hosts we met along the way such as "The Bikernappers in Canon Beach" or "James at Newton Bike Shop" or Reynaldo and Leonard in "Seattle"

Bikefishing on the Iron Horse Trail | The Path Less Pedaled

When we heard that our friend Jason from  Swift Industries  was planning a little weekend bike touring / fly fishing extravaganza for the 4th of July AND that we would be riding a portion of the Iron Horse Trail , we couldn’t say no. We have been eyeing the Iron Horse Trail for quite some time because it looked like an intriguing gravel ride and because it seemed to have good bike tourism bones. Surprisingly, for a trail of its length, proximity to Seattle and general potential for awesomeness, there is very little information about it. There are some odd trip reports here and there, but nothing with photos that really give you a flavor of the trail. We boarded the BOLT bus in Portland. For those that don’t know, the Bolt is a generally less sketchy Greyhound (though it operates The Hound umbrella). The coaches are newer, have WiFi and MOST importantly aren’t jerks about taking bikes. Interestingly, the buses don’t have racks but instead allow you to place them in the luggage ar

Building a DestiNation, one trail at a time: Jane Koepke at TEDxWhitehorse

An Open Letter To The Orange County Sheriffs Department (OCSD) | Look Save a Life

Dear  Orange County Sheriff’s Department , On 5/31/2014,  Bryan Larsen’s life was threatened, endangered and assaulted  as he bicycled along the PCH in Dana Point, California. Having lived and raced in Europe, this individual is an accomplished Junior National Champion, a Category 1 Professional Cyclist. His resume reveals his experience to ensure his personal safety doing everything he can to protect himself; from wearing a helmet to being educated of the laws governing bicyclists, & adhering to the “Rules of the Road”. Pulling out his cell, Bryan obtained video footage of the verbal harassment he’d been receiving from a passing motorist. He recorded more than just the license plate, additionally capturing  video of the passenger throwing a potentially deadly projectile  (full Gatorade bottle) from the moving vehicle. Not only did the driver fail to give a 3’ clearance to the cyclist, but can be seen swerving out of his lane, threatening to run the cyclist off the road. Con

GoPro Video: Cat Bike Guy - Philadelphia, PA