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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vermont Overland - Roads Less Traveled - Chapter One, "Two Roads"

Vermont Overland - Roads Less Traveled - Chapter One, "Two Roads" from Vermont Overland on Vimeo.

Vermont Overland

How to Bike the Great Allegheny Passage @BiketheGAP

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Recap. Lots of gravel adventures @raymondmgeorge #gravelgrinder #letsride

Climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway in October 2016

In 2016 I focused more on adventures than mileage and will continue to do so in 2017. I think I rode more gravel (48 rides) this year than ever before. I rode in Colorado and Michigan for the first time and I rode gravel in the Wilson Creek area of NC five times. It was a great year on the bike with friends. 

Click the photo link for photos and details.
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January ----------------------

New Years High Tea & Social Gravel Grinder (NC) - [Photos
Mt Nebo Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
HATTARICK 2016 [Photos] - 15th year
Mount Liberty Cold Grinder [Photos
Amish Chariot Races Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
Scioto Trails Big Thaw Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
February ----------------------
Candyland Gravel Grinder: Kicked in the Gumdrops (OH) - [Photos

Maple Sally Icy Valentine Brrrrrrr Grinder (NC) - [Photos
Egypt Valley Exploration 02202016 (OH) - [Photos
March ----------------------
Yay Bikes! Year of Yay 16.3 (OH) - [Photos
Danville Mohican Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos

Flint Ridge Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
April ----------------------
Chutes & Ladders: An Up & Down Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos

Tri-Valley Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
7 Caves Dirty Road Ride 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
AW Marion Bike Camping (OH) - [Photos]
Maple Sally Gravel Grinder (NC) - [Photos
May ----------------------
Somerset Adventure Ride (OH) - [Photos]

Chutes & Ladders Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Ride the Elevator 2016 (OH) - [Photos]

Ride of Silence 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 1 (WV) - [Photos]

WV Bike camping 2016 Day 2 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 3 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 4 (WV) - [Photos]

WV Bike camping 2016 Day 5 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 6 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping RECAP
June ----------------------
Ride to Schnormeier Gardens (OH) - [Photos]
AEP Lands Gravel Explorer (OH) - [Photos]

Scioto Trails Graveling (OH) - [Photos]
July ----------------------
Mt. Nebo Gravel Rambling (OH) - [Photos]
2016 Rocky Mountain National Park Grinder - Searching for Oxygen Ride (CO) - [Photos]

Boulder to Nederland & Beyond Gravel Grinder (CO) - [Photos]
August ----------------------
In the Shade Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]

Yay Bikes! Year of Yay 16.8 (OH) - [Photos]
Lake Hope Gravel Ramblings (OH) - [Photos]
Bladensburg Hot Gravel (OH) - [Photos]
Bike the Cbus VIP ride (OH) - [Photos]
September ----------------------
Adventures in Events: Yay Bikes! Bike the Cbus 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
Ride a Bike, Ride a Train Adventure (OH) - [Photos]

MI Trail: Betsie Valley Rail Trail (MI) - [Photos]
Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail and Beyond (MI) - [Photos]
Lexington Gravel Extended (OH) - [Photos]
October ----------------------
Dresden Gravel Ramble (OH) - [Photos]

Roundhouse Kick to the Conkles Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Chutes & Ladders: A Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Maple Sally Loop (NC) - [Photos
Blue Ridge Parkway Loop (NC) - [Photos
Lake Hope Loop Gravel (OH) - [Photos]
November ----------------------
Flint Ridge Gravel Grind (OH) - [Photos]
AEP Lands Triple Epic (OH) - [Photos]
Wayne NF Gravel Explorer (OH) - [Photos]
2016 Columbus Tweed Ride (OH) - [Photos]
Black Friday Mohican Gravel Rambler (OH) - [Photos]
December ----------------------
St. Louisville Shark Rock Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]

2016 Wheeling WV Day Ride - Oglebay Christmas Lights Ride (WV) - [Photos]
Blue Ridge Parkway Misty Loop (NC) - [Photos]
NYE Mohican Gravel Rambler (OH) - [Photos]

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Australian Gravel Cycling - The Last Ride of 2016 @gravelcyclist

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dubstep Santa on Tron Bike | Merry Christmas

The Koppenberg | GCN's Epic Climbs @gcntweet

Sulphur Mountain Loop by Bicycle in Ojai, CA @pathlesspedaled

Santa's riding bicycles - Merry Christmas!

The Heartbreaking Creation of a Ghost Bike @outsidemagazine

The bicycle was black before it was white.
It lay on the pavement behind Alan Nakagawa’s house in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood. An English-style cruiser, it had fenders, a swept-back handlebar, and a wide leather seat. Nakagawa and two friends, Isaiah and Julio, got busy, pulling off the tubes and tires, disassembling the brakes, sanding the frame. Nakagawa is an artist who primarily works with sound, but on this evening his medium was paint—two cans of white Krylon ColorMaster. He painted the chain guard and then the frame. He waved the can to coat the fork, the handlebar, the saddle, the fenders, and the chain. Finally, Nakagawa painted the rims and the spokes and the pedals.
It was after dark now, and the bike was done, leaning against a couple of sawhorses, gleaming and wet.

Montreal Cyclists Say a Bike Commute Is the Best Way to Go @nextcityorg

Even on cold days, cyclists reported a better commute in a recent study at McGill University. (Photo by Francis Bourgouin via Flickr)
Add this to the list of reasons cities might consider designing for and promoting bicycle commuting: Compared to other travel modes, cyclists have the greatest odds of showing up to work or school energized and punctual. That’s according to data from a 2013 survey at McGill University, which researchers used to compare the punctuality and energy level at work of students, staff and faculty who commute by bus, car or bike.

Felt Electric Tote'm @feltbicycles

Felt Electric Tote'm from Felt Bicycles TV on Vimeo.