Sunday, December 21, 2014

Retro Bike Or Modern Bike? How Have Bikes Changed?

What’s worse: An idiot on a bike, a moron behind the wheel? @metrotoronto

Lucy Scholey/MetroA police officer and Carleton University engineering students watch last April as a car collides with a bicycle and crash test dummy in an engineering experiment. 

We asked you who you consider more dangerous: an idiot on a bicycle who doesn’t believe traffic laws apply to cyclists or a lead-footed driver in a school zone. Your answers may raise a few eyebrows.
You may have noticed some changes to this space lately. We’re shuffling the furniture a bit in hopes that you’ll make yourselves more at home.
In addition to a weekly heads-up on important coming events, we’re making room for letters and reader-submitted photos, so you can not only tell us how you see things in your city, but show us.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Make a difference in Columbus OH. Join @yaybikes today!

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Moots 2015 ROUTT 45

NEW FOR 2015!
Gravel, dirt-road and double track-exploring-longer touring-44mm tire clearance.
More Choices, More Fun-Building off the Routt, we added longer chain stays to provide a stable platform and the compatibility for 45mm wide tires, opening the door to more and more mixed-surface miles.
Durability-Designed and built to go capably where the roads get progressively rougher, the Routt 45 will perform for a lifetime.
Versatile-23mm skinny tires to 44mm knobbies, paved road to rough two-track, this is the uber multi-tool of bike designs equipped with disc brakes.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Destination America del Sur - Argentine 2

Destination America del Sur - Argentine 2 from Charles Coderre on Vimeo.

We now have been traveling by bike for the last 5 months in South America. Starting with Peru and Bolivia. We are now in Argentina and will still be until beginning of January. This video is about our journey through the Lagos region!

Facebook: Charden Velomonde


Louisvill mega cavern bike park mtb bmx underground cave  dirt jump (5)
Beneath the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, there lurks a monster. But this is no horror story, it’s one of dreams. Specifically, the wild dream to turn the largest cavern in the state of Kentucky into a multi-faceted business park that will soon be home to the largest underground bike park in the world. What sounds like an absolutely insane idea comes to us from co-owners of the Louisville Mega Cavern, Jim Lowry, Tom, and Don Tyler. After all, as Jim told us, their motto is “you have to be a little crazy.”

Crazy doesn’t begin to describe the Mega Cavern itself. Opened in the 1930′s by Ralph Rogers as a limestone mine, the man-made structure had been mined 24 hours a day for 42 years straight. When the digging was complete it had left a massive cavern with 4 million sq. feet and over 17 miles of passage ways. Considered to be the largest building in the state of Kentucky, the decision to turn the Mega Cavern into a business park required the creation of new building codes due to the out-of-the-ordinary circumstances.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This means you.

There's a Biking Gender Gap. And It Has a Real Economic Impact. National Journal

(Megan Ann on Flickr Creative Commons)
December 8, 2014  It's a chilly November morning, and just over a dozen members of a black women's bike group—there's an advocacy organization for everything in D.C.—are gathered in the basement of a public library in Northeast Washington. One woman came because she was scared off biking by an accident and wants to regain her confidence. Another was recently laid off and finally has the time to bike again.

holy smokes.. bicycle rider hits deer at 30mph

CLIF Bar: The Steps to Adventure with Matt Hunter and Andrew Shandro

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

GCN's Top 10 New Tech Of 2014


I was 50 miles into a trip I've dreamt of for years; the dream trip that was the original motivator, and now end product of everything I have worked towards. All day as I climbed the 1500 feet from Deadhorse to the foothills, I stared ahead across the North Slope, watching rain slamming the north side of the Brooks Range, Alaska's northernmost mountain range. It is a landscape so flat you can see the Earth curve.
196 miles from the next indoor shelter and hot food/resupply on the Dalton Highway, Alaska's only road in the northern half of the state, I was strangely comfortable, relaxed, and starting to realize this really was going to be an epic trip. I smiled. I was right where I wanted to be; Alone, in Alaska, and heading home, riding my Fargoacross some of the wildest country in North America.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Breezer Uptown

2015 Lynskey UrBANskey with Rival 22 Hydraulic from Sram

Ohio 3 Foot Passing Law - HB145 does not pass 130th general assembly

From the Ohio Bicycle Federation:
Dec 11, 2014 — HB 145 (3' passing law) will not be passed this legislative session. We learned this last week when we stopped in to Senator Manning's office. She told us that Senate committees hold 3 hearings on bills and the Transportation committee is meeting only once more. She does not know if she will be assigned to the Transportation committee next session, but if so, she looks forward to working with us on this bill again.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Copenhagen Lighting the Way to Greener, More Efficient Cities | NY Times

A bike path in Copenhagen helps bicycling commuters avoid hitting red lights.Credit
Sofie Amalie Klougart for The New York Times
OPENHAGEN — On a busy road in the center of town here, a string of green lights embedded in the bike path -- the "Green Wave" -- flashes on, helping cyclists avoid red traffic lights.
On a main artery into the city, truck drivers can see on smartphones when the next light will change. And in a nearby suburb, new LED streetlights brighten only as vehicles approach, dimming once they pass.
Aimed at saving money, cutting the use of fossil fuels and easing mobility, the installations are part of a growing wireless network of streetlamps and sensors that officials hope will help this city of roughly 1.2 million meet its ambitious goal of becoming the world's first carbon-neutral capital by 2025.
[Keep reading at NY Times]

Trial Bike Club of Duluth

Meet a group of trial bikers who push the laws of physics, and the boundaries of logic, without seemingly breaking a sweat.

Highland Trail 550

Highland Trail 550 from Ian Barrington on Vimeo.
An insight into the 2014 Highland Trail ITT - UK's toughest bikepacking event along an uncompromising 550 mile route through the Highlands of Scotland.

My write-up of the event can be read here: http://ianbarrington.com/2014/06/09/highland-trail-race-550/

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Longest Singletrack Tour Ever - Continental Divide Trail - Pinkbike

Mountain bikers are relatively new to the long distance trail world. Bike technology has come a long way, and ultralight bikepacking gear has made camping and riding singletrack possible. Only in the last fifteen years have bikepackers started tackling difficult singletrack routes like the Colorado Trail and the Arizona Trail. But one trail remained relatively untouched by bikepackers, and it is the granddaddy of them all - the Continental Divide Trail.  

There are three major long distance trails in the US - the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. The first two are summarily closed to bikes. Only the CDT is (mostly) open. It is also considered the hardest and most wild of the three. Yet no one had attempted to thru-ride the trail... until now. It's been a dream of mine to tackle the CDT for years. It was a daunting task, full unknowns and major map work. I figured I would need 4 or 5 months to complete the 3100 miles, due to the difficult terrain and hike-a-bike. It wasn't an endeavor I wanted to pursue alone. Enter Eszter Horanyi, an accomplished bikepacker and my girlfriend. She holds nearly every bikepacking record worth holding, and somehow I was able to convince her that spending a summer pushing our bikes along the divide was a good idea. [Keep reading at Pinkbike]
The Longest Singletrack Tour Ever Images by Scott Morris
So we leaned our bikes against the start obelisk at "Crazy Cook" on the Mexican border.

Six winter cycling exercises for strength and conditioning (video) cyclingweekly.co.uk

Winter is the ideal time to concentrate on strength and conditioning work. With in-the-saddle time inevitably diminishing as the weather worsens, the off-season presents real opportunities to build your core and pedalling muscles.
Many pro riders use a routine like this one all year round, but focus on it harder during winter.
Tom Barras, a long-time domestic pro with Wheelbase- Altura-MGD, says: ”I really can’t understate how useful these exercises are.

Read more at http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/fitness/training/six-winter-exercises-strength-conditioning-video-2-145458#bTlo2m2yz3BQ977O.99