Friday, July 22, 2016

Boulder to Nederland & Beyond Gravel Grinder 57 miles, 8700+ ft climbing #letsride

57 miles. 8700+ ft climbing. Boulder, CO start with Flagstaff Rd climb off the bat. Hot air balloons and rude locals. 2500 ft climbing in first 7 miles. Lakeshore Dr turns into rock garden/high maintenance vehicle road. Lunch in Nederland. 505 out of Eldora is jeep road. Alternated between pedaling and hike a bike for 5 miles topping out at 10,000 ft. A lot of cursing on that section. On Caribou Rd I was stopped by search parties looking for a missing mountain biker. : ( I didn’t see anything on the mountain except one elk and an abandoned pickup truck. Saw a moose and mooselet hanging out in a pond. Peak to Peak Rd is a slog up to Switzerland Rd, the third rock garden on the ride. All downhill from there. Hit 40mph coming down into Boulder. Went through a tunnel too! 12 bottles of water consumed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trans BC 2016 - Presented by Stages Cycling - Day 5 - Tour de Nelson

Trans BC 2016 - Presented by Stages Cycling - Day 5 - Tour de Nelson from Trans BC & Trans NZ on Vimeo.

Rocky Mountain NP No Oxygen Grinder Pics 29.5 miles, 4500+ ft climbing, amazing views @rockymountainnp

29.5 miles. 4500+ ft climbing. Elevation at start - 8,500. Elevation at top - 12,200. Up Old Fall River Rd to Alpine Center. Down Trail Ridge Rd. Hit 40mph. Chris said he hit over 50mph. We saw marmot, elk and other small animals. Windy for most of the ride, worse at the top. Thanks to Alan Schenkel and Chris Covey for making sure I didn't pass out from lack of oxygen on the ride.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Coffee and cycling: what you need to know @BikeRadar

Caffeine is a recognised trade tool of the cyclist. “It’s a mild central nervous system stimulant that prompts the release of adrenaline for energy,” said the British Coffee Association. This makes it perfect for endurance sports.
Sports nutritionist Tim Lawson (Secret Training Ltd, previously of Science in Sport), says that “caffeine by itself can promote fat metabolism and retain muscle glycogen”, so a black coffee before a fasted ride in the morning may increase the amount of fat you burn. 
However, an over-reliance on caffeine can compromise your sleep quality, “which will alter hormone levels and reduce your ability to process carbohydrates, possibly sending you on a downward spiral. Instead, go carefully with caffeine to really get the beneļ¬t when you need it,” he advises.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The LIFT Turns Your Bike into a Cargo Bike @LIFTcargoBIKES

Ride. Camp. Repeat.

Ride. Camp. Repeat. from Dan Mattison on Vimeo.

A weekend bikepacking on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. By Dan Mattison, Knut Kitching, and Skyler Des Roches. Music: Dirty Harry by The Fretless.
Supported by Bikepacking.com

Friday, July 8, 2016

Building Bike Lanes Could Slow Climate Change, New Research Finds @momentummag

biking in montreal
Parking-protected bike lanes in Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, which has one of the highest cycling mode shares in North America. Photo by Karen
Most people understand that a reduction in driving could have a measurable impact on slowing the process of climate change by reducing harmful tailpipe emissions, but how do you convince enough people to refrain from driving?
New research presented by scientists at McGill University suggests that the construction of safe bike infrastructure could significantly reduce vehicle tailpipe emissions by offering potential motorists an attractive alternative to getting in their cars. Basically, it’s the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy many advocates lean on to champion bike infrastructure, backed up by scientists.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Riding the White Line

Matt Macduff - Loop Of Doom | The Rise MTB

Read the Full Story Here: http://www.the-rise.com/loopofdoom

On saturday march 19th, Matt Macduff sustained a terrible fall attempting to make his way around the Loop Of Doom. After over 3 year of research, determination and hard work, Matt managed to find everything he needed to make his project happen.

Built in a month at the Garden Route Trail Park in South Africa, the gigantic structure rises up to 40 ft. in the sky. The crash left him with 10 fractures in his right wrist and 3 fractures in his right ankle. The story behind his stunt is as impactful as the structure itself. A real story of determination. After spending a week in a South African hospital, Matt is now home in Ontario, working on his rehabilitation. Just as he started to walk again, we catched up with him to get his version of this incredible story.

In previous posts about the Loop of Doom, there was a lot of interrogations from the readers so we did our best to cover all the aspects of the project. Keep on reading to take a journey through the mind of a young man determined to leave an impact on the sport he loves.

Read the Full Story here: http://www.the-rise.com/loopofdoom

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