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WooMan is September 15, 2013 | WooMan

Registration: 7 a.m. Start: 8 a.m. Last Bike Out: 10 a.m. New location: Start/Finish/Turn - Buehler’s Milltown Store-Wooster, 3540 Burbank Road, Wooster, Ohio Start/Finish/Turn - Historic Ohio State Reformatory, 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, Ohio The Historic Ohio State Reformatory is the “Home of the film Shawshank Redemption.” One of the top five largest castle-like structures in the USA, the Reformatory houses the world's tallest free-standing steel cell block (6 tiers; 12 ranges, 600 cells). Four major motion pictures have been filmed there- Tango and Cash, Harry and Walter Go To New York, Air Force One and Shawshank Redemption. Considered a grand architectural achievement, the massive Reformatory building, large granite pillars and elegant construction encompass 250,000+ square feet and combine three architectural styles: Victorian Gothic, Richardsonian Romanesque, and Queen Anne. Pick Your Course WooMan:  50 miles from Wooster or Mansfield to Ashland and

TDF Alpe D'Huez Fan Gets Tripped Chasing Tejay Van Garderen | YouTube

You Stole My Bike Lights--And My Heart - w4m - 20 (Short North Jeni's) | Craigslist

It was Thursday night. I had my bike locked up outside of the Short North Jeni's. I imagine you were tall, handsome, and exceptionally interested in bicycling. You may have had a mole on your left cheek, and dimples that crinkle when you flash that bashful grin.  Sometime within the duration of my shift, as I provided Splendid and Creamy sustenance to the masses of famished yuppies, my bike caught your eye. You stopped, mesmerized. There was something--something different--about that bike. You couldn't look away. Suddenly, you found your hands upon that bike, caressing its frame. You pumped the pedals. Up, down, up, down. Felt the smooth, worn leather of its seat in your weathered palms. Before you knew it, you had detached the detachable bike lights from its rear. Little did you know, you had also detached a part of your heart.  Stealing away into the darkness with those stolen lights, your heart thumping against the convexity of your amorously swollen chest, you thought of me

Travel Oregon wants to fund (and film) your bike trips around the state

Riding the new Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway. (Photo by Kristin Dahl/Travel Oregon) Now that's a headline we don't get to write every day. Russ Roca of the bike-adventure media organization  Path Less Pedaled , which works with tourism agency Travel Oregon to  show off the state's scenic bikeways , just shared this terrific opportunity for people interested in bike travel over the next three months. If you've got a bike, gear and a yen to see our state at human speed, Travel Oregon and Path Less Pedaled invite you to apply invite you to apply to be featured in a one- to two-minute video like the one below. The production will cover the subjects' meals and lodging, plus possible transportation. Roca and his partner and collaborator, Laura Crawford, are looking for riders of various ages, sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds, and encouraging all riders to apply. "This is marketing, but it is also an advocacy tool, because we're att

Bike commuters influence friends and colleagues to do the same, behavioural study finds |

Bike commuting NYC (copyright bicyclesonly via Flickr) Research published in the American Journal of Health Behaviour and reported by the British Psychological Society found that people cycle to work often inspire their colleagues to do the same. The study, led by Melissa Bopp, of Pennsylvania State university examined 1,234 surveys, which included questions related to how people travel to and from work. They found that people were more likely to commute by bike or on foot, dubbed ‘active commuting’ by the researchers, if their spouses or colleagues approved of them not sitting in a car turning to lard. The researchers also found that people who were confident of their cycling skills were more likely to ride to work, and that it helps if you believe your bike commute doesn’t take very long. [Keep reading at]

MUKA stove from SOTO in Patagonia

Concept for SOTO from James Smash on Vimeo .

Bike rider killed in collision with salmon cyclist

Pasadena bike rider killed in collision with salmon cyclist; 22nd cycling death in LA County this year Now we have confirmation. Last night I mentioned that rumors were circulating that a bike rider had died in Pasadena. This morning, the  San Gabriel Valley Tribune confirms that a rider  critically injured in a collision  with a salmon cyclist has passed away. The rider, publicly identified only as a 20-year old Pasadena man, was headed west on  Mountain Street at Garfield Avenue  around 6 pm Saturday when he was hit head-on by a 17-year old cyclist riding against traffic. According to the paper, the victim, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered a severe head injury when he hit his head on the pavement. He was taken to Pasadena’s Huntington Hospital, where he died Sunday evening. The other rider was uninjured. It’s hard to imagine how this collision could have occurred on what  appears to be a relatively quiet street . It’s possible that the riders may have

BlinkerGrips - Bicycle grips for active road safety

Woman Travels 80 Miles Cash In Hand To Purchase Buffalo Bicycle | World Bicycle Relief

Photos and story by Leah Missbach Day On a bustling day in the industrial center of Harare, Zimbabwe, 27-year old single mother Charity Msendo walked up to the Buffalo Bicycles Headquarters, having traveled 80 miles from her home town. Pulling $160 ragged single dollar bills out of her pocket, she bought her family a Buffalo Bicycle. Charity’s Buffalo story began when her previous bicycle fell apart--only a month after purchasing it! At that time, Charity started noticing a neighbor whose bike got him through miles and miles of rough terrain without degrading. Charity learned that this was a Buffalo Bicycle--and not only was it tough, it was tough enough to regularly travel over  80 miles to and from Harare--and still work. This super strong bike belonged to the man's son who had worked as a spoke & wheel assembler for four years at the Buffalo Bicycles Headquarters in Harare. [Keep reading at World Bicycle Relief]

Man v bike: which makes the difference? - video | Guardian

The Green Race [Kayaking adventure] | Vimeo

Our Lives S1 E01 The Green Race from Twelve Productions on Vimeo .

Paravelo: The world's first flying bicycle

Takes off from any open space and reaches 4,000ft Travels at 15mph on land and 25mph in the air Pioneering ‘door-to-door’ concept - a roadable aircraft that packs down to store inside your house or office Features a built-in tent for flamping (fly/camping) Heralds an era of safe, practical and affordable personal flight This is a brand new type of ultra-light aircraft – the combination of a para wing and conventional bicycle we call  paravelo . The  paravelo  is aimed at those who have a thirst for adventure, but are without, perhaps, the storage space or bank balance to accommodate a helicopter.  As well suited to someone living in London as Mojave, we believe the  paravelo  can transform the way we travel for work, leisure and adventure.

Disaster Relief Trials bring cargo-bike heroism back to Portland | Bike Portland

Photo by  Al Hongo . Portland's  30-mile catastrophe-themed urban bike competition  returned for a second year Saturday with a splash and a lot of grunts. "Bikes in general solve more problems than they create, and that holds true even when we're at our most desperate." — Austin Horse, DRT open Class winner In all, 48 cargo bikers set out from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry past a series of checkpoints at which they picked up three eggs (representing vials of a precious vaccine during a hypothetical outbreak) from a local health station, a bucket of "food" from Sauvie Island and two buckets of fresh water hand-scooped from the Columbia River. [Keep reading at Bike Portland]

Boulder Bike Blenders | YouTube

Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter - AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight

Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon | Wall Street Journal

ON A RECENT SUNDAY,  Brandon Jones, a 44-year-old fund manager at 9W Capital Management, traveled from his home in downtown Manhattan with his wife and two children to meet friends for brunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They were heading to Reynard, the popular restaurant in the neighborhood's fashionable Wythe Hotel, where Manhattan-bound Town Cars regularly idle on the street outside. Cargo Bikes by the Numbers View Graphics F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal Click to view interactive. But Mr. Jones did not drive. Nor did he take the subway. Instead, he piloted his two children via the deck of his Yuba Mundo, a so-called "longtail" cargo bike. (His wife rode her own bike.) Picture a mountain bike, but with a stouter frame and smaller wheels, stretched out and lowered in the back. "We actually beat our friends who drove back to TriBeCa," Mr. Jones said. While Mr. Jones does garage a  BMW   BMW.XE   +0.48%  X5 SUV, his car rarely se

SDOT makes guerrilla-installed protected bike lane permanent | Seattle Bike Blog

Remember when an anonymous bike safety group calling themselves “Reasonably Polite Seattleites” installed a series of plastic pylons on Cherry Street to demonstrate how easy it would be for the city to  turn a regular bike lane into a protected one ? Well, the city took their advice and not only reinstalled a more resilient style of reflective pylons, but also extended the bike lane to connect downtown to First Hill via 7th Ave and Marion: From SDOT To recap, the anonymous group installed the pylons under the cover of night this spring. They then sent an email to Seattle Bike Blog and SDOT explaining why they did it and pointing out the fact that they used a simple adhesive to make them easy to remove should SDOT choose to do so. [Keep reading at Seattle Bike Blog]

Rack Bag | Inside Line Equipment

Designed to fit most common Porteur Racks -Durable 1000D Cordura exterior and weatherproof Vinyl interior -Rear facing pockets are ideal for ulock, keys, and items you want to access while riding -Securely attaches to rack with 2 straps underneath -Detachable shoulder carrying strap included -Tie down straps to secure bulky loads (stow in sleeve under the flap) -ABS plastic + EVA foam bottom for structure -10.5x14x18 tall″ (42Liters max using included tie down straps) [See more at Inside Line Equipment]

Club Ride Apparel


CoGo Bike Share website is live!

Here is a map of the bike stations -->

Please support Safer streets for Ohio bicyclists and Drivers

Please support Safer streets for Ohio bicyclists and Drivers by asking your State Representative to pass HB 145, and require a 3-foot passing law.    HB 145 includes two provisions to help Ohio bicyclists.   1. Ohio law already requires  that motorists pass bicyclists leaving a safe passing distance.  HB 145 sets the safe passing distance as "not less than 3 feet".   Over twenty states  already have a 3-foot rule, and the rule is endorsed by both AAA and the League of American Bicyclists.Setting the 3 foot rule helps with education and enforcement of safe driving practices.   2. Ohio law already lists situations in which vehicles may procede through an intersection when a traffic signal isn't working.   HB 145 adds another situation- it allows "Failure of a vehicle detector to detect the vehicle."  This is a common problem for bicyclists when  the weight of the bicycle doesn't trigger the light to change, and the bicyclists is stuck waiting until a ca

Reporter Demonstrates What To Do If You Find Yourself Face To Face With A Bear | YouTube

GSI Halulite Microdualist - contents and assembly | Looks like nice bike camping solution for two

[GSI site]

Bern Allston

Description The Allston is the long awaited cycling specific helmet release from Bern, featuring over 50% more airflow with 16 strategically placed vents. We developed this helmet alongside the world's best cycle messengers, and cycle cross racers, and ended up with a helmet that performs as well as it looks. The Allston is made from Bern's exclusive ZipMold technology resulting in a high strength to weight ration with a clean finish.  "Bizarrely, before developing the Allston for Summer 2013, Bern Unlimited had never made a cycling specific helmet. Having owned previous models from the Massachusetts body-protectors in the past (most recently the company’s Brentwood model, which I lost at a roof party in Brooklyn), I was kind of surprised by this fact myself. But for a freshman effort in the velo-specific category, the Allston is a star."  - The Crosby Press

FOR SALE: NEW 27.2mm Short Thudbuster with WTB Saddle - $100 OBO

Contact: bferriot [at] yahoo [dot] com

Mr.Tanabe Kalavinka NJS frame building work

Idaho cyclist recalls scary Alaska Highway wolf chase | Anchorage Daily News

SPOKANE, WASH.  — Growing up in the Yukon, Melanie Klassen had seen numerous bicycle tourists pedaling the Alaska Highway, but never one with a canine companion running behind him. "I thought it was odd until I saw the panicked look on the biker's face - as though he was about to be eaten," she said in a telephone interview. "That wasn't a dog; it was a wolf." The cyclist, William "Mac" Hollan, 35, of Sandpoint, Idaho, verified Klassen's observation of Saturday's incident: "At this point I realized I might not be going home, and I began to panic at the thought of how much it was going to hurt." The Grande Prairie, Alberta, woman was among the heroes who rescued the North Idaho elementary school student-teacher halfway through his 2,750-mile pedal to Prudhoe Bay as a fundraiser for a Sandpoint school lunch program. Hollan's account was posted Monday on his Point to Bay Facebook page from Whitehorse. He departed Sand

Hal & Al’s South Side Garden Tour Scavenger Hunt is 10AM-6PM TODAY @halandals

A Scavenger Hunt, Food Truck Hop and Merion, Hungarian, and Vassor Village Garden Tours all on the same day!  Win a Kona Beach Cruiser Bicycle or Yuengling Golf Bag!  Your challenge will to be locating various items at garden stops and have a chance to get bonus points by performing different tasks along the way. Start whenever you like. All entries must be turned in by 6pm day of the event at Hal & Al’s. Winner will be announced at Hal & Al’s by 8pm that evening. Winners need not be present to win. We’ll have entry forms at Hal & Al’s, Merion Village Association office, and at the various garden tour stops, located in Merion Village, Hungarian Village, and Vassor Village at 10am July 14th. Winner gets choice of Kona Beach Cruiser Bicycle or a Yuengling Golf Bag. Other prizes are gift packs from various breweries. In the event of a tie, winner will be chosen based on earliest time received.  [Facebook Event]

Bike Box

Our Mission Statement:  To put Bike Boxes everywhere along popular cycling routes/trailheads in order to keep the cyclist in a bind on the road and trail. Help us Help Your Organization  Is there a cafe/coffee shop/convenience store where you and your biking buddies start from or stop by while on a ride that would be a good place for Bike Box? If so, let the store know about us, email us, and if a Bike Box ends up there, we'll send you a stocking stuffer (tube,CO2). Additionally, a portion of all proceeds are contributed to charity/cycling advocacy. We could donate this portion to your club/organization and place your website on the actual Bike Box and on our website which has a national audience. To Prospective Bike Box Homes Having a Bike Box strengthens your relationship with your existing cycling clientele while attracting new and loyal customers. Contact Us: Bike Box Contents Bike Boxes contain cycling essentials (tubes,patch kits, CO2, energy supple