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Westerville Bikeways and Leisure Paths

The PROS 2000 Strategic Plan included the development of a bikeway/leisure path system throughout Westerville to connect parks, businesses and areas of interest. Please click on the link to the right for a map and directory of Westerville's bikeways, leisure paths, facilities, parks and amenities. Bikeway/Leisure Path System: Alum Creek Leisure Path (1.7 miles) : From West Main Street, follow Alum Creek South across the  Historical Bridge  under  Schrock Road  to the Westerville Corporate limits. Cleveland Avenue Bikeway  (1.4 miles) : The Polaris/Maxtown Bikeway at Cleveland Avenue, south to Main Street, through Heritage Park, then Main Street east to the Alum Creek Leisure Path. County   Line  Acres Bikeway (1.1 miles) : From Towers Park across  County Line Road north  then west to  Hoff Woods   Park . County Line Road  Bikeway (2.04 miles) : From Westerville Bikeway west across Alum Creek to the western edge of Walnut Bend Subdivision. Polaris/Maxtown Road  Bikeway (2.4 mile

RYAN BENYI (A BLOG) gives Frankenbike a shout out!

The Frankenbike (aka, a custom BMX Tandem built to haul a keg of beer) : read it here!

Critical mass paris 03 jul 2010 - Velorution!

When the Cop Says Stop - Bicycling Magazine

What do you do when you know your area's bike laws, but the police don't? By Bob Mionske A few months ago, I received a phone call from a cyclist with an incredible story about an incident in Lawrence County, Ohio. Because the cyclist-a guy named Tony Patrick-was in need of an attorney, I hooked him up with Steve Magas, a contributing author to Bicycling & the Law, and a well-known bicycling attorney in Ohio. After hearing Tony's story, Steve took his case. More about that later; first, let me tell you about Tony. Weekdays, Tony runs his small construction company in Huntington, West Virginia. Weeknights, and weekends, Tony, a Cat 2 racer, can often be found hanging out at Jeff's Bike Shop-that is, when he's not out on a training ride, or racing. And that's not unusual; Jeff's Bike Shop is the center of a vibrant racing scene in Huntington, the second-largest city in West Virginia, and the home of Marshall University. That racing scene means regul

Ginger Ninjas Rock Band Tours Using Yuba Bicycles - Yuba Blog

What does a truly sustainable music tour look like?  The Ginger Ninjas rock and roll band will be on tour using Mundo Bikes made by Yuba Bicycles to travel from city to city unsupported by fossil-fuelled vehicles and playing on a stage that is totally bicycle powered.   Called “Bicycle Music Festivals”, the band’s Pleasant Revolution World Tour includes stops in the US and Europe.  Bicycle Music Festivals The Bicycle Music Festivals (BMF) merge live music and bicycle culture to promote sustainable culture in general and bicycle culture in particular.  Over 36 BMFs are scheduled for the tour between May and October.  See the Ginger Ninja’s full Tour schedule . Festivals include as many as 15 bands, outrageous bicycle party caravans between festival stops, and zero use of cars or trucks.  “The bicycle Music Festival is the greenest touring music festival concept in the world and transforms the public’s sense of the bicycle’s place in daily living, working, and playing”, says Ginger N

Start your own pedal powered business with a Yuba Mundo

Yuba website is here

30MPH electric mountain bike IN COLUMBUS? from MAKE zine

MAKE subscriber Jennifer Holt of Columbus, OH, wrote in to share her rather overpowered   electric mountain bike , running on a 48V motor powered by a homemade battery pack consisting of 144 3.3V lithium ion cells. Data from the battery monitor is logged to an SD card. continue...

Cirque du Cyclisme - This looks awesome. Maybe next year.

Winners Photos from the show The website is here

Doo Dah Parade Float Costume Winners

Are you in these pictures? Do you know the person in the picture? I would like to contact the winners. Email me at raymondmgeorge [at] if you are a winner or know the winner... Thanks, Ray

Doo Dah Parade 2010 Recap

Highlights Float had 40+ participants 90 degree heat Frankenbike with 160lb keg of Elevator Hefenweizen Two riders, Joe and I, combined weight of 400lbs. 25lbs of dry ice to start, regular ice to finish Beer was cold when we tapped the keg at Hal and Al's. Mission Accomplished!