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Thursday, April 24, 2008

34TH MID OHIO CENTURY • Sunday, April 27

7:30-9AM. Mingo Shelter Building, Mingo Park Delaware, Ohio. Routes of approximately 35, 65,100 miles. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Woody Barry 740-375-5906 wbarry333(at)

Where's Waldo Ride this Saturday

Saturday, April 26
Where’s Waldo?!
This ride departs from the Alum Creek Dam lower parking lot at 9 a.m. (60 miles) or the municipal parking lot next to the BP gas station on William Street in Delaware at 10 a.m. (30 miles). We’ll stop in Waldo for food. (B/S/2/30, 60)
Ride Leader: John Mechlin
E-mail: jlmech@columbus.rr.comjavascript:void(0)

Shipping your bike?

Crateworks has some interesting shipping boxes for bikes.

Transporting your bicycle across a long distance, especially by airline, can be a maddening experience. Bicycle shipping cases tend to be expensive and cumbersome, and are met with rolled eyes and dismay from airline staff. But how do you simplify bicycle travel? CRATE WORKS is different. Our bicycle transport systems are UPSable, easy to handle and lighter than most other bicycle shipping boxes available. Quite simply, CRATE WORKS transport systems can make shipping your bicycle easier than ever before. They are also as durable and tough as any other case you can buy of their type, and at a fraction of the cost. Next day delivery is an option within the lower 48.

The site...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Automatic underground bike parking

Bike to Work Week Website

Consider Biking has added Bike to Work Week Event Information

Site is here...

Survey results for riding habits.

It seems that we have a fairly hard core bunch of riders here in Columbus. Or hardcore riders read my blog and respond to surveys. Hard to tell. Only 1 person rides only when it is warm and sunny!

Fair weather rider - Only when it is sunny and warm
1 (1%)

50 degrees or colder
6 (8%)

40 degrees or colder
10 (13%)

30 degrees or colder
13 (17%)

20 degrees or colder
7 (9%)

10 degrees or colder
11 (15%)

0 degree or colder
2 (2%)

Cold, I won't stop riding until they pry my frozen fingers from the handlebars
23 (31%)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

White Castle Hamburger Rally

Someone blurted out the idea of a tour of all the White Castle Hamburger locations in Columbus. I looked up the locations and there appears to be 19. See map below.

Possible name for ride: White Castle Columbus Slide - Gastric Century

Anybody interested in such a ride?

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4/21/2008 Ride Report

60+ riders
60 degree weather

Ben and several of his friends came up from Cincinnati
We had several flat tire stops.
No GPS. Had it in my bag but got sick of being harassed for taking so long to get ready.

Someone had a Dahon folding bike and kept up quite well.
More impressive was the guy on the old school Huffy style banana seat bike who also participated in the drag races.

Route highlights
Campus south through Arena District
Arena District past the High Beck
We had a flat tire stop soon after that.
German Village over to Livingston Ave and onto Berwick
Berwick to Bexley
Bexley back to town and the High Beck.

I rode 38.5 miles.
After the High Beck a group rode another 10-20 miles. They headed down to Three Creeks Park.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

COP SPOT Ride Recap 04/20/08

Ashley and I rode the Columbus Outdoor Pursuits SPOT ride. We decided to ride the century as preparation for TOSRV. It was partly sunny when we started and was in the low 60's. Not much of a headwind in the beginning. Headwind became a factor only when we headed south. We passed through the following cities; Ashville, Darbyville, Circleville, Amanda, Canal Winchester. We stopped in Circleville at the Main Street Pub for lunch. Basic fare, cheap prices. We stopped across the street for a much needed coffee break. While we drank our coffee it started to rain. It rained for most of the last 53 miles. The route designers loaded all the climbs at the end of the ride. Thanks! After riding 80 or so miles of flat we always appreciate climbs.

Not be morbid, but the ride seemed like a tour of cemeteries. Every time we turned the corner a cemetery awaited. We saw a mix of sizes. There were large ones and small ones with only a few gravestones and a lot of really old ones.

Why don't parks have bathroom facilities? We stopped at one small park that had part of the Ohio and Erie canal lock and there was no bathroom. So Ashley added to the water level in the lock. Just kidding... Although he did water the tree. One of many bathroom stops we made.

Mileage: 103.6 miles
Average: 14.8mph
Temp: 55-71 degrees
Weather: Partly sunny first half, steady light rain last 53 miles.