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Create your own bike routes

Trek Lime

I purchased a Trek Lime for my wife. It is a great bike for the non-techie bicyclists. She didn't like to shift gears and the Lime was the perfect bike. The Lime has a dynamo in the front hub which charges the shift box located under the bottom bracket. The shift box is connected to the three speed rear hub via cable. The shift box has a sensitivity setting for shifting points. When you pedal the shift box charges and shifts the rear hub when you reach certain speeds. Trek Lime site

Folding Bicycle Post

Tour de Grandview

My wife and I stopped over to the Tour De Grandview on Sunday. We went down the hill leading to the start line. We saw the end of the first race and the first couple laps of the second race. The peloton was flying up the hill. Good times.

Rode 50 on Saturday

Tried to get into a group ride with the CRES Cycling Club but I was too late. Rode CherryBottom north Little Turtle Way Longrifle Road Ulry (north) Central College (east) 62 (north) (very scary) Rode around Johnstown looking for a non-existent Cracker Barrel 62 (south) (very scary, part 2) Duncan Plains (west) very nice road Center Village Road Red Bank Road Sunbury Big Walnut Road Then it gets a little sketchy - I followed a trail south until it got too confusing. Schrock (east) S Hempstead Dempsey Sunbury (again) Morse (lots o traffic) CherryBottom 50 miles

Bicycling in Central Ohio

Bicycling in Central Ohio, with bicycle education teacher Patricia Kovacs, Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition President John Gideon, Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Board Member Deborah Evans, and Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) Principal Planner for Bikeways Bernice Cage. Open line program today on WOSU hosted by Bob Singleton with John Gideon of COBAC, Debbie Evans of COP and Bernice Cage of MORPC. If you'd like to listen, here's the link: Just go to the programs for 7/5.