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Ohio Bicycle Laws

The following laws which refer to drivers apply to cyclists. The following laws are a subset of the entire Ohio Revised Code traffic law available at the following website: . 4511.051 PROHIBITION AGAINST PEDESTRIANS AND SLOW-MOVING VEHICLES ON FREEWAYS No person shall operate a bicycle within the boundary lines of a freeway except where there exists a facility that is separate from the roadway and shoulders designed and appropriately marked for bicycle use. 4511.07 LOCAL TRAFFIC REGULATIONS Local authorities may regulate the operation of bicycles as long as such regulation is consistent with the uniform rules of the road prescribed by Ohio law and that no such regulation shall prohibit the use of bicycles on any public street or highway except as provided in ORC 4511.051. Signs giving notice of the local traffic regulations shall be posted upon the highway affected. 4511.711 DRIVING ON SIDEWALK Ohio law allows bicycles

Columbus, OH Bicycle Laws

Chapter 2173: BICYCLES, MOTORCYCLES, AND CHILDREN”S NON_MOTORIZED VEHICLES The Columbus laws for bicycles are in the same chapter as the laws for motorcycles. This document summarizes the bicycle laws, removing the sections regarding motorcycle laws and the penalties for breaking the laws. Please consult the full text of the law available at the following website: .   Many of these laws are the same as Ohio law and the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) is referenced. 2173.01 CODE APPLICATION TO BICYCLES, CHILDREN’S NON-MOTORIZED VEHICLES The provisions of this Traffic Code that are applicable to bicycles apply whenever a bicycle is operated upon any street or upon any shared-use path. 2173.015 DEFINITIONS (ORC 4511.01) Bicycles are defined as vehicles and therefore cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of cars. Children’s non-motorized vehicle means any c

POC Bike Excursion - World Film Premiere


Aptalis CF Cycle for Life in Holland, MI is September 18, 2011 - From the mailbag

Can you believe tomorrow is September 1?  Where did our summer go?  We are just 19 days from our first annual Aptalis CF Cycle for Life in Holland, MI.  This is to remind you that the registration fee will increase tomorrow!  Register today before the $10 hike! Register NOW: September 18, 2011 ~ Howard B. Dunton Park ·           Registration: 7:15-9:00 AM ·           65 mile route: 8 AM ·           35 mile route: 8:30 AM ·           15 mile route: 9:00 AM ·           Lunch and Music: 10:30-1:00 With easy to use online fundraising, it’s quick to secure ten $15 donations to meet the suggested minimum fundraising goal….the average fundraiser exceeds the goal in less than 24 hours and in the end raises $430 to support life saving research and care. __________________________ Cathy Zell Executive Director Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Michigan & Northwest Ohio 2265 Livernois, Suite 410 Troy, Michigan 48083 Mid-Michigan Office 517-455-7122 Metropolitan Detr

Paris-Brest-Paris, the ultimate event [Velo News]

The face of a finisher. Photo: Philip Gale Four riders walk into the finish check point to get their final stamp on their route card. It is clear by their eyes red from the wind, their faces weathered by the hours they have been in the elements and their hollow cheeks due to the fatigue, that these riders have been truly tested. As they walk, with a wobbling motion similar to someone drunk, everyone knows that they have been pedaling for so long that their muscles are struggling to cope with motions other than pedal strokes. Polite applause meets them, in respect for their achievements. They hug, new friendships formed on the road. Slowly it sinks in that they have finished the hardest  Audax  event, Paris-Brest-Paris. 4pm on Sunday the 21st of August. The “Gymnase des Droits de la Homme” in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelynes, on the western suburbs of Paris, saw the 5,200 Randonners start Paris-Brest-Paris. Facing them was 1,200 kilometers (746 miles) that had to be covered within the 90-hour

Cycling Injuries Revealed: an info graphic [Christensen Law Firm]

[Source: Christensen Law Firm ]

US 33 Blacklick Greenway bridge to be open by September 30!

Sections of the Blacklick Greenway US 33 bridge that span US 33 were placed last evening. The last bridge section is to be placed this morning. There will be a day of so of adjustments being made to the bridge sections and then the remaining concrete would be formed and poured--likely pour will occur next week. Contractor hopes to be done with project slightly ahead of the Sept. 30 target date. Please do not trespass or try to get on the bridge. [Metroparks website] Later in September, one will be able to ride along trails from Cleveland & First Avenues along I-670 & Alum Creek trail to Three Creeks Park, and from there over US 33 and well beyond Pickerington Ponds - Central Ohio's longest continuous stretch of motor vehicle-free bicycle path and a welcome alternative to the over-used Olentangy Trail.

Miss Ohio Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) Bike Tour - You go girl!

From the site 27 Days - 45 Cities - 850 Miles Welcome to the Official Miss Ohio Bike Tour Website! My name is Ellen Bryan and I am Miss Ohio 2011. I have met so many amazing children, families and volunteers through the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH). As Miss Ohio, my goal is to raise money to bring resources and relief to the children who are part of the CMNH. From August 29 to September 24, I will be riding my bike to every CMNH in Ohio. The trip will stretch nearly 850 miles, averaging about 40 miles a day. All along the way, I will be raising money for the CMNH. I've created this website so you can follow me as I ride around the state of Ohio! Tour Schedule  - See what date I'll be riding near you! Map  - Shows the route I will take on the tour. Brochure  - Detailed information about the cities, sponsors and goals of the bike tour. Daily Videos  - Watch videos as I ride and meet the children! Daily Photos  - View daily photos of my journey a

Bikelordz: Accra, Ghana BMX bike culture movie

ABOUT THIS PROJECT Bikelordz  is a short documentary about the self-taught, self-invented bicycle culture which young people in Accra, Ghana have created and passed on to their younger contemporaries over time. It follows crews of these young bicycle gurus as they try and use their skills to make money, gain recognition, and live on their own terms. All images in Bikelordz were shot in Ghana and all of the music is Ghanaian. It focuses on a young BMX movement which thrives amid adverse circumstances which are particularly urban Ghanaian but undeniably universal. [Kickstarter]

Bike the C-Bus 2011 is Saturday, September 3rd - Here is the lowdown!

Online registration @$30 is available until 5PM on Friday, September 2. Register here! FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 Packet pickup is available at 6:30PM - 8:30PM at the Lincoln Theatre, 769 E. Long Street, Map it! ON-SITE REGISTRATION @$30 (Cash or Check) is available at 6:30PM - 8:30PM at the Lincoln Theatre,  769 E. Long Street, Map it! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 PARKING OPTIONS 1. Ride your bike and park with  Pedal Instead . This is a  Pedal Instead  event. 2. Anywhere on Long Street east of Garfield. 3.  Kings Arts Complex  parking lot. 4. Parking lot on northeast corner of Garfield and Long. Enter on Talmadge St. 5. Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Home. Packet pickup is available at 8AM - 9AM at the Lincoln Theatre,  769 E. Long Street, Map it! On-site registration (Cash or Check) is available at 8AM - 9AM at the Lincoln Theatre,  769 E. Long Street, Map it! Limited Edition shirts will be available for purchase onsite Riders can leave between 9AM - 9:30AM Food Vendors are OPEN at 10AM