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NetJets gift establishes cycling event to benefit cancer research at OSU

As part of the March 12, 2008 announcement to expand NetJets’ Columbus based operations, NetJets made a $12.5 million gift to establish a unique community based cycling event to benefit cancer research at The Ohio State University. Pelotonia reflects this commitment to the City of Columbus, the State of Ohio and the fight against cancer. The goal of Pelotonia is to fund cancer research while creating an inspiring and emotional experience. Over the long term, Pelotonia will raise roughly $40mm over the first five years. Starting in Columbus, and extending across the state, over two thousand cyclists, as well as volunteers and other participants will enjoy a unique three-day experience while raising millions of dollars for cancer research for The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute (The James). “This is a long-term investment in one of the world’s leading comprehensive cancer centers.” said Daniel Rosenthal, O

Chris King Bottom Brackets are now available

We've been making our own sealed bearings here at King for over 32 years and never has there been a component that benefited more from their strength and durability than the bottom bracket. Yes, the Chris King bottom bracket is here and ready to take on the most challenging conditions your cycling adventures can deliver. The Chris King bottom bracket is specifically designed for Shimano-compatible external type crank/bottom bracket systems and delivers every benefit you've come to expect from King and in the wide array of colors only King can do. An available grease injection tool allows the bearings to be purged of existing grease and debris and new grease run through. What better way to maximize the life of your bearings than to do routine maintenance? Especially when it's this easy. Racers take note! With the Chris King bottom bracket and injection tool, you can train day-to-day with a durable high-viscosity grease and race with a light, fast-rolling low-viscosity grease

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op's Post-critical Mass Halloween Bash

Friday October 31st, 2008 174 E. Fifth Ave. 7-11PM This is a fundraising event Their website...

Bontrager Seatpost Issue

I have been experiencing a ton of issues with products this year. I totally forgot about this problem until I went back to Wheeling over the weekend and received my warranty replacement. I had a Bontrager Race carbon seatpost. It started to wobble and when I checked the junction between the carbon and the aluminum head it was slipping. I pulled that one and went and bought a Performance Forté Precision Carbon Seatpost. On the ride after installation, I was riding along when all of a sudden the head slipped and shredded the teeth embedded into the carbon. So I trashed two seatposts in two weeks. I headed back to Performance and took my credit and bought the Thomson aluminum seatpost. If I can break this seatpost, I should become a full-time product tester. So back to my trip back to Wheeling. I stopped in to see Andy Wallen and he handed me a Race X Lite ACC seatpost. It is a carbon seatpost with an aluminum sleeve inside to reduce clamping issues. Plus, it keeps "big"

Twelve tips for cool weather bicycling - Marion Star

Use these tips to enjoy cycling when the temperature drops: Wind chill - Since bicyclists move faster than pedestrians, they create their own wind chill in cool weather. If you keep almost all of your skin covered, you will negate the wind chill. Keep your head warm - Cool air in the ear canal can be painful. Experienced cyclists often wear thin balaclavas to keep their heads warm when the temperature is below about 55 degrees. Balaclavas easily fit under a bicycle helmet, and can be adjusted to cover the mouth if desired. Several balaclavas can be layered when the temperature drops further. Eyes - A pair of wrap-around sunglasses will keep the cool air out of your eyes. Hands - Many cyclists keep their hands warm with their regular winter gloves while riding. Others wear thin "liner gloves" under their bicycling gloves, and (as the temperature drops further) pull on a pair of "lobster gloves" over their cycling gloves and liner gloves. Lobster gloves are a cross be

Smart car with bicycle rack

I keep running across photos from my trip to London and Amsterdam. This was taken as we were walking through the streets of London. I bet the bicycle is wider than the car.

NYC Bicycles via pinhole camera

London Calling - alleycat - Video by Lucas Brunelle

Lucas Brunelle video site

The front shifter could be dead... or not

Introducing the Hammerschmidt. Truvativ developed two Hammerschmidt models. One is an all-mountain build comparable to Stylo cranks while the other freeride build uses cranks along the lines of the venerable Holzfeller. An included shifter looks remarkably similar to a SRAM X.0 model, but has only two positions. There are several advantages to a single-ring, planetary-drive crankset. Riders can shift gears under incredible torque loads, while the cranks are stationary, or while pedaling backward. During the official unveiling, SRAM spokesman Greg Herbold was quick to point out that he could even shift while airborne. And shifting is more instantaneous than conventional derailleur systems—the gear mechanism uses a set of pawls to quickly engage a ramped gear, and they do it faster and more reliably than a conventional chain with a row of lifting ramps. The review site The Truvativ site

10/20/08 Ride Report

I think the main group did 17 miles. I did around 27 miles. Highlights? Not much... Casey led the ride. No flats or mechanicals that I can remember. Team UnderRoos was represented. We rode through the Ohio State Fair Grounds. I haven't seen that many souped up golf carts/estate vehicles since I left the Ohio Valley. We had mutiny at the gas station on Airport and Cassady. One group wanted to go to the bar, the other back to campus area. We split heading west on 5th. More later, if I can remember. The GPS may be brought out of mothballs, i.e. the backseat of my car, for next weeks ride.

Hit and kill a cyclist - Get awarded money from the jury

Award reduced in fatal bike crash A Montgomery County judge said a judgment of $350,000 against Blacksburg was excessive. A Montgomery County judge has ordered that a $350,000 jury award against the town of Blacksburg stemming from a fatal car crash be reduced. And that ruling may have reignited the 8-year-old liability lawsuit. In a written ruling dated Friday, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Ray Grubbs reduced the damages owed to Blacksburg resident Sharon Knight to $50,000. Grubbs denied the town's motion to set aside the jury's verdict. The case will likely continue, however. Continue reading here...

KryptoFlex® 1218 Key Cable Lock Follow-up

Well. I called Kryptonite and they sympathized with my situation. I received a new lock in the mail and sent the old broken lock back. They wanted to review it to see what went wrong. I will tell you what went wrong. Poor design. I doubt I am strong enough to break the lock if it was designed correctly. Keep in mind the lock was not compromised, only the mounting hardware, but it was annoying.

PBR Bike Frame

Those that ride fixed know it's not a trend or a bandwagon to jump on. It's all about simplicity. The first bicycle invented over 140 years ago was fixed so we know it is here to stay. The Ringleader is a true minimalist with no brazeons for water bottles, brakes, fenders or racks. Just pure stripped down goodness and nothing you don't need. The geometry is inspired from a traditional track bike but meant to be a fixed gear for everyday urban riding. There is a brake hole on the fork for a front brake option if you desire. Paint Styles: Purple Speckle Fade Pabst Blue Ribbon (Limited Edition) Old School Raw/Chrome Frame Material: Double Butted Japanese 4130 Chromoly Frame Design: Traitor Cycles USA Frame Production: Taiwan Sizes: 53, 56, 59 Weight (53cm): Frame 4.1 lbs | Fork 1.95 lbs (Uncut Steer) Build Specs: Headtube 1 1/8", Seattube 27.2mm, Dropout 120mm, BB 68mm, Fork 1 1/8" Threadless Price: $679 USD Frame/Fork | $569 USD Build Kit Traitor Cycles Website

A Field Guide to the New York City Bicyclist

Live from New York, it's the Bicyclist Guide. The site...

A little late, but here is a video from the Race Down Walhalla 2007

The original post is here... I am in the video in all my spandex glory within the first 20 seconds of the video. Where in the world is Ray?