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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bicycling for Short Trips: Good for You and the Environment

This is from the Bikes Belong website...

The other day, Mat Barlow, our special projects coordinator, completed a special project: a video about the benefits of bike commuting. We liked it so much, we're putting it on our website. Spread the word! Forward it everyone you know.

Mat's Commute from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Walnut Creek Trail meeting tonight - from the 05/07/08 mailbag

Tonight, there will be a public meeting to discuss the proposed Walnut Creek Trail in Gahanna which will go from
Morse Road to Pizzuro Park across from the airport. If you're interested in attending, it will be at 7PM at the Gahanna golf course clubhouse on Ridenour Road. David & I (as members of the bicycle advisory committee) will be there to answer questions.


The Complete Guide to Climbing By Bike - a book

The Complete Guide to Climbing (By Bike) is the ultimate guide book to climbing by bike and the most difficult hill climbs in the United States. It includes sections on training for cycling climbing along with memorable climbing performances and other climbing resources.

Each listed climb includes very accurate determinations of its length, grade, elevation gain and other statistics. Appendices in the book include a ranking of the 100 most difficult climbs, highest altitude attained climbs, greatest elevation gained climbs, steepest climbs and other climbing related lists. The measurements in this guide were all obtained directly on each hill climb and compiled by one source.

The site...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Ride Report

We were running a little late to the start. I think there were at least 50 people. Highlights - Antrim Park. Weather was beautiful. No flats, some mechanical issues, but nothing major.

20 miles for the group.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bike to Work Week Schedule

Dear Friends and Family,

Austin here! National Bike to Work Week is May 12th - May 17th, and
I've been working feverishly -along with many other volunteers and
sponsors- to develop the most comprehensive Bike to Work Week in the
Midwest. We at Consider Biking have an unprecedented number of
events, sponsors, and media participation that promises to make this
a huge success. Please help me make this a phenomenal week by
participating in the week's events listed below, and by passing along
this e-mail to friends, family, and work through e-mail. I've
included a flyer that you may print off and hang up at your convenience.

Thank you for your support.

Details for all events below can be found at

May 12, 6:30 - 9pm
Movie and a Mission: Contested Streets -come for the movie, stay for
the panel discussion

May 13, 7-8pm
Bicycling and the Law -everything you need to know about cycling and
the law

May 14, 6-9pm
Third Hand Bike Co-op Open House

May 15, 7-10pm
Green Drinks Bike Hop -speakers and food at three great pubs, bike
between locations

May 16, 2-6pm
Spring Cyclist Pit Stop -biggest bike fair in Ohio! See all that the
Columbus cycling community has to offer, entertainment included

May 17, 11-1pm
Bike OSU Tour of Columbus -relaxed cycling tour of our Capital City

May 18
Bike to Worship Sunday -join your local faith community in a fun ride
to worship

Contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Austin Kocher
Consider Biking Executive Board Member & Bike OSU President

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Top of Ohio Ride - Trainwreck Sunday

We had good intentions for the Top of Ohio Ride.

Unfortunately I stayed out later than I expected and woke up at 6AM for the ride. Midway through coffee and bagel I fell asleep. I took a cat nap for 20 minutes, and was late out the door. We met downtown and Jonny kinda knew where the start of the ride was. I followed Jonny in my car and headed out 670 toward Hilliard. Once we passed 270 and then Rome-Hilliard Road and then Plain City I thought we had gone too far. So we turned around and finally made it to the start.

I was putting all the crap on my bike and noticed that the crank was not turning smoothly. I could not figure out what it was, but Jonny saw that the bolt for my new rack was making contact with the cassette.  A swap of bolts and we were good. Then my stomach went south. I swear the toilet was broken when I got there. As soon as I sat down it almost fell over, it was so loose. After that incident we went to sign up for the ride and they were out of maps. So we were mapless, and clueless.

Before we made it out of the lot I realized I had forgotten to put my rear blinky light on the rack. Forget it! We moved on to the start but then I couldn't get my speedometer to work. Magnet slid down the spoke. We rode a few miles and stopped at a Giant Eagle for food. Coffee sucked.

At about 25 miles my IT band started to make me squeal like a little girl, so we pulled over in some unsuspecting persons yard and stretched on the driveway. It was nice sitting on a warm pavement eating snacks and stretching.

We passed a lot of farms with cows and stopped to see a whole herd hanging out in a field.

At 50+ miles we got to Bellefontaine (pronounced Belle Fountain or Bell Fontane?) I don't know. It is really tough to find local restaurants in small towns. Of course all fast food giants are represented. I don't know how that is called progress. We ate at a local Mexican restaurant off the beaten path.

Did I mention my bottom bracket decided to start making a whirring noise every time I turned the crank? It did for 40 miles.

So we leave Bellefontaine and start the climb to the "Top of Ohio." Anti-climactic to say the least. You can't even get to the top because it is part of campus which was locked up tight. We headed out and down into a valley and turned southeast. We crossed over 33 and this is where the fun started. Two words, "corkscrew hill."

I downshifted to climb and Jonny attempts to shift. A cacophony of metallic sounds emanated from the rear wheel. Then all of a sudden a single spring sound broke open the chain (no pun intended) of events. The spring on the derailleur broke causing the sprockets to be pulled into the cassette and bent the hanger. Not something that is field repairable. We thought about making it into a single speed, but we didn't have a replacement chain pin to put it back together.

Hitchhiking didn't seem to work so we decided to call for help. Everybody we know was either busy or out of town. So we called in the cavalry. The Ohio Highway Patrol. I didn't think that they would do anything for us, but after two calls to verify our location a patrolman showed up. Trooper Stanley drove me 45 miles down 33 to Hilliard back to my car. I unloaded all of my crap into Jonny's car and then took off. 45 miles back to the Mad River ski resort. Then after tracking down Jonny at the ski resort we loaded up and then drove, you guessed it, 45 miles back to Hilliard.

We ended up with 68 miles. We averaged 15.2mph. Not bad for the issues we had. We also logged over 160 miles in the car.