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This Is What a Road Bike Might Look Like, If There Were No Design Rules | Gizmodo

1 People don’t often realize it, but the design of every high-end bicycle is shaped, one way or another, by the governing body of bike racing, the Union Cycliste Internationale. This is what bikes might look like if their rulebook didn’t exist.  The UCI has a  famously  stringent set of rules about the design of bikes used in basically any bike race: two same-sized wheels, limits on aerodynamics and frame shape, for example. Those limits are ostensibly in place for safety, but really to make bike racing about the humans, not the machine. [Keep reading at Gizmodo]

Big Run Cross 2015 @capcitycross @cafebrioso

Big Run Cross 2015 from Kathy Koontz on Vimeo .