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A worthy contender to the Big Dummy?

Transport MSRP $1,319.99 * This bike can change your life and the world. Amazingly practical. The Transport is longtail cargo bike loaded with smart features so you can accomplish more by bike Available late fall. more....

The Folding Bike Goes Cool - WSJ

By  MICHAEL HSU The appeal of foldingbikes goes beyond the fact that they're easy to transport and store. One minute, these bikes are cruising down the street. The next, they've contorted into an impossibly tight space with a bit of mechanical sleight of hand that can be as mesmerizing as seeing Optimus Prime turn into an 18-wheeler. Jeremy Liebman for The Wall Street Journal Freeman Transport Gravel Racer Despite, or maybe because of, their acrobatic prowess, owning one has always had a certain nerdiness attached to it. Like a calculator watch, they're just too convenient to be fashionable. And because early foldingbikes were created by engineers rather than designers, many have been pretty clunky looking. But foldingbikes are now mainstream (many of the major bike manufacturers offer at least one model). Some have co-opted the style of their more respected full-sized brethren. Others, like the classic Brompton, have become icons themselves. continue reading story at WSJ

Tuesday Night Ride Recap - 10/05/2010

Highlights 10 riders Main Street Bridge crossing Two community gardens in Hilltop area Concrete barrier was no match for Katie Franklinton German Village 4 seasons community garden on Mound St.

Hey folks, please vote for my friend Wonderland Columbus's awesome idea to change America!

"Bug Your Bike" with a FREE RFID from OSU TPS/DPS

    The University’s Transportation and Parking Services and Department of Public Safety are working together to promote motorist, cyclist and pedestrian crosswalk safety awareness, remembering that it is a two-way street for all of us. Officials particularly want to remind motorists and pedestrians to stop, look, and listen while proceeding through crosswalks and to reduce the amount of distractions, like cell phone and headphone use, while crossing in high traffic areas. Bicycle registration is free for all students, faculty, and staff. Visit the OSU Police Department located at 901 Woody Hayes Drive, in Blankenship Hall or call (614) 292-2121. Help reduce the risk of theft by using the latest technology to "Bug Your Bike" with a FREE RFID (radio frequency identification device). "Bugs" are available at University Security and Fire Prevention Services, 1010 Blankenship Hall. For more information, please contact . Click  here  for the Bike I

We have a drive to drive - Columbus Dispatch

Efforts to put central Ohioans on bikes and buses haven't paid off: Commuters are driving to work more than ever, and often alone. Monday, October 4, 2010   02:48 AM BY  DOUG CARUSO THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH OCTAVIAN CANTILLI | DISPATCH The mean travel time dropped in 2009 in central Ohio, which you would think could mean fewer cars on the road. A look at I-270 heading east on the North Side at the intersection with Rts. 315 and 23 seems to tell a different story. TOM DODGE | DISPATCH Enjoying a cup of coffee Downtown with Don Plank, left, John Klein is suited for his commute: a 10-mile bike ride.  |  The car remains king in central Ohio despite years of "car-free" days, "bike-to-work" weeks and other programs that encourage commuters to get out from behind the wheel. Columbus-area commuters were more likely to drive to work alone in 2009 than they were in 2008, according to numbers the U.S. Census Bureau released last week from its American Community Survey. Rates

Cycles of change - Metro Times Detroit

An inner-city bike squad wheels toward community in a falling neighborhood The East Side Riders get ready to roll. Mike Neeley, left with brother Dywayne. AUDIO WDET interviews Detroitblogger John about this story  (MP3) SEE ALSO MORE  LIFESTYLE  STORIES Little bar on the prairie  (9/15/2010) An iconic restaurant keeps a piece of old Detroit alive Down on the corner  (8/25/2010) One man's grill is another man's hangout Krishna rocks  (8/18/2010) The twins eat, pray and love at India Day — and learn how a Morrissey belt buckle can help make new friends MORE FROM  DETROITBLOGGER JOHN Little bar on the prairie  (9/15/2010) An iconic restaurant keeps a piece of old Detroit alive Down on the corner  (8/25/2010) One man's grill is another man's hangout Signs of faith  (8/11/2010) A Detroit mother’s grief is transformed — one nail at a time BY  DETROITBLOGGER JOHN One has a Heineken mini-keg behind the seat. This one has a TV on it. That one has a PlayStatio

Tour de Highland West is Sunday, October 17 · 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Time Sunday, October 17 · 2:00pm - 6:00pm Location Holton Park (at the shelter house behind the recreation center) 303 N. Eureka Avenue Columbus, OH Created By Highland West More Info Come join us for a bike ride through Highland West and a potluck afterwards. Hot dogs and refreshments will be provided, just bring a side dish. The bike ride starts at 2 pm. Come for both or just the potluck! Parking available at the shelter house and at the recreation center. FB Page is here

COP-Fall Hoot is Saturday October 9, 2010

  Date:   Saturday October 9, 2010 Time:   8:00 am - 9:30 am Notes:   25th Fall Hoot- Budget Tour Saturday, October 9th 8-9:30 a.m. Bloom Carroll High School, Rt. 33 between Canal Winchester and Lancaster. Take US33 East from Columbus to the stoplight at Carroll, turn left and follow the paw prints to the school. Routes of 35, 55, and 80 miles. All routes have some hills, the number and size increase with distance. Come enjoy the last budget tour of the season. 35-80 miles. Budget Tour. $2 member, $4 non-member. Dave Miller 614-444-2276 tke.534 AT Roy Burnham 614-343-3704 roy AT