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Boom BMX

Metrofiets Beer Carrier for Hopworks Urban Brewing (Portland, OR)

Bikeportland Story is here... Metrofiets Website is here.... BiketoBeerfest website


The original BOB, the YAK trailer carries up to 70 pounds of groceries, laundry, or auto parts (for when your car breaks down). It attaches to virtually any bike's rear wheel hub, including nonstandard 29er and tandem wheels, creating a low, stable, center of gravity; improved performance; and excellent aerodynamics. YAKs are compatible with full-suspension bikes as well as those that have solid-axle hubs. Yak 28 trailers are for 28" wheels, 29er mountain bikes, and 700c road bikes with full wrap fenders. Santana version designed for 160mm rear spacing of Santana Tandems. Yak Plus models include the BOB Dry Sak. more...

Yay Bikes February 2010 Newsletter

2010’s  Bike 2 Work Challenge You are invited to join our 2010 planning process! We meet weekly on Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm at the Yay Bikes! office ( 82 East 16th Ave ) . You are not required to attend every meeting to be involved;  contact Austin  to learn more and join the mailing list. Our committees are: Data : Writes the rules of the game and allows us to evaluate our impact Info/Promo : Creates promotional materials and the packets of information for Challenge participants Sponsorship : Solicit cash donations and prizes for winning teams Outreach/Education : Presents B2WW at organizations to encourage their participation, educates people on how to cycle to work, and gets businesses to participate in the Bicycle Friendly Business program Events : Coordinates the Kick-Off & Award Ceremonies Media/PR:  Promotes B2WW We hope you’ll give some thought to where you belong on the planning team and come prepared to share your ideas! Also, please consider  making a tax deducti

Wood Bikes You Can Make

Wooden Bikes Fun Bikes that you can make yourself, from wood and metal So you want to build a bike in the worst possible way...  My epiphany came when was trying to make a large castor wheel for a parade float.  I drilled a hole in a scrap of redwood 4x6 lumber and mounted an old Campagnolo bike headset in it.  I installed an old bike fork through it and attaching a wheel to make a BIG castor wheel.  But many other possibilities emerged.  I was also immediately captivated by the incongruous look of an old piece of lumber sporting a fine headset and supporting a fork and wheel. more...

Cateye Cyclometer - Track your carbon offset

COMMUTER WIRELESS The first ever cycle computer specifically designed for commuters and those who ride for transportation, errands, and utility. Critical trip details make the CatEye Commuter Computer the best option for making your rides stress-free.  Estimated Time of Arrival, clock, temperature, and back light help you stay on schedule.  The new larger font size makes it even easier to read trip details with a quick glance.  Carbon Offset information is included along with standard computer features so you will not only feel better from the ride, you’ll feel better about the ride. The Carbon Offsets are computed by using a fixed 150g/km or 240g/mile figure and multiplying it by the distance ridden.  It tracks it in real time and shows day to day, week to week, month to month and total carbon saved. The innovative  FlexTight™  bracket mounts quickly, securely and without tools to virtually any handlebar or stem. The tool-free speed sensor mounts effortlessly to any standard fo

Bike vs London Underground - Bike won!

Bike vs London Underground TAGS :  BIKE ,  CYCLING IN LONDON ,  LONDON CYCLING ,  TFL CATEGORIES :  CYCLING IN LONDON What is faster – the London Underground or a bicycle? Video included at the end of this post Everyone can remember the excellent Top Gear episode where Richard Hammond travelled by bike to London City Airport and beat his co-presenters who between them used a car, a boat and public transport. It made for a thrilling episode and was a great victory for all those who support cycling. I however wanted to take this experiment a little further and try it out in some popular destinations in London you or I may travel to daily to see which of the two might win. I made the test as fair as possible by starting and ending the journey standing on the same spot. For tube route planning and estimating journey times I used TfL’s journey planner. Above ground I used  Bike Route Toaster  to plot a suitable route. I then exported the data to my iPhone which is mounted to my bike us

The Gubbins Experiment - One year without a car

The outsider I'm an outsider. "The Gubbins Experiment", my vow to take no car journeys in 2009, either as driver or passenger, has made me so, and in two particular ways. 1. Citizen of a local world Although I'm already a cyclist and public transit user, I can't fall back on the car to 'fill in the gaps' when I would like it to. It's forced me to adopt a more self-sufficient, local frame of mind. The workable parameters of my world have begun to shrink in accordance. The combustion engine represents the something-for-nothing way of living that dominates our modern world. It's an existence dependent on borrowing from the past (fossil fuel energy) and from the future (the health of the planet). In exchange for ease of movement now, we commit the Earth to ever expanding ecological debt and we invest ourselves in systems with no future. With peak oil looming, the mass oil-based mass private transport system isn't going to work for much longer

Pedalite 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights

Pedalite 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights  are the unique battery-free pedal lights for bicycles that have been designed to make cyclists more visible to motorists day and night from any angle including the side. When cycling it is vitally importance to being seen from the side by other road users and to ensure you have lighting on a bicycle even during daylight hours for when you ride through a shadow or a cloud comes overhead. Pedalite  pedals also help cyclists create their own  virtual cycle lane  as motorists naturally give cyclists with  Pedalite  pedals a wider berth and distance, increasing their safety.  As soon as cyclists start pedaling the  Pedalit e pedals uniquely harvest and store a small amount of energy from the bicycle so the lights continue to flash when the cyclist is freewheeling or has stopped at a road junction. the website is here...

Raise your hand if you haven't heard of Seagull Bags located here in Columbus...

Full sized Standard bags The original model, around in some form or another since Seagull’s humble beginnings in 2003-ish. Totally waterproof. Light and comfortable, yet still tough as nails. Comes with a few essential features, so you can add the options you need for what you’re going to use it for. Available in different sizes for different sized bodies and different sized loads. And since all Standards are built to order, we can make it in a slew of color combinations, as well as with custom art. Features 1000d Cordura exterior. Waterproof and extremely abrasion-resistant. You pick the outside  colors  - we have tons. 18 oz vinyl interior.  This is the ultimate in waterproof fabrics. This 100% waterproof liner floats inside of the shell and guarantees that no water will seep in through the seams. Two deep pockets on the outside under the flap . These are great for holding beer, clothes, tools, plague rats, and anything else you can figure out to put in there. No pockets in Sm

The Jimi Wallet

THE JIMI™ WALLET MOVEMENT Jimi™ wallet is a really handy and stylish way to carry your essentials and free yourself from the clutter and bulk of the traditional wallet/pocket book. It's compact, water resistant, and translucent - as much at home in a hipster's pocket, a busy Mom's diaper bag or around the neck of an exec. breezing through airport security! Already a hit with the cycling, motorbike and snow sport community, Jimi wallet's a smart urban accessory and it's great in the great outdoors. Students we've heard from say that they love it at school because it's translucent, hangs on a lanyard and is great for showing ID. Jimi wallet's also an award winning, US-made product that's being sold everywhere from Lance Armstrong's new bike store in Austin, TX to tiny boutiques in Tokyo. And to top it all, Jimi wallet is manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and 1% of its sales revenue is invested in the environment. And

Saturday 2/23/10 Ride Recap

Saturday's forecast was for mid 40's and a peek of sunshine. Well, I saw the peek of sunshine and it was in the upper 40's and hit 50 briefly when the sun made an appearance. I decided to ride the Ridge Runner route which has 2000+ feet of climbing and is 60+ miles. A slight wind out of the southeast plagued me for most of the ride, but I had a tailwind heading from my house north to New Albany. As I headed east toward Granville I had a slight wind hitting my face, but as the day wears on a slight wind takes its toll. When I stopped for a break a big diesel pickup truck roared by and on the back in vinyl letters it said, "my carbon footprint is bigger than yours," which I thought was quite funny in a sad and ignorant way. I stopped at the Fredonia Mall and Store for a drink and snack. I don't know why they call it a Mall because it is a tiny gas station with old school analog gas pumps and a little grocery store. People always ask me about my Jimi wallet when

From the mailbag: Tour Down Under Report - Walt drives the moto for Graham the photographer

Another TDU update from Walt Half-way through yesterdays stage, as I was struggling to hold the Yamaha upright in a frightening cross wind that must have blown most of McLaren Vale's top soil into my eyes and mouth, I reflected on some of the commentary I heard earlier in the day as we were preparing for the start of stage 4 in Norwood. I was thinking that it may be true that TDU has come a long way since its first edition in 1998 however its success is largely hinged to the timing, structure and format of the event.  For starters, it takes place in the beginning of the cycling season during our summer, when most of the northern hemisphere is under snow, torrential downpours or freezing conditions, so the alternative in the case of most teams would amount to a cold and wet training camp somewhere.  The other big bonus is that the teams are based in one hotel, the Adelaide Hilton, and each of the stages start and finish within a short distance from 'home'. Indeed, on some