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Friday, July 17, 2009

Columbus’ First Annual “Gears & Gardens” Bicycle Tour

Via the American Community Gardens Association’s Annual Conference, August 6-8

Columbus, OH—July 9, 2009—Columbus’ bicycling and gardening communities will join forces for the
first annual “Gears & Gardens” bicycle tour of community gardens, to be held during the American
Community Gardening Association’s (ACGA) national conference August 6-8 at Franklin Park
Conservatory. The ride, offered this year exclusively to conference attendees, will showcase six gardens
uniquely contributing to the local economy, foodshed, and sense of place. It will culminate at Surly Girl
Saloon with a lunch made from locally grown food and speakers Catherine Girves of The Enrichment
Association and Dr. John Tolbert of the Columbus Health Department discussing how bicycles and
gardens contribute to healthy, socially just neighborhoods.

Trish Dehnbostel, Programming Manager at Local Matters and Gears & Gardens coordinator, says,
“Community gardening is a dramatic way to empower our neighborhoods through growing our own food,
saving money, beautifying our community and getting to know each other. It’s more than gardening: it’s a
transformative experience that changes not only neighborhoods, but people.” Dehnbostel aims to promote
collaboration and resource sharing through the ride, which will be an annual celebration of healthy living.

Meredith Joy of Yay Bikes! speaks similarly about the transformative effects of bicycling, and finds a
natural fit between the cycling and gardening communities that made partnering on this tour, for her, a “no
brainer”. “We may forget, as we drive around in our cars, our connectedness with one another and the
environment,” she says. “Bicycling, like gardening, reconnects us with what’s important in life.”
Gears & Gardens will start at the Franklin Park Conservatory and continue on to: Garden of Communion
(Bryden & South Ohio), Garden of New Freedom and New Freedom (East Mound & Carpenter), Indianola
Alternative Elementary School Garden, Dragonfly Neo-V, Summit United Methodist Garden, and the
Weinland Park Community Garden (East Fifth Street). The gardens will have a docent leading a tour of the
grounds and sharing how the garden has achieved success. Each garden was selected to highlight
current trends in the community gardening movement.

In addition to the bicycle tour, the ACGA is also sponsoring Columbus’ international award-winning Pedal
Instead bicycle valet for attendees who wish to commute to the conference and explore Columbus by
bicycle. This free service provides fenced, monitored bicycle parking to ensure the security of bikes during
special events. In 2008, Pedal Instead parked almost 4,000 bikes, preventing more than 40,000 miles
from being driven and almost 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Gears & Gardens is sponsored by Local Matters and operated in conjunction with the American
Community Garden Association, Mayor Coleman’s Institute for Active Living, and Yay Bikes! More
information about the ride and its featured gardens can be obtained by contacting Trish Dehnbostel at
614-738-0819 or

UK Tip to Tip by "Flying Bike", for Charity

The Flying Bike ("Flyke")

The vehicle is called a "Flyke" because it is, in essence, a flying bike. There are 3 main parts to it - a lightweight trike chassis, a powerful 2 stroke twin propeller motor, and a paraglider canopy ("wing") which provides lift during forward motion. Some key facts:

Designed, manufactured and sold by Fresh Breeze GmbH in Germany
Easy take-offs and landings, requiring an area the size of a soccer pitch
Capable of flying up to altitude of approx 7,500 feet
2.5hrs flight on a full tank of fuel, travelling at approx 30mph airspeed
Fully legal for use in UK airspace (following recent change in legislation)
Can be pedalled on the ground as a regular bike (either with motor attached/detached) - ideal if bad weather rules out flying
Capable of 30mph ground speed under propeller power (obviously illegal on UK roads!)
Union Jack flag design on my wing was custom made as a one off for me, and is the only one of its kind in the world (as far as I know). G-Reg lettering is temporarily applied as legal requirement
Videos can be seen below:

the site is here...

Study: Fewer than 20% walk or bike even part of commute - FROM USATODAY

CHICAGO (AP) — Walking or biking to work, even part way, is linked with fitness, but very few Americans do it, according to a study of more than 2,000 middle-aged city dwellers.
In what may be the first large U.S. study of health and commuting, the researchers found only about 17% of workers walked or bicycled any portion of their commute.


Portland Progress - On Street Bike Corrals - FROM BIKE PORTLAND

To accomodate what is probably Portland’s busiest bikeway through a commercial district (outside of downtown), the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation is set to install two more of their on-street bike corrals on N.Williams.

According to Sarah Figliozzi with PBOT, the new corrals will be on both sides of Williams at N. Failing Street. One of them will go in front of Pix Patisserie and the other will be right across the street in front of Lincoln Restaurant.

The new corrals are funded by the Portland Development Commission through their Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area.

N. Williams, which has seen a boom in development for several blocks near N. Failing Street, is a very busy bike traffic corridor. What makes it different than other popular commercial areas — like SE Hawthorne, N. Mississipi, SE Belmont, and NE Alberta — is that N. Williams has a bike lane (which, unfortunately, is not as wide as the one on N. Vancouver).


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Mountain Cyclery - Boulder City, NV

Las Vegas isn't the only reason for visiting Southern Nevada. From the high jagged peaks and red rock lava flows of the River Mountains to the low flat railways of the Old Wild West, Boulder City offers unique surroundings to enjoy the sport of cycling. Our bike shop is only 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and 10 minutes from Henderson and Lake Mead, Bootleg Canyon won't be a secret for long. All Mountain Cyclery provides guided tours, bike rentals, shuttles and trail information for all skill levels in and around Boulder City including Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park, Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Hoover Dam. We carry Specialized, Santa Cruz, Redline, S & M, Azonic, Sinister and more. Stop in for a tune up, or call us to sign up for a tour.

I stopped here on the way back from Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Nice shop. They had Industry Nine wheelsets which have amazing hubs. Made in the USA.

The website

Ego - Industry Nine

FRONT : 18 hole / Radial lacing pattern
REAR : 24 hole / 3x drive side / radial non-drive side lacing pattern
DRIVER : 3 pawl engagement mechanism: Shimano // Campagnolo freehub
SPOKE : Machined & cold forged / bladed / 7075 aluminum spokes
RIM : Industry Nine Ego rim: 30mm deep aluminum clincher / Black or White (adds 30 grams)
WEIGHT : 1450 grams
PRICE : MSRP $1099.99

Our bread and butter wheelset. Bladed aluminum spokes, 18 hole front and 24 hole rear coupled with a 450g, 30mm deep aluminum clincher rim. At 1450g for the pair this wheelset is light enough to race but durable enough to train on. Our wheel design keeps the rotational weight low while maintaining an incredibly stiff and responsive feel. Hybrid ceramic bearings are standard too, leaving you with few excuses. Suitable for everyone from the club rider to the seasoned racer, this wheelset can do it all.
COLORS- Red // Black // Silver in any hub/spoke combination
CUSTOM COLORS- Orange // Blue // Purple // Green // Gold // Pewter // Pink // Brown
OPTIONS- Campagnolo or Shimano Freehubs available. Campagnolo 11 speed kit*
*Extra charge will apply

the website

Trek to Re-Energize America - passes through Columbus

We're running out of time. We need strong, immediate action on climate change from the new administration and the Trek to Re-Energize America is designed to build the momentum necessary to demand that change. The Trek to Re-Energize America is a bike trip to Washington D.C. designed as a means to talk to people on their turf and in their communities about the challenges climate change poses to their lives, whether from floods, mountain top removal or smog. The Trek will report back via podcasts and blogging as riders interact with farmers, business people, students and community organizers across the nation. By having conversations in communities across the nation, we will empower citizens to take action and push our leaders to make decisive steps to move our great country out of the old dirty energy economy and into a clean energy economy, spurring green job growth, changing our wasteful habits and reestablishing the United States as a leader and pioneer in the global economy.

Riders will depart for D.C. from all across the country, leaving from their home states and sweeping up media attention and grassroots support as they go. Upon arrival in D.C. the riders will rally and lobby for action on current legislation by asking their representatives to be leaders in the fight against climate change. A massive number of organized passionate people who have biked across the United States for something they believe strongly in will make for a statement that politicians and media will be unable to ignore.

The trip is slated for summer 2009. The convergence on D.C. will take place on July 26th with a rally and lobbying visits planned for the 27th.

We can only do it with your help. We need riders from as many states as we can get and leaders willing to direct efforts across the U.S. Please contact us with any thoughts, comments or questions. We'd love to have you involved.

the blog is here

Santa Monica Freeway Ride