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MyNav MN700

The MN 700 by MyNav is a unique Handheld GPS that allows you to use in almost any recreational environment, whether it be on on a Cycling Tour, Mountain Biking, Hiking, skiing, Geocaching, 4wding, trail bike riding or simply driving around town. The device features a 3.5inch Daylight visible TFT Touch Screen for easy to read use in the Outdoors. A long life rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which can be substituted for 3 AAA batteries. Ant+ for sensor compatibility, Barometric altimeter Specialised bike features include ANT+ HR, Cadence or Speed sensor compatibility, Track Race function which shows compares your performance to a previously recorded track. [Next Destination website] 3.5" colour touch screen Voice and visual guidance Navteq data - the worlds leading road mapping data provider for PND (personal navigation devices) products, providing more extensive streets and road mapping both in the city and regional areas  Elevation Contours - Car, bike and Outdoor use is c

Bryton: A competitor to Garmin? Maybe.

Bryton Rider 30 Cycle GPS Innovative GPS Cycling Computer With high-sensitivity GPS, Rider 30 displays location, direction, speed and distance accurately. 6 customizable data screens with 30 data fields to be personalized for your activity preferences. Pinpoint changes in elevation with the barometric altimeter. Clear sunlight readable display for outdoor activities. IPX7 waterproof and shockproof design for tough conditions. Workout with My Buddy™ keeps you motivated to achieve training goals. Multiple training modes to set goals and create training plans. 35 hours battery life. Training Management for the Rider 30 Provide personalized training programs, monitor your training progress and analyze detailed ride statistics like altitude change, calories burn and more. Graphic Analysis of the Rider 30 Your recorded logs of courses, workouts and saved rides with speed, slope, heart rate*, cadence*, altitude and other attributes will be analyzed and displayed with clear graphic c

9th Annual Greenway Sojourn is this July!

Join us this July for the 9th Annual Greenway Sojourn, a five- or six-day heritage tour of Pennsylvania by rail-trail. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has hosted the Greenway Sojourn since 2002. Almost 2,500 people, representing every state in the country, have participated in these memorable bicycle rides, experiencing the joys and benefits of rail-trails and the communities that support them. The 2011 Sojourn will be no exception. This summer, for the first time, we will ride the trails of the northern Laurel Highlands—about 50 miles east of Pittsburgh. Some of these paths follow the route of Pennsylvania's historical  Mainline Canal , which is being redeveloped as a trail. If you haven't already, you can register for free at  to check out maps and learn more about the trails we'll ride, including: Ghost Town Trail West Penn Trail Hoodlebug Trail Roaring Run Trail Westmoreland Heritage Trail This year, we are offering two ride lengths, both of which

Case in bicyclist's death goes to the jury

Friday, April 1, 2011 08:16 PM BY JOHN FUTTY The Columbus Dispatch The fate of Edward Scott Miller, accused of being drunk and reckless when his pickup truck struck and killed a bicyclist on a Hilliard road is in the hands of a Franklin County jury. The Common Pleas jurors began deliberations yesterday at 12:30 p.m. after hearing seven days of testimony and nearly four hours of closing arguments. They went home shortly after 5 p.m. and will continue deliberating Monday morning. Assistant Prosecutor Keith McGrath told jurors that alcohol consumed by Miller on the morning of the crash "led directly" to the collision with bicyclist Steven Barbour on westbound Cemetery Road just before sunrise on July 18, 2009. As evidence of recklessness, he referred to a police investigation that determined Miller's pickup was straddling two lanes when it rear-ended the bicycle, which Barbour was riding on the white line dividing the lanes. Defense attorney D. Timothy Huey continued to ins

The Bicyclist [Movie]

Lester Cribs is losing his restaurant and his wife in the suburbs of Detroit. As his world falls apart, he embarks on a bike trip across Michigan. The Bicyclist takes you on a journey of discovery as Les tries to relive a dead brother's 250-mile bike ride to the Mackinac Bridge years after his brother's death. Les' brother,Timmy, left behind a journal of his 1994 trip detailing how a bicycle and a love for people can open any door. Les tries his best to memorialize Timmy on the ride with the help of wise strangers, but cannot escape the desperation of his new calling. The Bicyclist - Official Trailer from Cass Corridor Films on Vimeo .

Big Adventure. Small Wheels.

In 2009, we sold everything we owned to travel the US on bicycle. We pedaled 10,000 miles over 15 months. It was an exploration of simple living, human connection and the amazing potential of the bicycle. We shared our adventures online, gave presentations about bicycle travel, organized overnight bike tours and met hundreds of incredible people. On May 15, 2011, we will head back on the road to re-imagine the All-American Road Trip and film the unique stories and places we discover. Big Adventure. Small Wheels. Our next project is about re-imagining the All-American Road Trip, with a journey across the United States that combines Brompton folding bikes and the train. Bromptons (English-made 16-inch-wheel folding bicycles) may be unlikely long-distance touring bicycles, but they are a perfect compliment to the train. We believe that the combination of bikes and trains is under-utilized as a means of contemporary travel. With gas prices threatening to climb ever higher, we want to

Bike Overnights | Don't wait to go crosscountry. Go overnight.

Image provides inspiration, resources, and tools for short bicycle tours (1-2 nights). You'll find stories, tips, and how-tos about embarking on short overnight cycling adventures, whether you're traveling to a beautiful state park solo, lounging at a B&B with friends and family, or anything in between!

Tuesday Night Ride Recap 03292011 - Taco Nazo

Highlights 20 miles 18 riders Taco Nazo (Quicho gave us free hot chocolate and tamales) Dick's Den (Blue grass open mic night)

A call to [use your] arms to cleanup the ENTIRE Olentangy Bike Path [Green Columbus]

I'm writing today with an invitation to help us get the entire Olentangy Bike Path cleaned of litter for Earth Day. It looks like we are on our way to having it covered from it's southern most origin to just past OSU and we are looking for help to finish it up through Worthington. Typing  "Olentangy" into our  worksite database  filter will show you what is already covered. My specific requests to you are 1) consider becoming a worksite host for some section of the bike path in the Clintonville or Worthington area; and, if not of interest...2) consider registering to volunteer at one of the existing (or soon to be registered!) clean up sites along the path. Here is a link to our  Get Involved  page which includes a link to FAQs on being a worksite host (which costs nothing and comes with perks such as a celebration booth discount) as well as a link to register to volunteer. Thanks for reading and considering! Happy Trails, Erin Erin Chacey Director, Green

Seven Commuter Handlebars: Tiberius

Seven offers a custom, commuter-specific handlebar in three different styles.  Introducing the Tiberius™ handlebar from Seven. Launched in concert with our line of commuter models, the Tiberius offers unparalleled flexibility and a stylish addition. Commuting demands versatility, and this bar delivers. Multiple hand positions? Check. Custom fit? Check. Room for bells, lights, computer, GPS, and anything else? All of the above.  Made from 3-2.5 Titanium alloy, the Tiberius is built for a lifetime of durability. Any reasonable reach, rise, and angle is possible. More Info  [Seven]

Take A Seat: Sharing a ride across America

In a sequel to his original movie Take A Seat, adventure filmmaker Dominic Gill will release a new television series for Universal Sports on April 4th. Called Take A Seat: Sharing a ride across America, the project follows a bicycle journey from Los Angeles to New York City. In keeping with the theme of his first trip, Dom’s riding a tandem bike and all along the way he s picking up people, random strangers to peddle with him. Before when he road 20,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina he d pick up just about anyone. But this time he ‘ s only bringing along people with a disability... [Video Link]

At 103, he's a three-wheeled wonder

If it were up to Octavio Orduño, he'd still be cruising Long Beach on a two-wheeled bicycle. But his wife insisted he get a tricycle. The city wants to make him an ambassador for cycling: 'He's our poster boy for healthy, active living around here.' [Article]

Strava Cycling tracks, rewards riders' performance - FREE app

Strava Cycling debuted Thursday in the App Store. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS feature to let users track the time, distance, and speed of their rides. That data can then be uploaded to Strava’s Website so users can compare their performance to other riders, enter cycling events, and join clubs. Riders who like to tackle hilly or mountainous routes have additional tools available to them in the app. Strava Cycling tracks a rider’s elevation gain throughout the ride. For hilly routes attempted by other Strava users, the app will crown a “king” or “queen” of the mountain for top riders. Strava Cycling is compatible with devices running iOS 4.0 or later, though developers say you’ll need an iPhone 3GS or later to utilize the GPS features. The app is free. [Link]

Blackburn Flea: USB or Solar Charging (Option)

- Ultra compact rechargeable Li-Ion headlight - Uses four super-bright White Nichia® LED’s - 40 Lumen output - USB smart charger - Flexible and compact mounting system - Standard, Overdrive and Flash modes - Superlight at 17 grams - 3 hour runtime steady, 5 hour runtime flash - Compatible with Solar Charger (available separately) - LED fuel gauge/charge indicator - Available in 6 colors - Charge your FLEA via computer or by sun - Includes USB charger AND solar charger - Solar panel is capable of fully charging FLEA in 5-6hrs of full sun - Solar panel will charge some other rechargeable devices [Blackburn Design]

Has anybody ever seen a Dunlop valve on a bike? [Definition via Wiki]

The  Dunlop valve , (also called a  Woods valve  or an  English valve ) is a type of pneumatic  valve stem  in use in Japan, [ 1 ]  Czech Republic, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Finland, Sweden, and  developing countries . It has a wider base than a  Presta valve , similar in size to a  Schrader valve , but it can be inflated with Presta valve adapter. [ 2 ]  The inner mechanism of the valve can be replaced easily, without the need for special tools. [Definition via Wiki]

PUBLIC bikes list "Fifteen Women Who Rule the Biking World"

Photo Credits (clockwise from top left): Unknown, Rad-Spannerei, Unknown, John Von Pamer, Randy Harris, Dustin Jensonn All right, so women don’t really “rule” the biking world as the title suggests, but something is definitely going on.  At PUBLIC many of our customers are women and we have many on our staff – so it’s altogether fitting and proper for us to acknowledge  National Women’s History Month . [Continue reading at PUBLIC]

Now that's a lock! Kryptonite New York Chain® 1210

New York Chain® 1210   A high security lock with innovative oval crossbar disc lock, designed to defeat thieves' maximum attacks. 12mm six-sided, chain links made of 3t hardened manganese steel for maximum strength Durable, protective nylon cover with Hook-n-Loop fasteners to hold in place Includes Evolution series 4 Disc Lock with 14mm MAX-Performance steel shackle: Higher security disc-style cylinder with more than 1 million key variations Patented*, oval hardened steel crossbar for extra security Hardened double deadbolt locking for extensive holding power Reinforced anti-drill/pull cylinder protection system Sliding dustcover protects and extends cylinder life 3 keys - one lighted with high intensity bulb & replaceable battery *Patent D564339 [Kryptonite New York Chain® 1210]