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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pedal Pale Ale 2009 Pics

2009 Pedal Pale Ale Ride Report - 5/15/2009

Jonny and I drove from C-Bus to Pittsburgh and we made it just in time to participate in what I would consider one of the best urban rides I have experienced. Traffic into the Burgh was pretty crappy. A lot of traffic for the baseball game and road repairs almost caused us to be late. We parked at the Washington Blvd velodrome, which is an outdoor paved oval with banked turns. East End Brewing is just up the road a bit. When we arrived it was a sea of bikes and the line was out to the road. The crew from Wheeling, Kevin, Carolyn, Andy, Bruce, Andy Wallen, Ryan and Anna were already signed in and waiting. They did a group photo and estimated the crowd between 400-500 people. I concur.

Three kegs rolled out of the lot and we headed toward the secret final destination bar somewhere in Pittsburgh. I know my way around Pittsburgh, but I am not intimate with the streets. I do know that we crossed through Shadyside and Oakland and made our way down to the river via a trail. Down along the river and then across the Hot Metal Bridge to Carson Street and the Southside Works. Once the kegs caught up to everybody we wound our way through the streets to OTB Bicycle Bar (where they hold roller racing). We decided to grab some food while we waited for our free pint. Taco Loco was a few doors down. We drank them out of a few beers while consuming tacos. : ) Then the free pint. Beer was good. Tacos were good. It was nice to get out of Columbus and ride in another city.

We followed our route back up to Oakland and then used some nav tools, i.e. GPS on phone, to get back to Washington Blvd. Weather was great, ride was great and seeing friends was even better.

It was confirmed that 500+ riders were on the Pedal Pale Ale 2009 ride. Woohoo!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From the Mailbag: Tricia Kovacs Cycling Workshop

I hope you'll consider attending my vehicular cycling workshop next Thursday, 5/21 at 6:30PM at the Gahanna golf course clubhouse. It's free and there will be food! You just have to register through the parks & rec department in Gahanna. Here's the info:

Cycling safety May 21 at 6:30-8PM
Gahanna golf course clubhouse
220 Olde Ridenour Road
May is National Bicycle Month. Start the cycling season by learning about the principles of cycling on roads and trails. Topics include basic bicycle maintenance, sharing the roads with motorists safely and courteously, safe group riding, accident types and prevention techniques and Ohio and local traffic laws. We will not be riding, so participants do not need to bring bikes. Appropriate for adults and children aged 14 and older. Snacks and refreshments provided by Funtrail.
Call Gahanna Parks & Recreation to register at 342-4250

Senator Fedor ride from Toledo to Columbus

Ohio Senator Teresa Fedor is bicycling from Toledo to Columbus starting on May 15 (tomorrow) to promote biking in Ohio. She will be stopping at schools, trails and bike shops along the way, spending nights in Findlay and Marion. She is a promoter of healthy children, election reform and the environment and she is a supporter of cyclists, veterans and active military and their families. There will be a "Campaign for Healthy Kids Rally" at the statehouse on Sunday, May 17 at 3:30-6:30PM. Mayor Coleman and Governor Strickland are expected to be there. Please come down to the statehouse on May 17 at 3:30 to welcome Senator Fedor to Columbus.
Senator Fedor plans to sponsor a bill to change the Ohio bicycle laws as proposed by the Ohio Bicycle Federation:
OBF president Chuck Smith will accompany her on her ride.
Here's a map of their route:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike to work and keep on keeping on

It's b2ww (bike to work week for the acronym impaired) and we want to keep you hydrated. So, join us for the third annual Green Drinks bike hop. The plan has changed a bit from our last note, so pay attention. It is still going down this Thursday, May 14th, but places and times have changed (slightly).

We'll be starting at Byrne's (just like before), but not until the regular Green Drinks start time of 6 PM. After cooling our heels and wheels in Grandview with some well deserved drinks, the pelaton departs at 7:15 for Surly Girl to reoccupy the backroom that we used to call home. Our featured speaker for the evening will be Meredith Joy from Yay Bikes. And then back in the saddle to Cafe Bobo (Cafe Bourbon Street for the uninitiated) for a great line-up of bands - Small Pox & the New Vaccine, Couch Forts, Tavo Carbone. If you arrive before 9:30 and on a bike the cover is $2 ($5 if you drive and/or come late).

To recap, we'll be at Byrne's Pub (1248 W 3rd Ave) from 6-7:15, Surly Girl (1126 N High St) from 7:30-8:45, and Cafe Bourbon Street (2216 Summit St) from 9 on. Note, each leg will be led by an experienced cyclist and travel times are approximate. Hope you can join in on some or all the fun.

Team Green Drinks

CNN - iReport Video - Bike to Work Week

Pedal Pittsburgh 2009

Pedal Pittsburgh 2009 is Sunday, May 17th and will take place at the SouthSide Works!

A ride as unique as the city, Pedal Pittsburgh annually attracts more than 2,000 participants ranging from families with children and recreational riders to fitness enthusiasts. Participants can choose from six courses ranging from 6- to 60-miles, this year starting and finishing at SouthSide Works.

Pedal Pittsburgh 2009 is celebrating its 16th year of providing a great way to experience the defining architecture and urban design of the city and its neighborhoods. Since its inception in 1994, Pedal Pittsburgh has hosted 22,000 cyclists riding past the city's architectural heritage.

As you travel along the routes, watch for some of this year's architectural highlights such as the new August Wilson Center for African American Culture downtown or the Mount Washington Rain Garden.

the site...


TOSRV 2009 Quick Ride Report

I don't want to bore anyone with details.

Brett and I started north of town and passed the start at 8am. Andy had started out earlier because he thought he couldn't keep up. We caught up to him in Circleville. The wind was swirling around for the first 25 miles and then picked up consistency the further south we continued. We were forced to paceline to keep our sanity. The wind was coming out of the southwest so we did the angled paceline where riders stretched out into the road instead of directly behind each other. In Chillicothe we had lunch with David, Tricia and her brother Steve (who by the way is a hoot). Then we hit the rollers. Brett and I got out in front of Andy, but he caught up to us by catching onto a group. We stopped in Waverly at the lake for last snack before Portsmouth. We also jumped into groups and it was nice to get pulled along instead of fighting the wind. On one of the sections of road they had rumble strips lining it and Brett got caught on them. I looked over to see him rolling across them at 20mph and he was vibrating and bouncing all over the place.

The river was flooding and covered the racetrack and all the land to the left and right of the road into Portsmouth. We pulled into Portsmouth at 4:30pm. 117 miles at 16mph average. We stopped to take pics of the mural and headed to the park. We hung out with Tricia, David and Steve at the park and ogled all the bikes and people hanging out.

We went to the All Saints spaghetti dinner. Steve insisted on taking pictures of food instead of people. He said he took pics of people last year and wanted a change. They had bike parking out back with valet service. Ask me about the exchange between the church people after dinner. This is a family friendly blog, so offline would be best. The dinner was great. Food was good and a bargain for the amount. Onto the stadium for camping. Got to talk with some friends from other rides and saw Dylan and his wife Janet. Setup without a hitch and turned in. I wanted to kill the guy in the tent next to us because he snored the entire night. Aaaargh!

6am wake up alarm. Temps dropped overnight and the tent was covered with condensation. Packed up and headed over to All Saints for the Chris Cakes breakfast. The pancakes were OK. Chris from Chris Cakes flips the pancakes onto your plate from the griddle. Pretty entertaining.

The headwind was still present as we headed north, but it fluctuated. There were a lot of police cars going somewhere with their lights and sirens blaring, but we never did find out. We saw one guy who had fallen receiving help from EMT and we were told in Obetz that someone had ran a light and got hit by a car. Sunday ride start was 8am and we got into Columbus around 4:30pm. I think this year was definitely better than last year. Total mileage was 228 including ride back to Brett's. We averaged 15.7mph.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bikin Block Party Video from Austin Kocher

Share the Road Columbus

Share The Road Columbus is an educational initiative Mayor Michael B. Coleman created as part of the City’s Bicentennial Bikeways Plan. The Bikeways Plan intends to make sharing Columbus’ roads safer for everyone – motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Share the Road Columbus is part of the plan’s first phase of implementation.

The initial area of focus for Share the Road Columbus is North High Street, from Nationwide Boulevard to Morse Road. There will be new traffic signs and pavement markings to educate and inform.

the website is here...

Stolen Bike Alert - Russ Benson

Bike stolen as of May 11th from my house in North OSU Campus area.

- Black IRO Angus 59 cm frame
- Black bullhorn handlebars w/ yellow OURY grips
- Yellow Velocity Deep-V rims with black spokes
- Black seatpost with Yellow Selle Itallia Turbo seat.
- Navy Blue KMC single-speed chain
- Crank Bros. Steel Eggbeater pedals.
- Has front and rear fenders attached.

My bike is hard to miss and will stick out like a sore thumb. Whoever stole it has no respect for bikes whatsoever.
I'm a pretty tall guy so good luck to whomever tries to ride it will prove difficult.

If there is any one who does rides around OSU campus area please be on the lookout.
If you spot it anywhere around town, please do not hesitate to give a call or email!

phone: 937-219-3959

REWARD: Round of drinks/shots at your bar of choice (and/or) free food to Northstar Cafe.