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WAD Doo Dah Parade Success - UPDATED 07/05/08

More photos courtesy of Giles Clement at Illumiquest We pulled a 5000lb Ford Explorer through the Doo Dah Parade route on Friday afternoon. On Thursday evening we headed over to Brett's for the trial run. Not what we expected. First, we realized that the vehicle was 5000lbs and not 3000lbs as originally thought. After careful review and some hair pulling we decided to scrap the 2x4 block idea and use tiedown straps to connect the bike to the vehicle. Friday morning it was raining and we didn't know what to expect. We headed over to pickup some mountain bikes with low gearing and then made it to the start. It was still raining. Nine bicyclists pulled the SUV. I was in the center and we had 4 people on each side of me. The route has turns and it was interesting to maneuver the vehicle. Plus it has some slight slopes down and up. Down is not too bad because we coasted. Up was a little more challenging, but we made it. It was pretty cool to pull the SUV down High Street through the

Atlanta Police Stalk Critical Mass

The video is here...