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Need a stylish way to protect your pants leg when riding?

WINDRIDER BICYCLE CLIP available at The Conran Shop

Local Bicycle Rack Manufacturer - Revelation Cycling

Heavy duty bicycle racks made locally here in Columbus. I talked with Michael at the Green Drinks event on March 20 and his products sound interesting, plus they are made here. I may have a review soon. The site...

Ride of Silence 2008

DATE: May 21, 2008 TIME: 7:00 pm WHERE: Hundreds of locations world wide including Columbus Columbus Details Contact: Jeff Stephens Distance: 14 Notes: 5th annual Ride of Silence for Columbus. Start at Ohio Statehouse in the heart of downtown, loop through Ohio State University campus, and return. The site...

Ohio Safe Route to School

January 2, 2008 – The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has awarded over $4 million in funding to 107 Ohio communities interested in creating and encouraging a Safe Route to School in their communities. Applications came from municipalities, school districts, hospitals and health departments around the state. more...

Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar Website

The site...

3/17/2008 Ride Report - A St. Patty Day Camel Toe Adventure!

32 Miles total - 45 degrees - a little rain 3 rides total 3 bars total 8 to start, 4 went the distance (32 miles), 2 went 38 miles. The major stop was the American Addition Park. Second ride. We rode from the High Beck north and then East down to Franklin Park. We rode through the park and headed west into town to the waterfront. We rode down the path to the end and rode East toward High Street. We headed north to Round Bar. The other four riders who split off must have went back to the High Beck when we crossed High heading to the waterfront. After a round in the Round Bar it started to rain a little. We headed northeast to Carabar. Chris did his best Michael Flatley imitation when called upon. Third ride. Peer pressure forced me to join a few people for one last ride around town. We headed west through town to the waterfront and rode south on the trail again to the end. Through the impound yards and back to High. We rode north on High and broke up and rode our separate w

World Bicycles Market to Reach in Excess of $61 Billion by 2010, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) March 17, 2008 -- Poised to register a CAGR of 5.28% over the 2001-2010 period, the world Bicycles market is projected to reach in excess of US$61 billion by 2010. Asia-Pacific, with a share estimated at 47.36% in the year 2007, forms the largest Bicycles market worldwide. The region is also slated to record the fastest growth with a CAGR of over 6.33% during the aforementioned period. More...

Plug and Play Solar

Ready to Run. The PowerCubeTM makes deployable renewable energy simple. By integrating the latest solar energy, power storage and power management technologies, the PowerCube is engineered for home use, emergency response, construction, and any other remote power needs. Need even more power? It’s also scalable, with each unit easily linked to the next in a “daisy chain” of power. The PowerCube is ready to use with minimal installation, making it ideal to generate power either on or off grid, for short or long-term, as primary or back-up electricity. Safe and Green. In emergency situations, access to traditional fossil fuels can be limited and difficult. The PowerCube's primary source of power is the sun, which means that the unit provides essential power without reliance on fossil fuel deliveries. Plus, heat, noise and emissions are virtually nonexistent. From the middle of the Sahara, to the middle of the back yard - Never worry about electricity again. Ever. More at the site...