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Saturday, December 4, 2010

iPhone Pedal-and-Pilfer Spree Spreads Through Brooklyn -

bike wheelOblivious Brooklynites intent on walking and gabbing need to be on high alert for brazen and blazing cell-phone thieves. A wave of iPhone thefts has intensified in recent weeks, and the ride-by bandits commit their crimes while saddled on bicycles. The cell-crime spree, which began to garner attention in October, continues to spread through various neighborhoods in the borough, including Park Slope, Prospect Heights and Boerum Hill. The iPhone pilferers primarily target women, who -- so far -- have represented six of the seven known victims. The criminals don't just snatch and speed away, though. One bicycle thief punched his female target before swiping her $400 iPhone.
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Four Myths About Helmets and Safety - Commute by Bike

1. “There’s No Scientific Data Indicating Helmets Reduce Risk of Injury.”
This is your brain on myths (via TreeHugger)Actually, there is. But the data is fairly thin, and anti-helmet forces have seized on this, arguing that the paucity of scientific evidence indicates that helmets must not really do any good. But this argument suffers from the negative proof fallacy–the implication that because the efficacy of helmets has not been conclusively proven via scientific studies, helmets must be valueless. But consider how many propositions we accept as true in the absence of any scientific studies proving them so. For example, I don’t know of any studies proving that ritualistically slamming my head into the door jamb on the way out every morning leads to a greater incidence of brain injury. But I needn’t make such demands on empiricism. I know it’s bad a idea, and I don’t need a study to tell me that. It’s hardly less intuitive that wrapping one’s melon in a layer of foam padding will help reduce the severity of cycling head injuries. Why–particularly given the obvious difficulties of getting enough scientifically and statistically credible data to prove or disprove the real world benefit of helmets–should we demand absolute scientific proof before admitting that wearing a helmet is a risk-minimizing choice?
Still not convinced? Try a simple thought experiment: You’ve just been doored. As you fly over the handlebars, would you rather be wearing a helmet or not?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

roll: is having a SALE!

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Bike in a Box... Fits Easily Under Trees.
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Cycle City, USA - Yes, Magazine (Thanks Yay Bikes!)

How Portland plans to become the first world-class bike city in America.

Portland biking, Photo by Zach Vanderkooy
Photo by Zach Vanderkooy
It’s become a cliché that Portland is America’s most livable city, a hotbed for innovative ways to support green policies, public spaces, pedestrian amenities, transit, and, of course, bicycles.  In fact some people are growing weary (and the rest of us envious) of hearing about how great things are in Oregon’s largest city.
When it comes to bicycling, at least, the cliché is true. Today Portland sports the highest share of bicycle commuters (6-8 percent) of any large U.S. city.  It’s also the only large city to earn the League of American Bicyclists’ coveted platinum status as a bicycle-friendly city.
But Portland wasn’t born with bike lanes. “No one in the 1970s or ‘80s would have singled out Portland as a great town for biking,” admits city Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller. Its current success is the result of 20 years of transportation planning with bikes in mind.
That knowledge makes the city pretty ambitious about what it can accomplish over the next 20 years.

Elections Deal Blow to Cycling Allies - Bicycle Retailer and Industry News


WASHINGTON, D.C.—It’s “back to basics” for cycling advocates, after the midterm elections swept Republicans into power in the House and delivered an unexpected defeat to cycling’s most powerful supporter in Congress.

Facing a new Republican House Speaker and Majority Leader who have been hostile to federal funding for cycling, the industry will need to adjust its message and refocus on local organizing, officials said.

“The simple message for us is that we very much need to get back to basics and make sure the state and local grassroots machinery of the bicycle movement is in really good working order,” said Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Steepest Road On Earth Takes No Prisoners - Wired

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — Most people would call The Dirty Dozen a grueling bicycle race. Hardcore cyclists in Pittsburgh call it a great way to burn off Thanksgiving dinner.
Every year since 1983 bike nuts have subjected themselves to a 50-mile ride that hits the 13 steepest climbs in a city not known for being particularly flat. Conquering that many hills is no easy feat, but to make it just a little tougher the route includes Canton Avenue, which has been called the steepest road in the world.




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Traitor Cycles Ruben - Interesting 1x9 urban bike

Creating a versatile get around town, commute to work rain or shine bike was the inspiration behind the Ruben. The frame features cyclocross inspired geometry for a ride that is versatile and comfortable. The steel frame and fork create unsurpassed ride quality while keeping the frame very responsive when you need to put the hammer down. We equipped the Ruben with disc brakes, rack brazeons and full fender compatibility to make this the perfect wet weather commuting machine.

Packed with tons of details to set this bike apart from the crowd, the Ruben features all top tube cable routing to keep mud and grime out of the housing and the seatstays feature full cable housing brazeon as well for maximum protection. Our custom laser cut dropouts are designed in a way to not need a gusset for the disc brake mount for the cleanest look possible. We finish the bike off with a tradition lugged straight leg steel fork for a classic and refined look.

The biggest component of the Ruben is the disc brakes that provide incredible stopping power that is effortless. You never know when a car is going to pull out and having the ability to stop quickly can make all the difference. Disc brakes also work equally well in wet or dry conditions unlike traditional canti or caliper brakes which we can all agree suck in wet conditions. Having disc brakes also means not wearing through rims and disc brake pads last for an extremely long period of time and are very easy and cheap to replace.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bicycle Dreams Trailer

Puma is selling bikes now (made by Biomega)

Everyday commuting annoyances: Begone. PUMA Bikes pull together the best, most practical parts of city and folding bikes, BMXs, American cruisers, and fixies to create a whole new urban typology. One that has the skills to easily maneuver through urban obstacles—and stand out from the bustling cityscape.  
PUMA and the Biomega design team have collaborated to produce the next evolution in commuter bikes. Each design is pared down to its essentials to meet the needs of the urban commute with more innovative and thoughtful details than the average bike. And each bike comes to new life with bold, tropical color combinations and island-rooted names.  
PUMA Bikes redefine and reinvigorate the city ride with a bit of radicalism and a whole lot of practicality. They fold, they carry, they cruise. They’re everything and more, packed tight in a sweet, colorful ride.
Editors Note: I don't see the value add here. The Puma bike is a custom painted Biomega. Hmmm.

Bike Lady: Give a kid a bike. Change their life.

Formed November, 2008 as an impromptu holiday bike-a-thon, and incorporated in January, 2009, Bike Lady, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all-volunteer charitable organization based in Columbus, Ohio, focused on providing new bikes to the Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) Holiday Wish program for children with a history of abuse and neglect.

A buck is a buck is a bike! EVERY dollar raised by Bike Lady, Inc. goes directly towards the purchse of new bikes, helmets and locks which are then donated to Franklin County Children Services Holiday Wish program.


Donations are fully tax deductible!

2008 Bikes donated: 125
2009 Bikes donated: 212
2010 Goal: 500 Bikes
Plus helmets and locks, too!
Accepting donations year-round.

[Donate here]

Last day for Bike the C-Bus 2010 Silent Auction!

Today is the last day to bid on the Bike the C-Bus 2010 Silent Auction. All proceeds go to Faith Mission. Get bidding!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Baer Wheels is having a moving sale! Check it out.

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R2B2- Pedal Driven Kitchen Appliance Center

Kitchen machines with an alternative drive concept 
R2B2 is the result of a project to reduce private electric waste production.
There are three different kitchen appliances, which are powered by rotating a flywheel with muscular strength.
 Electricity is not necessary anymore.

iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer for iPhone/iPod


  • Compatible with iPhone 4/3G/3GS, iPod Touch
  • Touch screen control
  • Large, full-color, easy-to-read backlit screen provides graphical, animated and numerical information including:
    • Current, average, and maximum:
      • Speed
      • Cadence (optional cadence sensor required)
      • Heart rate (optional HR sensor required)
      • Temperature
    • Cumulative readings:
      • Trip Distance
      • Trip Time
      • Odometer
      • Total hours logged
      • Total distance logged
    • [more]

Specialized Moving Ohio Distribution Center - Bicycle Retailer

GROVEPORT, OH (BRAIN)—After opening just five years ago at its current location in Grove City, Ohio, Specialized Bicycle Components will be moving its Eastern Distribution Center a few miles down the road to a brand new facility in Groveport.