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Folding bicycles

Dahon was founded with the singular purpose of convincing more people to use environmentally-sustainable forms of transport. To accomplish this goal, we've focused on creating innovative but reasonably-priced folding bicycles. Back in 1982, we started a revolution with our first pioneering folding bicycle. That revolution is now changing the way people around the world move themselves from point A to point B. With over 2 million folding bicycles sold, we are the proud worldwide leader in folding bicycles. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and our bicycles are assembled in our factories in Taiwan, Macau, the Czech Republic and China with parts sourced from the leading component manufacturers from around the world. Our bicycles are sold in over 30 countries. We are proud to say that a majority of our 700+ worldwide employees travel to work by bicycle, public transport, or a combination of both. Dahon is committed to creating green mobility solutions for people who live

3/31/2008 Ride Report

Attendance: roughly 35 people Temperature 60 degrees 20 miles (28 total for me) Route roughly headed through campus, out 5th, up Dublin?, to Fishinger, then Riverside where we stopped at a park. After the break we headed east on Nottingham and rode through the neighborhood until we reached Northwest. At Northwest the group broke into two or possibly three groups. I was in the back with the last group. We crossed over to the paths and headed along the waterfront to the downtown area. One member of our group lost their battle with a curb and went down. The we headed along Civic Center drive and up to High. Down High to the High Beck for some pizza.

Woodstock is set!

36TH WOODSTOCK • Saturday, April 12 7:30-9 AM. Jersey Baptist Church, 13260 Morse Road, Pataskala, 9 miles east of I-270 at Harrison Road. Parking and registration in back lot. Traditional first TOSRV training ride. 100/50/30 miles on relatively flat terrain. Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Tricia Kovacs 614/476-9093 bike_woodstock(at) The gnome made an appearance while marking the route for the ride. Photo courtesy of David Jeffords.

Environmental (Art Exhibition)

Please join us for Environmental, a one-night group art exhibition that features pieces made with recycled materials and works that express environmental concerns. Date Tuesday, April 1, 2008 Time 6 - 9 pm Location Junctionview Studios, 889 Willams Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43212 Curated by Claire Smith Couchfire Collective 889 Williams Avenue Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212