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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ultimate Andy spinning [Beat The Train in Detroit]

Larry vs Harry introduce: BULLITT ®

  • Featuring
  • Powder-painted in black
  • Hardened aluminium frame
  • Stainless steel nuts, bolts and discs
  • 7-gear Shmano Nexus hub
  • FSA Headset
  • Hydraulic front brake
  • SRAM Truvativ crankshaft
  • Double-bound aluminium wheel rims
  • Puncture-proof Schwalbe tires
  • Impact-strengthened plastic mudguards
  • Fast saddle and handlebar adjustment
  • Insurance-approved ABUS bicycle lock

300 Miles of Gravel Trailer

300 Miles of Gravel Trailer from Jeff Frings Photography on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bike Campers: 12 Mini Mobile Homes for Nomadic Cyclists

Choosing to ride a bike instead of driving a car doesn’t mean you have to forego the convenience of a camper trailer – if you’ve got the leg muscles to pull it off. From prototypes by a major German RV manufacturer to impressively innovative DIY creations, these 12 miniature mobile homes for bicycles pack lots of function into small (and not-so-small) trailers that don’t require gas or electricity to transport.
See the rest here

A Free Bike-In Movie Theater to Make the L.A. River a Hotspot [Good]

2013 is turning out to be the Los Angeles River’s big year. From bridges to kayaking to bike-paths, there are quite a few things in the works for Los Angeles’ infamously derelict waterway. While organizations and agencies are making significant strides on revitalization efforts, there are still quite a few non-believers out there. We hear all the time how big and expensive and crazy all these plans are. But what great idea isn’t? Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Angelenos don’t believe, because they never have been given a reason to. Well now is the time, people. All over the world, communities are standing up for their cities and rethinking their public spaces. The beauty about place making, is that it allows people to participate in revitalization everyday, sometimes without even knowing it. And while fixing urban infrastructure is a daunting task, having fun and building community is not. So it has now become part of our organization’s task to do both.

GoPro: Red Bull Skylines 2012

“Heads Down” Display for Bicycles [MAKE]

So far the coolest thing I’ve seen at SXSW has been this clever early-stage prototype from our own Matt Richardson. It’s a “dynamic bike headlight” that projects your speed (and potentially other useful information) onto the road in front of you as you ride.
The prototype has a Raspberry Pi for a brain, which is connected through its onboard HDMI port to an LED pico projector mounted between the handlebars. A Hall effect sensor, connected to the Pi’s GPIO pins via an adafruit Pi T-Cobbler breakout kit, detects revolutions of the front wheel. The software counts these, converts their rate into a speed in MPH, and sends the numbers to the projector for display on the road surface.

Revelate Designs cuben-nylon hybrid handlebar bag [Hiking in Finland]

Revelate Designs Sweet Roll handlebar bag
Eric from Revelate Designs sent me an ultralight handlebar bag to give away to one lucky Hiking in Finland reader. It’s a one-of-its-kind, made of a cuben-nylon hybrid material and weighs a swell 169 gram. It fits any bike’s handlebars and offers plenty of storage - in the photos there’s a Katabatic Gear Sawatch quilt, a MSR Reactor 1.0 l stove & pot and a 230 g gas canister in it with room to spare. It is based on the Sweet Roll, but is a bit lighter and isn’t black.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Women on Wheels

Whether you are ready to ride and just desire practical tips, or have felt twinges of hesitation and need a nudge or two, this is the ultimate guide to ease your way into city cycling. Concise advice for making biking work with kids, groceries, pets, and weather. Handy help in finding the bike and wardrobe just right for you, as well as bike etiquette and anecdotes from the history of women on bikes. The pocket book is 4 x 5.75" in size. This is the first edition of 1,000 copies written by April Streeter and designed by Fredrik Averin.

Why is this book important today?
City cycling is an easy fix for many urban dilemmas—bikes ease traffic jams, cut air pollution, and keep riders healthier and less stressed than car-bound citizens. When it comes to reaping this biking joy, however, men predominate in the cycling lanes by an average of three male cyclists to every one cycling female. It's not surprising—manufacturers have just begun to cater more to women cyclists. As the benefits to women are multiple, it's time for us to populate a bit more of urban bike lanes.

April Streeter first biked the big hills of Piedmont, California on a Big Wheel, eventually graduating to a banana seat bike. Now she rides, and writes, in Portland, Oregon. A blogger for, Streeter also contributes to a number of magazines including Green Mobility and Ethical Corporation. This is her book publishing debut.

Bike Magazine's 2013 Salsa El Mariachi 2 Review

Amputee built finger from bike parts [CNN]

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Phil Wood & Co Outboard Bottom Bracket (@philwoodco)

Outboard Bottom Bracket Cups

We manufacture Outboard Bottom Bracket (OBB) Cups for integrated spindle and crank systems. These cups are available in the following thread specifications: British, Italian, Raleigh Super Corsa, French, Swiss, and Chater Lea.
We make OBBs in all threadings to enable those with older, classic frames to adapt to current crank technology.
A threadless (press fit) OBB cup set is available for those that wish to convert older Klein frames that used the pressed-in 6003 bearing bottom bracket shells. Other frames that use a press fit system with 6003 bearings can utilize this threadless OBB as well.


Truvative and SRAM cranks use a unique bearing on the non-drive side. We have manufactured an adaptor that enables one to use a standard OBB cup with Truvative and SRAM cranks (middle image). At this time Campagnolo cranks are not currently compatible. Cmapagnolo uses a center bearing on their crankset, this interferes with our bottom bracket.

Replacement Bearing Dust Covers

We offer two sizes of replacement outboard bottom bracket bearing dust covers. We have a standard dust cover which is good for everything except Shimano and a medium dust cover which is good for newer Shimano (Dura Ace, XTR) parts.

[Phil Wood & Co]

Vans OTW Gallery: Zamora Tee

LA Launches “Every Lane is a Bike Lane … Bicyclists may need a full lane; Please share the road” campaign [The Source]

13-1362_otd_bike_traffic_safety_30sheet_jl_loLet’s face it. There are only so many bike lanes in our region and there remains many place where cyclists are faced a grim choice. They either must ride in a pebble-strewn parking lane/gutter where they have to avoid obstacles such as parked cars and garbage cans. Or they must ride in traffic lanes with vehicles that are faster than bikes and outweigh bikes by thousands of pounds.
With that in mind, here’s a news release Metro issued today on its new bike safety campaign which is more blunt than the “share the road” signs seen on many area streets. The point is this: cyclists are legally entitled to share most surface streets in California. And motorists are legally bound to pass them at a safe distance, although California law doesn’t specify an exact distance. 
Here is a good summary from the California Department of Motor Vehicles on cycling laws and guidelines:
  • Are entitled to share the road with motor vehicles.
  • Have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle and motorcycle drivers.
  • Must obey all traffic signals and stop signs.
  • Are lawfully permitted to ride on certain sections of roadway in rural areas where there is no alternate route.

"Woods Jump Room" at The Wheel Mill, Pittsburgh, PA

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ohio to Erie Trail - Camp Chase Trail Development

Development studied along Camp Chase Trail could result in an Urban Campground and Bike Hub.

Auto dealer Chris Haydocy is quick to acknowledge that a casino and urban campground for long-distance bicyclists would be unconventional cornerstones for redevelopment of Columbus’ west side.

But the president of Haydocy Automotive on West Broad Street and leader of a group trying to revitalize that area said the Hollywood Casino Columbus and a possible hub along the Ohio-to-Erie bike trail south of the $400 million casino could help lift the west side’s image and attract businesses.

“They are polar opposites but will tell a really good success story for the west side” said Haydocy, president of the Weston Vision Inc. redevelopment group. “We want to be identified by two big iconic things – this urban campground and Hollywood Casino Columbus.” The bicycle hub, which could include camping facilities for those traveling the 300-mile trail being built between Cincinnati and Cleveland, still is under discussion...

Continue reading here

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ohio to Erie Trail - Printed Trail Map Available Summer 2013

The Ohio to Erie Trail Fund is preparing a printed map for distribution in the summer of 2013 in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation and donors including American Electric Power.

The Ohio to Erie Trail Fund is preparing a printed map for distribution in the summer of 2013. This is being done in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation. American Electric Power has donated $5,000 to the project while individual donors gave over $4,000.  All donors will receive copies of the map and recognition for their contribution.
The map will have 15 detailed panels to guide trail users, and each panel will cover approximately 20-25 miles.  Next to the panels will be turn cues for both north and south bound travelers.
The map will be folded in such a way that a panel can be mounted in a handle bar map rack.
The reverse side will have rider safety information, detailed maps of urban areas, map key, and other information.
It will be printed on a water resistant paper (not water proof).

The first run of the map will be distributed at no cost, but donors are guaranteed a copy.
To Donate for the Map:
(PLEASE note that the donation is for the map project).

Donations can be sent made online or by mail:

DONATE ONLINE (Include "Map Project" in the instructions to the seller)

MAIL: The Ohio to Erie Trail Fund at 118 Graceland Blvd #146, Columbus, OH 43214.

PLEASE note that the donation is for the map project.