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Better World Club 30% DISCOUNT plus BICYCLE roadside assistance

Better World Club is offering a 30% discount off first year membership AND a free bicycle membership! use this link here for the discount - Better World Club, Inc. is dedicated to balancing economic goals with social and environmental responsibility. Better World Club supports a cleaner environment and alternative modes of transportation. We provide our customers with high quality, good value and environmentally sensitive products and services: - Emergency Roadside Assistance - Travel Products and Services - Insurance Products and Services We act as an advocate on behalf of the consumer and demonstrate our social and environmental commitment by donating an amount equal to 1% of our annual revenues toward environmental clean-up and advocacy and by providing unique eco-friendly travel alternatives. History - Ohio Boys Make Good Todd Silberman and Mitch Rofsky met forty years ago in an Ohio Cub Scout troop. Littl

Fast Boy Cycles - Fixed Gear Porter

To stay interested, Ezra has decided always to be working on a bike that HASN'T been ordered. Just a project of his own. A chance to try something different, learn something new. He'll be presenting these projects as fully built bikes and selling them here. The sale price will be less than the usual cost of the frame and the build. The proceeds will fund the NEXT project bike. #3 Fixed gear porteur                Fixie Porteur  $3250 53cm center to center (but a high bb and relatively fat tires! so 31.5" standover +/-) columbus spirit for lugs tubes (with s bend stays) custom stainless platform rack flashlight mount nitto 65 seat post nitto pearl stem sugino 75 cranks formula k18 hydraulic disc brake open pro rims laced to white industries hubs phil BB chris king headset panaracer ribmo tires nitto promenade bars $3250  without  saddle or pedals The classic porteurs were pretty unique in their very low trail and flop. Many of you who have had a front bas

Contested Streets

Contested Streets from Streetfilms on Vimeo .

The Cycling Eight

The story of eight teenage girls from Michigan who went on a multi-day bike trip in 1940. Produced by Heather Andrews.

Time to Take Action

I Bike I Vote - It is time to Save Cycling This year, around $700 million of Federal transportation funds, which in reality is less than 2 percent of total transportation dollars, will be spent on bicycling and walking. In 2012 that figure might be a big fat zero. In the next few days, Senator Coburn and Representative Cantor will ask Congress to eliminate the federal Transportation Enhancements program – the primary funding source for the past 20 years for bike lanes, trails, bike racks on buses, bike education etc. This isn’t safe or smart; it’s not good for the economy or the environment; this is bad health policy and bad transportation policy. But they are going to try because they don’t think bicycling matters. Even though bicycling projects create more jobs per dollar than highway-only projects and cutting enhancements won’t impact the deficit – the money just won’t be spent on bicycling – some Members of Congress want to force us backwards to a 1950s highway-only mindset: as

The Impulsive Traveler: In Detroit, ruin porn and an incipient renaissance [Washington Post]

(Michelle Figurski/ HEIDELBERG PROJECT ) - Tyree Guyton created this the “Motor City Lot” (taxis and cars) as part of the Heiderberg Project in Detroit, MI. The artist asks “Where are we going?” referring to the city of Detroit and Detroit auto industry. CAPTION FULLSCREEN     Text Size Print E-mail Reprints By  Stephen Lowman ,  Published: July 15 In Detroit, there’s room to ride. I spent my last day in the city on two wheels. The light traffic on downtown roads makes the Motor City surprisingly accommodating to visiting cyclists who don’t really know where they’re going. (Okay, there were a few times when somebody yelled “Get the [expletive] off the road!” from a passing car, but those were the only exceptions to the cheerful welcome we got from most locals.) Had I known about the show the city would put on, I would have gotten on a bike much sooner. I rode Grand Boulevard into the city’s eastern neighborhoods, turned north i

Calm down: With a very few exceptions, America is no place for cyclists [via Economist]

DYING while cycling is three to five times more likely in America than in Denmark, Germany or the Netherlands. To understand why, consider the death of Michael Wang. He was pedalling home from work in Seattle on a sunny weekday afternoon in late July when, witnesses say, a brown SUV made a left turn, crunched into Wang and sped away. The road where the 44-year-old father of two was hit is the busiest cycling corridor in Seattle, and it has clearly marked bicycle lanes. But the lanes are protected from motor vehicles by a line of white paint—a largely metaphorical barrier that many drivers ignore and police do not vigorously enforce. A few feet from the cycling lane traffic moves at speeds of between 30 miles per hour, the speed limit for arterials in Seattle, and 40 miles per hour, the speed at which many cars actually travel. This kind of speed kills. A pedestrian hit by a car moving at 30mph has a 45% chance of dying; at 40mph, the chance of death is 85%, according to Britain’s D

Bike Crash Wiped Details; GPS Data Filled Them In [via NY Times]

By  JOHN MARKOFF Published: September 5, 2011 WOODSIDE, Calif. — After racing and biking back roads on the San Francisco Peninsula for almost half a century without serious incident, on July 3 I crashed while riding downhill at more than 30 miles an hour. I knocked myself out, broke my nose and was left with lots of road rash and stitches on my face, as well as a deep gash above my knee that went all the way to the patella. Enlarge This Image Mike Piper Before GPS  The writer at a criterium race in 1967 in San Jose, Calif.  But when the paramedics picked me up and sent me to the hospital, I found that the worst thing I had sustained was a hole in my memory, lasting about 20 minutes. I had been riding by myself, and I had no idea what led me to crash. [continue reading at NY Times]

"Contested Streets" to be shown on September 12th, Campus Gateway

Time Monday, September 12 ·  7:30pm  -  9:00pm Location South Campus Gateway Created By Sierra Club Central Ohio Group More Info Contested Streets examines the problems with our nation’s transportation system and offers solutions. South Campus Gateway Columbus, 43201 Sept. 12th, 2011 at 7:30pm Cost $5 There will be a short panel discussion following the movie with transportation experts. There will be a raffle and prizes given to the first three people who used alternative transportation to get to this event! Questions? Please contact Ben Wickizer of the Sierra Club: Ben.Wickizer@sierraclub.or g [Facebook event]

RideDEAF is Saturday, September 24


GCGC Garden Tour and Potluck is Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 5:15pm - 9:00pm

Date Thursday, September 8, 2011 -  5:15pm  -  9:00pm Ist Annual Greater Columbus Growing Coalition Garden Tour & Potluck with Bicycle Tour Option! "Four Great Gardens, One Great Meal!" WHEN: SEPTEMBER 8TH                 5:30-9:00 What:   First GCGC Garden Tour and Potluck Dinner with Bicycle Tour Option  Where: COLUMBUS – Westside RSVP: PLEASE RSVP if you are coming to this first annual tour.  Let us know if you will be touring by bicycle. RSVP to Noreen Warnock, Misc.:  You can either drive the tour by car or ride by bicycle.  All tableware will be provided.   If you want to car pool, meet at the church below at 5:45 PM.  Carpooling will be up to you.                  St. John’s Church                 1003 West Town                 Columbus 43222 WHETHER YOU ARE DRIVING, WALKING OR GOING ON THE BIKE TOUR, PLEASE DROP YOUR PASTA SAUCE AND GREENS OFF AT ST. JOHN’S CHURCH BEFORE YOU GO ON THE GARDEN TOUR. FOR THOSE WHO ARE DRIVING: Ple

Charge your gadgets with Silverback Starke 1

Frame / Rahmen Fork / Gabel Rims / Felgen Hubs / Naben Tyres / Reifen Shifters / Schalthebel Front derailleur / Umwerfer Rear derailleur / Schaltwerk Crankset / Kurbelgarnitur Bottom bracket / Innenlager Cassette / Kassette Pedals / Pedale Brake set / Bremsen Flow Formed Nickel Alloy SBC Starke Alloy fork Alex SX 44 F: Supernova Infinity S Dynamo; R: Shimano Deore LX Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 26" x 2.0 Shimano XT 9 Speed NIL Shimano XT 9 Speed Shimano Alfine 2 Piece Shimano 2 Piece Shimano 9 Speed 11-32T VP Components Shimano Hydraulic disc Brake [Silverback Website]

Wider Tires Are Faster (PDF)

In theory, wider tires offer better performance. Their contact patch is wider and shorter, thus requiring less tire deformation as the wheel rotates. However, the casings of wider tires en- dure greater stresses, and a wider tire requires a sturdier, less supple casing. Such a casing requires more energy to deform, and the net result often is a tire that is slower. An alternative to sturdier casings is running the wider tires at lower pres- sures. This solution has been adopted by some track riders, who run their 25 mm tires at 10 bar (150 psi) instead of the 14 bar (200 psi) used for narrower track tires. Our real-road tests have confirmed that very high pressures offer no significant performance ben- efits.3 However, harder tires feel faster, probably because they transmit a higher frequency of vibrations, which riders associate with higher speeds.4 This appears to be the reason why performance riders have gravitated toward narrower tires time and again over the history of the bic

COP 27th Covered Bridge Tour is Saturday September 10, 2011

  Date:   Saturday September 10, 2011 Time:   7:30 am - 9:00 am Next reminder:   The next reminder for this event will be sent in 4 days, 4 minutes. Location:   Cyclist Connection Street:   200 Cemetery Rd. City State Zip:   Canal Winchester, OH Notes:   Roads will be marked and maps provided. 45, 55, 95, 105 options. $4 member, $7 non-member. Robert Allen 614-866-8698 Suzanne Birk  614-581-4316.

DecoBike Miami Beach - Bike share

TWO DISTINCT WAYS TO UTILIZE THE DECOBIKE PROGRAM BIKE SHARE MEMBERSHIP OR HOURLY RENTAL Hourly Rentals:  An hourly rental allows a rider to keep the bike for the entire duration of the rental period. As a perk, you can also dock/park your bike at any station and check another during your rental period. The rental period starts at the time of your original transaction. Memberships:  Bike Sharing Membership is a concept that has been used very successfully in a variety of European cities, such as Paris and Barcelona. A membership allows a rider to check out and return ANY available bike from ANY station, all day long. The first 30min of every ride is included for free, so it gets you from station to station where you dock/park the bike, then just grab another one when you are ready to ride again (like a taxi, but a lot more fun!). The 30min trip clock resets each time you arrive at a station/destination, so you get UNLIMITED 30min rides at no extra charge. When docked, the bike

Bike the C-Bus 2011 - Personal photos

These are photos that my wife and I took during the event. Keep checking back for event photos from Sarah Gaylor Photography .

Coker Monster Cruiser - This one rolls on 36 inchers!

The first of its kind, the Coker Monster Cruiser is all about comfort and style. Big is the name of the game and it’s available in both men’s and women’s designs. It’s the world’s largest cruiser bicycle with massive 36-inch wheels, but its design makes it easy to ride. Gear ratio selections via the three-speed coaster-brake hub is another step toward easy riding, as it allows the rider to choose a low gear for steep inclines, or a higher gear for faster speeds on flat ground or downward slopes. The double wall aluminum rims are plenty strong and are laced to the hubs with 48 stainless steel spokes, before being professionally trued. The Monster Cruiser features Coker’s button tread tires, and a classic springer seat for the vintage look. Wide (30-inch) handlebars offer comfortable cruising, and a front caliper brake offers assistance to the rear coaster brake. These monstrous bikes are available in two color offerings—red for the men’s version and white for the women’s model