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As seen at Performance Bikes (Schwinn World Explorer for $999)

The specs for this bike are impressive for the price of $999 (And additional 11% off until 01/02/2011) The price at the pump? Not a worry when you have the Schwinn World Adventure Commuter Bike. It's the swift, agile utility vehicle that deftly navigates the roads without shelling out at the pump - or getting snared in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Strap your briefcase on the rear rack, snag a baguette at the bakery and smile at all those folks stuck in traffic as you roll by.   Schwinn N'Litened Gold Label aluminum frame and fork with Bio Tuned geometry delivers a lightweight, strong and stiff ride Sporty, Shimano Alfine drivetrain gives you extra comfort, control and sporty style while riding Shimano RapidFire shifters paired with an 8-speed internal rear hub offer a wide range of gear options Bio Tuned handlebar, dual-density grips and saddle put you in the right position for premium comfort Avid Juicy hydraulic disc brakes provide low maintenance, all-weather stopping

2010 The Year in Numbers (and accomplishments)

ONE  official taco truck ride 1st time riding in Detroit, Chattanooga, South Carolina 3rd GAP ride 3rd Oglebay Christmas lights ride Triple D Challenge finisher (UDM ride, Beat the Train, Tour de Troit) 13 degrees (HATTARICK ride in January 2010) 40 Tuesday Night Rides 55 (Paw Paw Double Nickel Ride) 85  organized rides 126 mile trek on National Road to Wheeling 1st  200k  (126 mile) brevet 160 lbs of beer carried on Frankenbike 230 miles on TOSRV 400 (almost) participants for Bike the C-Bus Personal Mileage 3842  Miles on Lemond Poprad 493  Miles on Klein road bike 4335  Miles total

Ohio Bikeways Website

Ohio bike trails represent a vital part of a much larger vision that includes: bicycle advocacy for bike-friendly communities, recreational and commuting opportunities and trail networks, preservation of greenspace, eco-friendly and energy efficient transportation and healthy living. Bike commuting, mountain biking, and related pursuits all play important roles. Our coverage of Ohio multi-use bike trails includes rail-trails, towpaths and the connecting bike lanes and road routes that link them. Related topics can be found on the  News ,  Links  &  Trailside  pages. The expanding Ohio bike trail networks can best be viewed on the Ohio Trail Maps  page where state-wide or individual trail perspectives can be found. For a list of Ohio trail reviews, see the Ohio  Review List  page. [Ohio Bikeways Website]

New Year's Day Ride Recap - 01012011

Highlights COP New Year's Day Ride 8 riders Temps started in mid 50's ended in low 40's, windy Patches of rain Mid point stop at Dutch Kitchen 23 miles

New Year's Eve Ride Recap - 12312010

44 Miles Temps in upper 50's/low 60's Rode with Tim and Bill Johnstown/T.J. Evans Trail/Alexandria loop Alexandria Marathon gas station has a ladies night on Thursday's. Hmmm.

Get Your Bike Travel Fix on Route 66

Adventure Cycling's planned 2,400-mile bicycle-friendly route will revitalize the "Main Street of America" — this time with touring cyclists Missoula, Montana  —  Adventure Cycling Association  today announced that its next long-distance cycling route will be Bicycle Route 66. Embracing the spirit of "The Mother Road," the new route will follow the famous corridor from Chicago to Los Angeles on roads appropriate for cyclists and, when possible, on sections of the historic highway. "Route 66 was the overwhelming favorite among our members for a new long-distance route," said Carla Majernik, Adventure Cycling's routes and mapping director. "It's a legendary corridor and, for our route network, a critical link through areas where we have no routes, such as Oklahoma." Established 84 years ago in November 1926, Route 66 was one of the original U.S. highways, ferrying travelers and migrants between Chicago and Los Angeles along the 2,451

The Year in Photos

Check out photos from bicycle rides and events this year. Warning: There are a lot of photos! HATTARICK 2010 36  photos |  Edit The Lost Trail 7  photos |  Edit Saturday 01232010 Ride 1  photo |  Edit Tuesday Night Ride - 01192010 4  photos |  Edit 02022010 TNR 3  photos |  Edit Buckeye Lake ride 03072010 15  photos |  Edit 03092010 TNR 10  photos,  1  video |  Edit Ohio Market Day  Ride 6  photos |  Edit Ride to Granville with Molly... 4  photos,  2  videos |  Edit TNR 03162010 1  photo |  Edit Wheeling Ride 03202010 52  photos |  Edit Ride to Sonic 8  photos |  Edit Ride to Newark 03212010 8  photos |  Edit TNR 03232010 15  photos |  Edit Columbus to Wheeling Ride... 57  photos |  Edit TNR 03302010 15  photos |  Edit Ride to Xenia 04032010 25  photos,  1  video |  Edit TNR 04062010 16  photos |  Edit Woodstock 2010  Century 14  photos |  Edit Ride to South Charleston... 13  photos |  Edit TNR 04132010 10  photos |  Edit TNR 04202010 6  photos |  Edit Mid Ohio 2010 18  photos |  Edi