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Friday, October 3, 2008

SustainLane Presents: The 2008 US City Rankings

Welcome to the 2008 SustainLane US City Rankings! You'll find extensive coverage on the greening of the 50 most-populous cities in the nation on these pages, and the most complete report card on urban sustainability in America. This report benchmarks each city's performance in 16 areas of urban sustainability, including an essential new measurement this year: Water Supply. Forged in 2005 and now in its third edition, the peer-reviewed Rankings track the unfolding story of cities working to improve their residents' quality of life. In this story, some cities are becoming more self-reliant and better prepared for an uncertain future, while others have been slow to act on opportunities to green their municipalities.
We hope you enjoy reading through our work as much as we enjoyed creating it! Get started now with a closer look at our methodology, or a review of what makes a sustainable city. Or if you'd like, simply cut to the chase and check out the Rankings. We'll be continually updating these pages with stories from the field, so check back often. Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!

Columbus is up to 30th from 50 last year

The website is here...

It's a Cardboard Bike!

Cardboard bike aims to put brakes on theives

A student at Sheffield Hallam University has created a unique cardboard bicycle, which aims to reduce thefts and encourage people to get out of their cars and 'on their bikes'.

The site is ere...

22 miles to go!

I need 22 miles to break my mileage record from a few years ago. In 06 I hit 2968 miles with three weeks left in the year. Then I got sick and never broke 3000 miles. I am now 22 miles away from breaking my record. I hope to do that this weekend. javascript:void(0)

Brooks Barbican Messenger Bag

I was at coffee talk this morning. People actually showed up so I didn't need to talk to my coffee this Friday. An acquaintance was sporting a very cool bag and I commented it looked like the Brooks Barbican Messenger Bag.

In 1910 John Boultbee and his son Wilfred Mason Brooks filed two patents related to improvements in satchels, knapsacks and the like. Both these patents guaranteed more equal distribution of the load over the straps and more stability of the bag whilst cycling. With this in mind we developed our new BARBICAN Messenger Bag, featuring a shoulder belt which can be easily secured around the waist during the ride.

The belt is the innovative part of this bag. Once adjusted to the desired length, depending on the height and waist of the cyclist, the belt can be kept loose to carry the bag over or across the shoulder while walking. For increased stability during the ride, the belt can be easily fastened around the waist simply pulling the two ends of the belt and locking them at the center with the “Sam Brown” fixing.

Materials: water resistant fabric with leather finishing

Width 34 cm 43 cm
Height 30 cm 33 cm
Depth 10 cm 10 cm
Volume 12 l 15 l
Weight 1450 g 1550 g

You can order one here...

Transpose a few letters and what do you get?

A Mega site of bible studies

The incorrect site is here...

I wonder how many other blogs have alternate sites on the domain? Every misspelled blog subdomain rolls to the same site. Very clever.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

WCRS Mapping Project

WCRS Folks,

I am going to do a little project to map out where our station and signal can be heard geographically after Marilyn told me yesterday that she could hear WCRS as far west as Mile 85 on I-70 west of town near West Jefferson! And also others reporting in northern Powell and on Brice Road and I-70, all of which are outside of our expected range.

So, if you have heard us before, please say where. Please be exact as possible, don't say "oh in my car on the east side." Addresses would be best, but to maintain some privacy an intersection or more specific place would work too.

For example for myself,
2929 N. High St.
95 E. 1st Ave
26 E. Blake Ave.
W. 1st Ave and Park St
Goodale Park
Kenworth Rd

Anyway, please tell me and I will make a useful, telling, and fun map of this.

Send your locations to zachhenkel [at]


ColumbusRides picked up by Amsterdam blog

I inadvertently found this while searching for something else. Or something like that. Whatever!

Amsterdam NL blog featuring my stories about my trip to Amsterdam.

It's here...

The Jan Ullrich Collection: Who knew?

Jan Ullrich, the most successful and most popular German cyclist at present, can look back on a long and exceptional career. Now he wants to pass on his experience and passion to all cycling enthusiasts. In cooperation with the former professional cyclists Tobias Steinhauser and Rolf Weggenmann, Jan Ullrich arranged a special bicycle frame collection. Jan's ideas were incorperated within each design and therefore each frame carries Jan`s trademark.

For Jan, cycling means speed, passion and elegance - and this is exactly what his new bikes are.

Da site...

Editor's Note: It's pronounced Yan, not Jan from Brady Bunch

Looking to stop?

Check out TRP Brake options. They make brakes for all types of riding.

Here is the site...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have you seen this man? It's so tragic... no pun intended

Editor's note: He is not missing nor is he hurt. Just thought the photo was funny...

C & O Canal Path Ride Review from CNN

CNN story here...

My mini review of the Allegheny portion of the trail is here and here

The Big Savage Mountain tunnel story is here.

Editor's Note: A question was posed about tires. If I recall correctly I had 35mm semi slicks installed when I rode it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Columbus Critical Manners Bike Ride - 10/7

Members of Consider Biking will be leading a Critical Manners ride on October 7, 5:30 PM starting at the William McKinley Monument on the west lawn of the Statehouse. The ride will be approximately 10 miles, ending at Surly Girl Saloon.

More info and commenting at Walker Evans Effect

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bicycle Activism in Chicago

Wow! Look at what is going in Chicago as relates to bicycling. They really have a lot of programs going on there. Car free parkways! What a concept... Traffic free routes for the family to explore neighborhoods.

The website is here...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Every cyclist's enemy: Explore the world of lactic acid

By Edmund R. Burke, Ph.D.
February 07, 2001

We have all experienced the severe leg pain that comes at the end of a hard jam, a fast climb, or an all-out sprint. This pain is caused by a nemesis of the hard-working cyclist: lactic acid build-up in the muscles.

the rest of the story...

Sunday Ride 09/28/08 Recap

I got to ride by myself, which I will probably be doing more often as the fall/winter rolls around, for this ride. I decided to follow the 50 mile Ridge Runner route which loops through Granville. There was a headwind coming out of the north that was strong enough to make me feel like I was riding in molasses. The leaves are just starting to change and it was in the mid to upper 70's. Overcast to start and then the sun came out, not too strong though, and the clouds turned into the cotton ball variety.

Mayor of Freedonia was in the house. He was stationed at his corner riding in circles. He yelled at me "to get out of here" when I said "Good Afternoon." I might have video if you ask politely.

I continued on until Granville. Still a lot of fallen trees in peoples' yards. I stopped for a cup of coffee in town. On the way out of town I was greeted by some moron in a Ford econo car. He almost hit me with his mirror and slowed to tell me, "we don't want you(r) type of people in our town." Wow! What type of person am I? White guy? Bald guy? Married guy? Coffee drinker? Did he see me stop for a cup of coffee in town? Are they against coffee drinkers in Granville? What was he against? I don't think it was the bicycle. Oh well, I guess we will never know.

Uneventful ending to my ride. Although, I did ride down Mink to East Broad and headed west. The best church name around is on East Broad out past the Limited Brands monolithic campus. It is called, "Full Armor of God Baptist Church." Enough said.

Ride details.
1:45pm start, ended 6:15pm
One man paceline
64 miles
Averaged 16.3mph
Climbed 2275 feet

From the vault - WAD Doo Dah Parade video

I found this in my folder of stuff while organizing files. Original post is here...

23RD FALL HOOT • Saturday, October 4

8:00-9:30AM. Bloom Carroll High School, Rt. 33 between Canal Winchester and Lancaster. Flat to rolling route of 35-40 miles. Longer route of 65 miles with lots of hills may remind you of CFC. Plenty of food stops available. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Dave Roderick 614/836-3106 roderickdavid(at)

New light to shine from Light and Motion - UPDATED 09/29/2008

Light and Motion replaced their entire HID line of lights with LED's. The SECA 700 is brighter than the Light and Motion Arc HID which I own. 700 lumens with run time up to 5 hours depending on the battery. I would love to see this light in action. Hint hint!

The site...

I asked Light and Motion why LED over HID... Here was their response.
With LEDs we get the following advantages:
more efficient – longer burn time for the same battery
more light output in a lighter weight package
instant on/off
multiple power levels that allow a linear burn time response. ½ power runs 2x longer.
all solid state – approx 20,000 hours life on the leds vs 500 to 1000 hours on the HIDs.

requires multiple point sources to match the HID output
more complex reflector design
significant thermal management issues to overcome to insure reliable performance

Our new Seca has an all new reflector design and custom electronics that allow us to overcome the negatives.

From VeloNews - Armstrong's "passport" may be invalid for Oz

The UCI has raised doubts over whether Lance Armstrong will be legally allowed to compete at January's Tour Down Under in Australia.

Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, has targeted the first ProTour race of the season as his comeback race after a three-year absence from the professional peloton.

However the international ruling body, said Armstrong would have to show that he has complied UCI's “biological passport” rule demanding that athletes must be registered with an anti-doping program for at least six months six months prior to competing.

More here...

What is Bike China all about?

We love cycling in China and think you will too! China is full of surprises and you will be amazed with what you will find here.

Why bicycle in China? With the world's largest population and largest cycling population, cycling in China is an unparalleled treat to those of us who grew up strapped into the seat of a car. We consider the bicycle the perfect means of transportation since it allows the body to keep pace with the mind.

This site is designed to help you plan a wonderful bicycle tour in China. At Bike China Adventures, Inc., we believe small groups enhance the experience.

More info here...