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Own a Prius and want to carry bikes?

I looked around and tried several racks before settling on a Receiver Hitch mount from Coastal Tech. I used a Saris Bones rear rack. Saris claimed that it fits, but the rear legs are not long enough to raise the straps off the rear spoiler. I recently checked the site and they only list the Guardian Racks. From their site; Coastal Electronic Technologies, Inc. has developed a (1 1/4") & a (2") receiver hitch which will simply "bolt on" using already existing holes, without any drilling or modifications necessary. Installation takes less than 25 minutes and once installed, a world full of accessories can be inserted, making your Prius much more versatile. It is sold for $149.00 and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Complete instructions with color photos are included for fast, easy installation. All of the hitches and accessories are quality, powder coated units which you will use for many years to come. You can add a 2" or 1.25" rack from a variet

Leave vehicles home, cash in with EcoBucks

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Cranksters Archive Now Available on WCRS site

Link here... I think I am on episode 5 or 6.

2/18/2008 Ride Report

A little icy. A little cold. I was a little reluctant to ride, but I thought it would be a good chance to see what a commuter would experience if they were forced to ride under these conditions. It was icy. Riding on the crusty ice on the berm seemed to help. I attended the winter weather seminar by Chris Luers a few weeks ago. He made a point of warning us to avoid the painted lines and words on the streets when it is wet (or icy). I made a boo-boo. Right out in front of Columbus State I hit the T in STOP. I slid sideways in slow motion. Then someone grazed my helmet with the rear derailleur. No harm. We headed over to High Street which was getting treated by the street crews and became a little better. Traffic was lighter than normal because of the weather. We slowly made our way up to the starting point. At one point some pedestrians started yelling at us. They kept saying something about the police. I believe they may have mistaken us for bike officers. I ultimately yelled tha

Green Drinks Event

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home Another special Green Drinks event. This time, we are going to the movies at a Columbus landmark - Studio 35. The film is Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, a documentary about a suburban family that collects their waste for three months and then follows it through the system. We think it sounds like an interesting experiment (to watch) and hope you do to. The specifics about the event are: What: February Green Drinks - Movie Event When: Thursday, February 21, 2008, 6 -9 p.m. Where: Studio 35, 3055 Indianola Ave. Why: Learn about the often unpleasant end of life phase of our consumer society Note: admission to the movie is $5. However, pairs of tickets are being given away by WWHO-TV, WCBE (90.5 FM) and WCRS (98.3/102.1 FM, our new community radio station) This event is supported by Columbus Brewing Company, Weisenbach Specialty Printing, and WWHO-TV. Hope to see you on Thursday! Team Green Drinks

Wheelcraft - Wheeling, WV

Through the years I have purchased many bikes from Andy and Cindy at Wheelcraft. They carry Trek, Klein (when available), Gary Fisher, Calfee and many other bike manufacturers. I have visited many bike shops though the years and I still have never ran into a local bike shop that has as much selection as Wheelcraft. Plus, Andy will answer your bike questions through the BikeExchange website

Sunday Trail Ride 02/17/2008 Ride Report

I don't know if you peeked outside today or not, but around 4PM the skies cleared and the temperature rose past 60 degrees. I rode with someone south on the Alum Creek Greenway Trail. We headed south and rode to the Confluence Trail Head. From Livingston to the trailhead is 8.1 miles. I took some pictures of the Refugee Road crossing. This is completely unacceptable. I rode through the mud and was clogged up my frame and almost lost my shoes when I had to stop in the middle of it. At least the city could lay some gravel down. Sunday Trail Ride 02/17/2008 Ride Report On the way back we continued north past Livingston through Bexley. The trail continues past Nelson Park and heads under 670. At that point the trail continues East and West. We headed West towards town. At Leonard it turns left and follows the road. We turned off as it neared and I-71. We finished up with 23.5 miles. Averaged 13.5mph. 61 degrees and sunny, until the sun went down.