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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wheeling Heritage Trail Bicycle Tour

Sunday, May 30, 2010
9:00am - 2:00pm
Wheeling Heritage Port


4th Annual tour of the Wheeling Heritage Trail that celebrates the existing trail and gathers support and awareness for trail expansion.

Sling Power Technology by Slingshot Bikes

In every pedal rotation of a traditional bike design there is a "dead" portion in the power stroke where the rider is getting no benefit from the expended effort. With the Slingshot design, we have provided the most efficient use of pedal energy throughout the entire pedal revolution resulting in greater speed with the same expended energy. This difference is achieved as pedal energy is stored in the spring compression - then released at the "dead" portion of the pedal stroke, effectively increasing the length of the power stroke. Any energy not going directly to the rear wheel (forward power) is momentarily stored, returning 100% in the "dead" portion of the power stroke. This returned energy helps balance the power through the pedal stroke and reduces the effect of the dead spot. The net effect is what we call "Sling Power".
Here are the components that allow for the stored energy - release.

Dogbone Flexboard - Located just in front of the seatpost, this board provides independent mid-suspension. The Dogbone is self-aligning and replaceable.
Coil Spring - Located where the head and top join, this spring absorbs shock and stores pedal energy. Different color springs for different size riders. Green=extra strong, red=medium, black=soft.
Stainless Steel Cable - Attached to the coil spring and the bottom bracket, the cable links the front and rear frame components.
Another benefit of the spring, cable, fiberglass board relationship is that the Slingshot frame has the potential to turn every bump in the trail into forward motion. Every bump becomes a boost. This is achieved by utilizing the same stored energy concept explained above - with the added feature of the mid-suspension fiberglass board. When the rider hits a bump in the trail, the front of the bike will absorb the shock by compressing the spring and flexing the fiberglass board (suspension), temporarily increasing the bikes wheelbase. When the bike returns to its normal state, the Slingshot redirects the forces of trail shock into forward motion.

SlingPower is so noticeable - you won't need labratory equipment to detect it!

Great Allegheny Passage Video

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Save the Date! - Bike the C-Bus 2010 is September 4, 2010

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Rails-to-Trails Conservancy: National Trail and Mileage Count

Rail-Trail Statistics
The following content is updated periodically to provide current information about Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and rail-trail development at the national and state level.

The table below reflects known rail-trails and total trail mileage.
On this page:

National Rail-Trail Trail and Trail Mileage Counts:
  • Open: 1,631 open rail-trails for a total of 19,578 miles
  • Projects: 724 rail-trail projects for a total of 8,676 miles
State Rail-Trail Trail and Trail Mileage Counts:
AK3   384   247

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 02022010

We rode from Goodale Park north through Clintonville and over to the northeast side where we ended at Taco Nazo on 161 and Maple Canyon. We all downed some tacos and FREE horchata! Then we rode south on Maple Canyon through Tamarack and west over the pedestrian bridge to Indianola. South through town. The group did about 22 miles. I did 26.5. Great weather, cool and dry.

Joint Press Release of Greg LeMond and Trek Bicycle Corporation

Cycling legend Greg LeMond and Trek Bicycle Corporation announced an agreement to close out all remaining issues for the business venture they began in 1995, and to provide funding for a charity near Greg’s heart.

“Greg has a hard-won place in the Pantheon of bicycle racing, and we are proud of what we were able to accomplish together,” said Trek’s President John Burke. “Trek respects Greg’s efforts and commitment to the charitable foundation,, and Trek is pleased to lend its support to that very worthwhile endeavor.”

Three-time Tour de France winner LeMond said: “I am pleased to resolve the issues between Trek and myself and am happy to be able to move forward with the things important in my life. I appreciate Trek’s support for the work of I take deep satisfaction in this resolution and believe it will have a positive impact on those that can benefit most from the purpose of”

Contact Information: Ralph A. Weber, 414.587.2500 (for Trek)
James A. DiBoise, 415.947.2114 (for LeMond)

Williams Cycling 30x - $489 Ceramic bearing wheelset!

THE BOMBER - light, but bulletproof.

Williams designed the 30x is for the peloton's big powerhouses. Added spokecounts
to 24 front/28 rear make this wheelset perfect for the bigger rider, yet still tips the
scales at a light 1639 grams and can handle all the punishment you can dish out.
This is the wheelset able to withstand the cobbles of a Belgian classic or the rutted
descents of a mud-caked cyclocross course.
At a 225 pound rider weight limit, the 30x is probably Williams most versatile wheelset. Running Hybrid Ceramic Bearings in the hubs, the 30x will offer rock solid dependable performance under the harshest of conditions. Light, bombproof, superior performance.

 Hybrid ceramic bearings 700C Clincher Shimano 9/10 or Campy 10 Hand built construction Easy maintenance Niobium superalloy rim material Bladed spokes Williams quick release skewers High performance brake pads

From the mailbag: B1 Tuneup Sale

Once again B1 Bicycles is offering their full tune-up at 1/2 off the normal $59.99 price.
$29.98 gets you a pro tune-up from our factory trained bicycle technicians who will give your machine the love it deserves and have it ready for pick up or delivery within 2 business days.  The deal is going until March 15th this year, longer than our competitors.  Also, if you bought your bike from us get that baby in here for your free check up!!  We look forward to serving you once again and if you are new to town or us, earning your business.  Thank you,

Casey Karnes
B1 Bicycles

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stolen Bike Alert - Columbus, OH

Stolen bike: 50cm Steelman Cyclocross. Campagnolo Record Ergo Levers and RD. DT Swiss Rims, XTR/Centaur hubs. Disk brake front. Red frame, white fork, white bar tape, Rivendell Jack Brown green tire in the rear, Maxxis Raze tire front. Flite perfortated saddle. Thomson seatpost. Deda Stem/handlebars. Any information at all appreciated. 330-328-3960

Saris T-Bone - Car rack to floor rack

Rack it. Pack it. Park it Love it.
Introducing T-Bones: The hitch rack with a higher purpose.

Most racks are happy to just sit around when they're not attached to your car. But it's clear that T-Bones wants to be the hardest working rack in the world. When it isn't busy being a high-performance hitch rack, it's a convenient bike storage solution for your home.
In between, it folds up to fit in the T-Bones Transport Bag so you can transition between your home and vehicle with ease. Try getting that kind of 24x7 service from your current rack system.