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Ellen Noble's Cyclocross Quest: A Cycling Camp for Young Women (Full Scholarships available!)

  Professional cyclist Ellen Noble has started a cyclocross camp geared towards women ages 15-18 years of age, which takes place this summer August 17-22 (Friday through Wednesday in Northampton, MA. The cost is $975 per rider, although there are 3 full scholarships available. Other partial scholarships may be available on need.  SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE IS THIS WEEK ON APRIL 16TH. “People always ask me what women’s cycling needs the most, and how we can get #MoreGirlsOnBikes,” says Ellen. “My answer is always: We need to hold young women to the same standard that we hold young men. Only then will we see a surge in youth women’s racing, and at the same time an increase in love of the sport as their abilities are finally recognized. That answer has shaped my image for this camp.” The camps schedule is designed to be rigorous to ensure that the campers get the most out of their time here. However, the camp will also provide a generous amount of leisure time to find the