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This one goes to eleven!

Campagnolo will introduce 11 speed cassettes next year. In Feltre, Italy, this week, just 15km away from the memorial to Tullio Campagnolo at the summit of the Croce d’Aune pass, Campagnolo reintroduced its Super Record racing group. More...

Ride a bike and want a solid camera to record your antics?

A friend of mine just picked up one of the Olympus shockproof, waterproof, crushproof cameras. You can drop it 5 feet, ride in the rain, ride your bike across it and it will still work. I am thinking of getting one for my wife. I call her "Destructo" because she can break anything. More details...

Own a Prius and want to carry bikes? Follow-up

Last weekend when we were hanging out at Buckeye Donuts waiting for the Cemescary Ride to start I saw my car drive by. Someone else has a silver Prius with the same rack system on the back of their car. It was eery. I couldn't see if it was a bald guy driving, but that would have made the cake. Here is a pic of my car with rack/hitch. See original story here...

Google Maps has added Street View for Columbus

Now you can check out what the house or business looks like before you drive to it! Most streets are covered, even out into the burbs where I live. Click into the map and it Street View. Pretty amazing. View Larger Map

24 Hours of Waffle Rally - Coming Soon

The next rally may be a Waffle House Bicycle Rally. There are sixteen Waffle House restaurants within the Columbus beltway or close to the beltway. Still trying to nail down a date Map of locations from The mileage stated is from downtown Columbus. 1 Waffle House (614) 536-0409 1405 N CASSADY AVE COLUMBUS, OH 43219-1528 5.12 miles away 2 Waffle House (614) 885-8210 1050 EAST DUBLIN- COLUMBUS, OH 43229-2503 6.56 miles away 3 Waffle House (614) 272-9575 900 WILSON ROAD COLUMBUS, OH 43204-1466 6.67 miles away 4 Waffle House (614) 409-2721 3960 SOUTH HIGH ST COLUMBUS, OH 43207-4014 7.82 miles away 5 Waffle House (614) 882-9791 3385 DUBLIN-GRANVLLE WESTERVILLE, OH 43081-9359 6 Waffle House (614) 876-9834 2360 WEST BELT DRIVE COLUMBUS, OH 43228-3822 8.23 miles away 7 Waffle House (614) 539-9225 3085 BROADWAY GROVE CITY, OH 43123-1400 8.28 miles away 8 Waffle House (614) 539-0610 4140 MARLANE DR GROVE CITY, OH 43123-2925 8.70 miles away 9 Waffle House (614) 878-6778 4595 WEST

6/17/2008 Ride Report

I want to estimate at least 70 people showed up. First headed down south, then west, then north. East, then headed up north and rode down Walhalla. Then headed north again to the Park of Roses? We had a mobile sound system providing music, pretty cool except he had it cranked up too loud and the music was blown out and distorted. The pace was one of the slowest I have ever been on. Then we bolted south on the trail then headed east toward the railroad tracks. As we headed south on High I pushed it to 30mph on the crest passed the convention center. South to Tip Top. Headed home after that. Our group put in around 25 miles. Overall it wasn't one of the best evenings. I may consider skipping the ride for awhile. : (

Wooden Bicycles

The link and story is here...

Boulder CO - Bicyclists get naked to protest high gas prices

See the video...

Next Rally idea? UPDATED

I am looking for ideas for the next bicycle rally. One idea is a thrift store ride. At each store you will need to buy and wear a garment to the end. Any other ideas will be welcome. We may be doing a Waffle House Rally. I will post details as they become available.

14 on the 14th Ride Report

68 miles - averaged 15mph We started with 6 people, lost one before the first cemetery but picked up two more at the first stop. Five of us rode the entire route. I had 75 miles for the evening. We picked up and lost a few riders as the night went on. So we may have had ten people ride some section. We reached all but one of the cemeteries and stopped at the ice cream shop, The only cemetery we missed was the Feebleminded Cemetery in Franklinton. We shot straight down McKinley to the Franklinton Cemetery, which is where Sullivant has a obelisk commemorating his contribution to the city. The map shows our approximate route. We may have picked some different streets to get to some of the cemeteries but it is pretty close. We rode west, then north and east to Westerville. Down south to Alum Creek (stopped at Kroger for supplies) and headed west south of downtown over the Franklinton. It was a great ride, the weather was hot at the beginning but became pleasant toward the end of the e