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Halloween Adventure Ride is scheduled for Saturday November 1 2008- UPDATED 10/31/2008

Saturday, November 1st All Soul's Day Bike Ride. It will be a night ride and we are planning on stopping at some "haunted" locations, at least three cemeteries and possible a few other stops. The ride will start at 7PM since it gets dark early . Possibly 30-40 miles total. This will be a "choose your own adventure" type ride. We will have a list of locations to visit and then we will pick a route as we ride. The ride will end at Por Vida! a Day of the Dead celebration! Host: Kat Moya Type: Music/Arts - Opening Start Time: Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 10:00pm Location: junctionview studios Street: 889 williams ave City/Town: Columbus, OH $3 cover charge If interested email me at raymondmgeorge [at] Originally we planned for Halloween ride, but the multitude of events going on have forced the reschedule.

I want to add a power sensor to my crank. What can I do?

The CinQo Power Sensor Tired of being told which head unit to use with your power sensor? Make that a thing of the past with the CinQo. Its compatibility with the ANT+Sport network now gives you choice! You can use the CinQo with any other computer that is on the ANT+Sport network. 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless ANT+Sport compatible 10 Strain gages User Replaceable CR2450 battery Projected 130 grams ± 2% Accuracy The website...

Hans "No Way" Rey on Trans World Sport

I remember Hans Rey from the 80's when he ruled trials. This video is amazing.

Bikin Bob rides

I heard through the grapevine that Bob has decided he will NOT be scheduling his rides for this winter. : ( I may try to get out and ride some 50 - 75 mile loops each weekend. Please feel free to email me if interested. raymondmgeorge [at]

Mark your calendar: February 27 – March 1, 2009

Welcome to the world’s leading handmade bicycle show! I would like to invite you to register for the 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 27 – March 1, 2009 The site...

Not bike related, but very cool: One Week Jobs

Between Feb 2007 and March 2008, Sean Aiken completed an epic journey around North America, working 52 jobs in 52 weeks. Sean Aiken graduated from college and didn’t know what he wanted to do for a career (or what he wanted to do with his life). Instead of take the first job that came along, he found a unique way of figuring it out: the One Week Job project. Here is his story...

Looking for used (and new) equipment that the Pros use?

Buy it directly from the a pro team. Team Toyota-United sells their used (and sometimes new) equipment on their website. You can make an offer on a wide variety of equipment. Go to the homepage and look for the link in the lower left corner. The website is here...

Ride 10/27/08 Report

Not much to report since I didn't show up. The report was 9 people showed. 4 people left early. Then another person left, leaving on 4 to ride which didn't go very far. Maybe next week.

Kona Utility Bikes - Ute and Sutra

Ute PRICE* $899 USD HIGHLIGHTS Kona 7005 Aluminum Urban Utility Frame • Kona P2 Disc Fork • Kona Engraved Wooden Platform Rack System • Hayes MX4 Mechanical Front/Avid SD-5 Rear Brakes • Smoky Mudflap Fenders • Big Ute Bag • Centermount Kickstand Sutra PRICE* $1199 USD HIGHLIGHTS Kona Cromoly Butted Frame • FSA Omega MegaExo Triple Crank/BB • Shimano Deore XT/Bar-Con 9 Speed Drive Train • Mavic A317 Disc Rims • Avid BB7 Road Disc Brakes Kona's website is here...

Own a iPhone 3G and want to map your rides?

iMapMy (powered by MapMyFitness is a location-based application that uses the built in GPS technology on your iPhone to allow runners, cyclists, (or any outdoor fitness activity) to track their daily training data, including: Total Time Total Distance (in miles or kilometers) Pace (minutes per km/mile) or current speed Average Speed / Pace (km/mile) View your running maps directly on your iPhone Training Log including Distance, Calories Burned, Time, and Date Add Your Workout to Twitter There is no need to buy a separate watch or GPS device, all your training and mapping needs can be met with your iPhone and iMapMyRun/iMapMyRide application. This amazing technology is directly linked to the most powerful social networking, mapping, and fitness training site on the internet today at or Our sites are famous for its mapping technology and now with iMapMyRun/iMapMyRide you can instantaneously download and view your maps on the site or in Google Earth, post them

Derny Racing

A Derny is a motorized bicycle designed and built for motor-paced track cycling events (e.g. motor-paced races in six-day and Keirin racing) or motor-paced road races. More from the Wiki... I will post some more pics and links when I get a chance.

Freecycle has nothing to do with bicycling

But, it does have something to do with FREE and recycling. Welcome! The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,619 groups with 6,013,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by entering it into the search box above or by clicking on “Browse Groups” above the search box. Have fun! The org's site Columbus site

I love graffiti

The website covers a wide group of cities from around the world. Lay down some paint...

Cardboard Bicycles

Chris Gilmour by Guido Bartorelli The work of Chris Gilmour provokes surprise and amazement beyond what could appear to be a mere process of reproduction. In returning to the value of making and strongly emphasising it, these works reveal a process of understanding that lets us see everyday reality with new awareness and appreciation. This practice avoids a withdrawal into the limbo of craft, and implies an intimate and profound quest towards the reason of things. Gilmour has imposed a strict logic on his works he makes objects using only cardboard and glue. There is no supporting structure, no wooden or metal frame. His interpretations of everyday objects are created in adherence to the use of a pure and single material, but instead of the marble or bronze of classical statues, he has chosen one of the most humble and commonly found of our industrial times. Packaging cardboard is, by its very nature, intended to contain but it is then discarded. Gilmour, however, uses it to contain th

What is going on here?


Revelation Cycling Rack Long Term Review

Revelation Cycles Rack Here are some pics of the rack in use. I will post my comments about the rack and accessories when I am able. The Revelation Cycling website

I have a child that needs a road bike. - What bikes are available?

There a couple of options for child sized versions of "adult" road bikes. Blue website... Pinarello website... Felt Racing website... Have you seen any other child sized versions of adult bikes? Editors Note - I do not have a child. This is supposed to be information for people asking that question. I appreciate the comments received and recommendations for children's bikes.

MonkeyLectric Monkey Light in Columbus

The MonkeyElectric light system is in the wild! I saw the system in action on Saturday night on a friends bike. To get the effects shown on their website I think you either need to ride really fast or tinker with the settings. I will post some pics when I get a chance.

Is it time for change in Columbus? The City wants us to revise the Traffic Code UPDATED

Friends, This group has, at some point, expressed willingness to review Columbus' draft updates to the Traffic Code as it pertains to bicycle operation. I have also added a few of my long-time contacts that might be interested in this process. (please feel free to identify other persons that might want to help) The process: An invited/appointed stakeholder group has met twice in the last 6 weeks to provide input & guidance to City Staff in their preparation of a set of draft updates to the Traffic Code. Our stakeholder group expects to receive the draft updates at a meeting tomorrow (Wed.) afternoon. Quick turnaround expected: The City has set a tentative feedback deadline for the draft updates of next Friday (Oct 31)…which means I would need to gather your feedback a day prior to compile and present. So…I'm asking you to "standby" and look for me to forward the draft Code updates to you by the end of this week for your comments/feedback. On behalf of both my rol