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Winter Ride Review

Saturday November 17 I headed down to join a Bikin Bob Winter ride . There were three distances to choose from, 47, 58 and 100. I chose the 47 mile route. I wanted to get back to the house to watch football. There were about ten people for the ride. The route went started at Cyclist Connection in Canal Winchester and made a loop south through Amanda. We averaged almost 15.5mph over 47 miles. Had a few short climbs but it was basically flat. There were only three of us who did the 47. Everybody else did the century. It was clear and in the upper 30's when we started and ended in the upper 40's.

Looking for weekend winter rides?

I was told about this site by a night ride regular. Bikin Bob organizes rides throughout the winter. They usually start in Canal Winchester. He provides maps and cue sheets in PDF format and garmin GPS routes (which I took advantage). Check out his site...

I wish Columbus had something like Pedal Pittsburgh

If we do have a ride let me know. If you are not familiar with Pedal Pittsburgh it is an event in May for everyone with rides from 6 miles to 60. I rode the 60 a few years ago and it is quite challenging. You basically get to ride through many of the different neighborhoods and past major landmarks. I remember riding through most of the city parks, past the Igloo, and up to Mount Washington which overlooks the downtown. Check it out here...

Columbus is now the "Indie Art Capital of the World"

Why do I know this? On this past week's ride I was handed a postcard announcing the announcement. The proclamation or bestowal even has a website. Check it out here...

November 12 Ride Report

To all of you who looked out the window and saw rain at 9:00PM. You missed out on a good ride. Weather was perfect. It was 60 degrees throughout the ride with only a few sprinkles. The ride was faster than normal (less people, around 30), because we had few mechanicals. We rode to the west and southwest of town before heading back. The final stop was especially nice. The view from the waterfront is beautiful. After that stop we raced to the High Beck. A little over 18 miles. No pics, I didn't want to carry it this week.

Dirty Dozen is coming up soon! This ride/race features the steepest urban street in the world. Canton Avenue @ 37%

From the TOP down - the problem that cycling faces

I ran across this story a few days ago. This is the reason why bike paths don't get built, maintained, or support.

Concerned with someone stealing your wheels?

If you lock up your bike but are concerned with someone walking off with your wheels or other components, you should look at the Pitlock products.

Ride in the winter? Looking for good tires

Nokian and Schwalbe offer studded tires.

OSU Football and Cycling. Do they mix?

They do during home games. You can ride your bike to the game and park your bike for FREE in a secure area. It is on Woodruff Ave and bike path. Within stumbling distance of the stadium! I rode down to the OSU-Illinois game to check out the bike valet situation. I spoke with a woman who was working. She gave me the lowdown. It opens 4 hours before the game and closes one hour after. They are looking for volunteers. I originally was going to head down to help, but I couldn't get moving early enough. More info... The Ohio State Police had an interesting mobile tactical unit parked near the stadium. I stopped to take a picture and chatted with a guy who approached the vehicle without be tasered or water cannoned. He said they told him it weighs 33000 pounds (great gas mileage) and it is used to gain access to second and third floors of building during raids. Why it was parked there, I have no idea.