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Dayton Bike Share is Coming - Link arrives spring 2015

Link  is Dayton's bike share program. Link will provide users with a fun, safe, active mode of transportation in downtown Dayton. Link can be used for short trips and errands to get around downtown - station to station. Link will launch in May of 2015, providing the downtown Dayton area with 24 stations and 225 bicycles. Link is a transportation service proudly provided by Bike Miami Valley and Greater Dayton RTA. [Link Dayton]

Amazing cycle super highways making bikes the transport of the future | CNN

While new innovations in automobile technology may grab the headlines, it's easy to forget that the bicycle, which predates the motor car by decades and assumed its basic design by the 1880s, is one form of transport that just refuses to go away. At one stage, it was even thought to be the transport of the future. An elevated cycleway connecting Los Angeles and Pasadena was mooted as early as 1896 by Pasadena's far-sighted mayor Horace Dobbins, but only one mile of the white-elephant structure was ever built. By the time its truncated route was completed, the motor car and the street car had begun to eclipse the bicycle. By 1900, even its chief investor had lost faith in its future.  "I have concluded that we are a little ahead of time on this cycleway. Wheelmen have not evidenced enough interest in it..." Dobbins opined in 1900 in the Los Angeles Times. [Keep reading at CNN]

AngryAsian: Things you should never say to your bike shop mechanic @bikeradar

Don't forget: mechanics are people, too Good bike shop mechanics are the unsung heroes of every rider. The best ones are bona fide wizards, magically transforming our rickety heaps into well-oiled machines, deftly silencing the most elusive creaks, miraculously extracting the most woefully seized bottom bracket, fixing the hopelessly unfixable. The wizard's life isn't necessarily an easy one, however, and there are a lot of reasons why they're often so grumpy. As a former shop mechanic with 14 years under his belt – not one of which I regret, mind you – let's just say that I didn't earn my nickname by happenstance. Your hands perpetually smell like oil, your feet ache from standing all day, you're forever fighting for respect, the hours suck, and worst of all, you're constantly surrounded by bikes but rarely have time to ride one. There are good reasons why bike shop mechanics are often pretty surly [Keep reading at Bike Radar]


This bike, which I’ve affectionately dubbed “Project: World’s Funnest Bike” has been a long, long time in the making. Last summer, Van Dessel  revised the finish  on the WTF (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot), their double butted steel do-it-all bike frameset that can be built into anything from a flat bar commuter to a cyclocross racer to an adventure/gravel/ultra-cross cruiser with 29er tires. Shortly after posting about the latest version and just before Interbike, Van Dessel sent us the $699 frameset (frame, fork, headset and seat collar) to review. I had some loose plans for it, but one thing led to another, some parts didn’t work out as planned and, well, tradeshow and other travel conspired to keep the frame hanging on the workstand for far, far too long. The upside? When things finally did come together, it was glorious. Some parts were things that had been lightly used on other bikes and fit the bill. Others were new and sent in specifically to make this project even better. O

When the Sidewalks Were Wider Than the Streets @CityLab

[Source: CityLab]

Alleycats @alleycatsfilm @kickstarter #letsride

What is  ALLEYCATS ? Alleycats  is an independent action/thriller feature film; exploring the underground world of illegal bike racing in London. These races take place throughout the world and are called Alleycats. For a full synopsis visit: My name is Ian Bonhote and I am the Director. I was introduced to real life Alleycats by a courier friend of mine and instantly became completely hooked on this underground world of bike racing. I even took part in some of the races. I have been developing the film for five years now and I want to bring the unique shooting style I have developed from making many commercials and short films to the forefront of this film. [Kickstarter] Alleycats will be an action-packed, stylish film with a pumping soundtrack that will show a side to London that you have never seen before.

DIY Wayfinding Signs Are About to Go Mainstream @CityLab

Walk [Your City] It started as a technically illegal exercise in improving how people experience the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina. Just some simple signs, lashed to light poles, at a few of the city’s key intersections, letting residents and visitors know what attractions and amenities could be found within walking distance and how many minutes it would take to reach them on foot. “ Guerrilla wayfinding ” is what people called it. The signs, the brainchild of then-graduate student Matt Tomasulo, were meant to help people think differently about distances in the city, and to encourage them to get out of their cars and explore the place under their own power. [Keep reading at CityLab]

CAN-BIKE // Traffic Skills 101

CAN-BIKE // Traffic Skills 101 from Manitoba Cycling Association on Vimeo .