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Keymoment unplugged

Keymoment unplugged from Folkwang | Experience Design on Vimeo .

Rap Battle: Mountain Biker vs. Road Biker

Orp Smart Horn {Smorn}

Friendly sound:  76dB Loud sound:  96dB LED output:  2 lights @ 87 lumens each, 120º cone Battery Life:  6 hours with lights constant on, 12 hours with strobe ORP weight:  89 g (3.17 oz) Handlebar Diameter:  Orp stretches to fit handlebar diameters 26-33mm Housing:  Electronics are housed in a High impact polycarbonate case that is surrounded by a silicone skin  making the product weather and shockproof Orp is accident resistant [Orpland]

Riding Bogota's Bountiful Protected Bikeways

Riding Bogota's Bountiful Protected Bikeways from STREETFILMS on Vimeo .

Tanner Goods Excursion Frame Bag

A waxed canvas workhorse, we designed this utility bag to carry a working day’s worth of gear without getting overstuffed. Its dimensions will fit all 13” MacBooks, a light jacket, a notebook and some other small essentials safely, without worrying about your legs hitting it while pedaling. The combination of 10 oz. and 18 oz. waxed cotton fabrics allows it to flex with ease, while also reducing its overall weight. Brass zippers resist rust or corrosion, and only get smoother with use, and the custom brass rivets add a contrasting detail to the durable canvas material. Five different attachment points let you position the bag securely to the top tube, down tube and seat tube. [ Tanner Goods]

Audax Alpine Classic

Audax Alpine Classic from Nathan Kaso on Vimeo .


Lately, there has been a lot of press about cyclists and motorists not getting along. This shouldn’t really be any surprise as I rarely see any good news on the news but it does seem to be getting more attention as of late after some very unfortunate events. As I look at the ongoing feud be between drivers and cyclists, it really made me sit down and think a couple of things that just might help the drivers out there see our side of things. So here is the truth straight out of a cyclists mount/keyboard… WE HATE ASSHOLE ROAD BIKERS AS MUCH AS YOU DO You know the type. They take up all of the road, run three wide for no reason, run stop signs and disobey other traffic laws, preach about “sharing the road” and end up attempting to own it…they throw water bottles at cars, cuss at drivers and generally look like nothing but irate assholes every time they are on a bike. Unfortunately, they are the smallest percentage of cyclists on the planet but when you encounter one…it feels like t

Oskar Blues REEB Ranch Launches World-Class Beer & Bike Destination in Western North Carolina | REEB Cycles

Longmont, CO & Brevard, NC– Oskar Blues Brewery’s new 145-acre farm will serve Western North Carolina as an epic beer and bike-fueled destination. Located about 8 miles from the Brevard-based Oskar Blues brewery, which opened in December 2012, the former Shoal Falls Farm soon will be a haven for mountain bikers, a place to grow hops, pasture land for spent grain-fed cows, and a music & event space, all against the beautiful backdrop of Dupont State Forest. . The Oskar Blues REEB Ranch will be home to The Bike Farm ( ), an established bike guide and concierge service, owned by Cashion Smith and Eva Surls. The REEB Ranch/Bike Farm team envisions creating a world-class biking destination for the whole family at the site, which will offer a bike park and direct trail access to Dupont’s miles of single track. . Cycling has always been a large part of Oskar Blues’ culture and was a huge reason that soul-founder Dale Katechis chose Western Nor


Photo of Bobby Cann courtesy of Groupon On May 29 of last year, Bobby Cann left the Groupon offices in Chicago, where he worked as an editorial-tools specialist. Traveling north on his bicycle, he rode up wide, sunny Larrabee Street. As he entered the intersection at Clybourn Avenue, a Mercedes SUV traveling more than 50 miles per hour slammed into him from behind. The impact threw Cann into the air. He landed unconscious, blood streaming out of his mouth and his left leg severed. Bystanders, including a registered nurse, rushed to help. Shortly after transport to a nearby hospital, he died. What makes Cann’s story notable among  the 700 or so bicyclists  who are  hit and killed in America each year  is that San Hamel faces charges in Cann’s death. According to a  recent report  by the League of American Bicyclists, barely one in five drivers who end bicyclists’ lives are charged with a crime. The low prosecution rate isn’t a secret and has inspired many to wonder whether plowing

Think Bicycle Commuters Are Good Citizens? You're Probably A Democrat | Huffpost

Last week, Pew Research released a survey of 10,000 voters focused on partisan polarization. In their survey, Pew also collected data about lifestyle polarization. For example, Liberals want to live in smaller houses within walkable communities; Conservatives prefer bigger houses with an ability to drive to places of interest. This reminded us of  a survey we conducted late last year  that explored partisan attitudes toward bicycling and bike lanes. We were inspired to ask these questions by the bike lane wars we had seen erupting in communities, including in nearby Alexandria, Virginia. In theory, most respondents to a HuffPost/YouGov poll tended to agree with the concept of bikes and cars sharing the road. Three-fourths of voters agree that roads should accommodate both cars and bikes, while a minority (18%) thinks roads should be for cars only. While Democrats more widely support dual use (85%), Republicans (72%) and independents (70%) also strongly support the idea. [Keep re

Garmin targets Waze and Google Maps with Viago, a $2, upgradeable GPS app | TechHive

Hoping to compete with free navigation smartphone apps like  Google Maps  and  Waze , once-mighty GPS giant Garmin announced a low-cost, turn-by-turn navigation aid for Android and iPhone. Called Viago, the new app costs just $2 and includes a host of powerful features that don't require in-app purchases. Garmin features such as current speed, speed limit display, lane assist, weather information, in-map traffic display, and photo-realistic intersection views are all available for the $2 purchase price. Some of those features, such as displaying your current speed and in-map traffic display, are already included apps like Waze. Depending on your location, Waze's traffic data may also be better than Garmin's. But photo-realistic views and a speed limit display for the road you're traveling on are handy tools to have available. Anyone willing to pay extra can also get other features as in-app purchases, with prices ranging from $5 to $20, such as downloadable map

Commuter Racing | Bike Commuters

The other night I got home from work. Hey dear, said my wife, how was your day? Excellent, I replied, I overtook three people on the climb up the hill, and one guy made a big effort to overtake me, couldn't keep up the pace, and cracked. It was really great. Really. That was the one thing I was thinking about. Because, although many people will deny it, there is a subtle race going on. Its often referred to as commuter racing or the great race, but its seldom talked about openly (the first rule of commuter racing is, of course, that you don't talk about commuter racing). And one of the first things you'll find out when you start bike commuting is, everyone does it but few people admit it. Think about it. When you see someone 100m further up the climb you're on, do you think Ahah, a comrade, a confrere, a brother cyclist toiling up the same ascent as myself  perhaps I could catch up and exchange some knowing banter about the difficulty of the gradient? Do you like hec

Video: Bike Parkour - Streets of San Francisco!

A Bike Helmet That Reads Your Mind To Help Map Better, Stress-Free Routes

The MindRider helmet knows when traffic is making you anxious. Every time you strap on this new bike helmet, it starts to read your mind. As you ride down city streets, it tracks your brainwaves to measure your emotions and plots them on a map, so you can see the exact spots when you were most stressed out by traffic. The  MindRider helmet  was designed to optimize cycling. After a few rides, you can pull up the data you’ve generated to plan the best route for commuting or a relaxing weekend trip. A crowdsourced map gathers data as a reference for other cyclists or city planners trying to figure out the best location for new bike paths. Unlike most wearable tech, which require you to strap a gadget on your wrist or ankle or chest, the helmet integrates sensors into something you're probably already wearing while riding on busy streets. But it looks a little different from the average bike helmet. "The bumps are inspired by the branching neurons and s

The Trail Map We’ve All Been Waiting For | WV Living

W e’ve  challenged you  to a summer of outdoor adventure. The  National Wildlife Federation  has proposed a movement to get 10 million kids outside running, playing, swimming, and generally having fun, and in West Virginia we know there’s no limit to the opportunities to get a kid’s heart racing, young or old. We also know it can be difficult to tear yourself away from a computer screen long enough to enjoy what’s just outside in your backyard—and today you don’t have to. In fact, we suggest staying online long enough to check out  West Virginia’s new outdoor trail inventory map . Trust us—this thing is awesome. A project two years in the making, according to  a Charleston Daily Mail report , the West Virginia Trail Inventory provides an overview of public trails, their start and end points, approved uses, elevations, and managing agencies. Just click on a trail of interest and all of the information pops up. [Keep reading at WV Living]

Two wheels & a hayfork

Two wheels & a hayfork from erwin z on Vimeo .

PLEASE SHARE: Safe Streets Ordinance Meeting Schedule – Columbus City Council @yaybikes

Join other Yay Bikes! members and followers in a silent, respectful demonstration of support for the adoption of the proposed “Safe Streets Ordinance” to protect bicyclists on Columbus streets. How? Attend this meeting of Columbus City Council in Council Chambers wearing your bike helmet. 1.  Safe Streets Ordinance First Reading – Columbus City Council June 16th 5:00PM Columbus City Hall - Council Chambers  90 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 Join other Yay Bikes! members and followers in a silent, respectful demonstration of support encouraging adoption of the proposed “Safe Streets Ordinance” to protect bicyclists on Columbus streets. How?  Attend this hearing in Council Chambers wearing your bike helmet. Or better yet, fill out a speaker and testify in favor of this legislation. Columbus City Councilmember Michelle M. Mills will hold an Education Committee hearing on Tuesday, June 17th, at 5pm in Council chambers. The hearing will introduce the Education Department, in