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Dean Touring Bike

Trans-Alp Adventure Tour...... the ultimate do everything and take anywhere bike !!!  Run  every wheel platform possible - 29", 27.5", 26" or 700c.  Build'r up as a mountain, cross or road it's your choice.  We've suspension correct the geometry to allow for the use of both rigid and suspended fork options.  Modular sliding dropouts allow for the use of single or multi gears.  Want to run a Rohloff internal geared hub..... no problem. The dropouts are designed for that too.   Want to travel.... just upgrade to S&S couplers and you're ready to vacation.  Designed to run fully loaded with your favorite set of paniers.  Plan on running into some wet weather on your travel.... no problem as the Trans-Alps comes set up to run both front and back fenders.  We b uild each Trans-Alp with custom geometry specifically designed for you and your riding preferences.  Utilizing a custom blend of only finest 3/2.5 vr titanium that is cold worked and stress reliev

Door Zone Avoidance

Scioto Greenways Detour change as of March 31 @ColsRecPark

Due to construction on Liberty St. the southbound detour for Scioto Trail will now follow Fulton St and make a right onto Front St.  This is a minor change and will be signed accordingly.  This will be effective Monday March 31. 

Cycling in Eastern Oregon

Mountain Biking Big Bend Ranch State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Field Tested: 2014 Salsa Fargo Ti | Expedition Portal @expoportal

A couple years ago, perhaps suffering from a severe case of bikepack fever, I purchased a Salsa Fargo frame to serve as a  project bike for Expedition Portal . It turned out to be one of the more enjoyable bicycles I have ever had the pleasure to ride. What I thought would only be a novel diversion from real bicycles evolved into a deep love of the Fargo with its seemingly endless possibilities. As winter arrived, my steel Fargo was replaced with Salsa’s new flagship model, the  2014 Fargo Ti. Building on the success of their previous titanium Fargo, Salsa set out to relaunch the model with a handful of significant refinements. Most noteworthy is the redesign of the fork, now called the Firestarter. Constructed of carbon fiber with a sculpted shape worthy of wolf whistles, it is the one update to the Fargo which I feel has made the most noticeable difference to the ride quality. The new fork features 15mm thru-axle dropouts, a full carbon steerer, and to the applause of every adve

2014 Gravel Rouser Classic Recap | Athens Bicycle

2014 Gravel Rouser Classic:  The Good, the Great  and the Awesome People must have been bursting at the seams to ride a bike after the long winter, because a whole bunch of them showed up at the 11th edition of the Gravel Rouser. We had record attendance for the  2014 Gravel Rouser Classic . Thursday Night Moto Enduro Way before the current trend of mountain bike enduros, there was (and still is) the format of motorcycle enduro, which requires you to maintain assigned average speeds across different sections of a mixed road/off-road course, with known and secret time checks along the way. This type of race doesn't necessarily mean that the fastest person will win, as it requires a little more thought and strategy. SE Ohio has long been a hotbed for motorcycle enduro racing, so we bucked the trend on Thursday night at Strouds Run State Park with a moto style enduro. Handlebar cue sheets led riders through the woods, where three secret checkpoints kept track of who was on t


CHRISCROSS from chris akrigg on Vimeo .

Takaokami Rain Dress

Takaokami is rainwear for the city, for urban lovers living and biking the metropoles.  Finally, after 5 years of hard work our first collection is being released - order a piece of fashionable, danish rainwear before your neighbor. Rainwear that makes you look stunningly feminine in a both classic and very new fashionable way, allowing for a graceful walk in the rain. One size [Takaokami]

Candlelight Vigil for Joseph Giampapa

There will be a candlelight vigil for Joseph Giampapa starting at 5:00 pm Thursday at the SE corner of Broad and High. The purpose of the vigil will be to 1) honor a cyclist whose life was tragically cut short by a negligent motorist, 2) to peacefully demonstrate the need for increased motorist awareness of cyclists as well as the need for more and better bike lanes/paths and 3) to provide an open casual forum for bicyclists to gather and discuss issues related to bike safety. For those wishing ride with a group, meet at  Franklinton Cycle Works , 897 W Broad St, at 4:30 PM. This vigil is organized by The non violent political wing of the local Bicyclists Rights Organization (BRO). (Vigil will be up for several hours, come by when you can)

Evolution of the Bicycle

Evolution of the Bicycle from Visual Artwork on Vimeo .

Columbus Rides Bikes is heading to Detroit Bike City this weekend. @detroitbikecity #letsride

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Sacred Yak

Sacred Yak from The Republic of Doom on Vimeo . A four day human powered loop. Including a desert tower first ascent. Windy as shit, but still bad ass! Important, please read!!!!! Alpacka Raft is NOT, making a camo boat. Repeat, Alpacka Raft is NOT making a camo boat. I'm just testing some fabric.

Tell US DOT: Bicyclists' Safety Counts

There is only one acceptable number: 0. While cities like New York and San Francisco have set decisive "Vision Zero" targets to dramatically reduce bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities, the U.S. Department of Transportation has just released proposed safety measures that have no goal, no accountability and no attempt to reduce the 16% of all fatal crashes that include people who walk and bike. Your comments count: Tell US DOT that we can't turn a blind eye to the 45,000 bicyclists injured and 5,000 cyclists and pedestrians killed on our roadways each year - we must have a national goal to make biking and walking a safe transportation option. In 2012, Congress asked the US DOT to set national goals to guide federal, state and local investments in our transportation system. After meeting with USDOT and FHWA officials, we knew they were unlikely to include a specific non-motorized performance measure - or goal to reduce bike/ped deaths. Unfortunately,  on March 11 we were

Uina - Bernina - A Mountain Bike Trip

"We didn't hesitate for a second, when we were invited to ride from the famous Uina gorge to the high mountains of Bernina pass. It's a 4 day trip through some breathtaking landscapes and across the borders of three languages and two countries. But see for yourself..."

A Fatter Fatbike? Enter The Rungu Fat-trike

There are two models of the Rungu available. The above "Juggernaut" has three  26 x 4.7" tires, weighs in at 55.8 lbs, starting at $2,500. The "Kilimanjaro" (above) has a 26 x 4.7" fat tire in the back, and  two 29 x 2.5" tires in the front, with two 100-mm Rockshox forks. They claim it has better cornering performance on the road, than Its fatter brother, the Juggernaut.  It weighs 53.8 lbs, and starts at $2,600. From the the Rungu website: A platform for adventure, Rungu Trikes offer mobility and stability where a bike can’t go and a car won’t go. Three wheels – two wheels in front for stability Low gearing for difficult terrain Mounting points for e-bike kits and overhead racks Fat tire in back for traction and control in sand and snow Shoulder width front-wheel spacing to improve tricycle handling Make new tracks. Ride Rungu. The Kilimanjaro's steering system [ Go to to  to order yours

Make Mario and Luigi Proud! - PVC Bike Cart | Instructables

This is fashioned after the bamboo bike trailer, with the addition of a seatpost mount and PVC instead of bamboo. I used the instruction for the wheel mounts, something I need to modify in the future to accomodate heavier loads to relieve axel flex. The PVC is 1" and the trailer bed is 12" wire shelving left over from a home remodel. The wheels are 20" front wheels with bolt-on axel. These are about $24 a piece unless you run a bike shop..hint,hint. The seatpost mount is made by and sells for around $15. My total investment was around $60 for this brand new trailer. I left the bed flat to acccomodate various uses. We have mounted our dog crate, two plastic crates for groceries, and an athletic bag so far. Maximum load weight tested so far around 50 lbs. The trailer itself is very lightweight. [See how to do it on  ]

Grizzly Bear Charges Mountain Bikers

Bicycle Anatomy For Beginners

Cycling Facts | Cycling Info

The iconic Penny Farthing. “ When I see an adult on a bicycle , I do not despair for the human race.” - H.G. Wells. When Was the Bike Invented? 1817 – The Running Machine . Invented by German Baron Karl von Drais, this had no pedals no chains, but two wheels. It was propelled by pushing feet on ground. It was sometimes known as human horse. It was largely a form of entertainment for aristocratic families with their own estate. The Running Machine.  Photo by Gun Powder Ma  wikipedia The Velocipede –  1860s.  In the early 1860s, two Frenchmen Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement put pedals on the front wheel and introduced the velocipede, which looks more like our modern bicycle. It had no chain and was very uncomfortable due to wooden wheels. This helped the spread of the bicycle. The Velocipede. The Penny Farthing.  A development of the Velocipede, this was faster due to the larger diameter of the front wheel. But, considered dangerous because of height. Neverthe

Are you a smug cyclist or a complete amateur? | The Independent

Take our cycling quiz to find out... You'd like do some more fine-tuning on your bike but… (a) You pose an immediate threat with a spanner within five yards of you, so instead you promptly and correctly take the bike to your nearest workshop. (b) The oil stains from last time didn't come out of the dining-room carpet quite as well as you promised your partner they would. (c) You're too busy updating Facebook with pictures of your new mountain bike and the words "Dialling in my epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic new ride. Boom." Your car is… (a) A five-year-old Ford Focus. Why? (b) Worth less than my bike. (c) History. See you at the Critical Mass ride? An elderly driver very nearly pulls out right in front of you… (a) You swerve, and feel a bit shaky at the next lights – the poor geezer looked as terrified as you. (b) You stop, swear loudly and shake your head in a way that you just know shames the driver and every road user within half

Downhill and Freeride Tribute 2014 Vol.2


THE WALL STREET JOURNAL  REPORTS THAT THE BIKE-SHARE INITIATIVE IS IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE. BUT... Citi Bike, New York City's  bike share program , has been an enormous hit with pedal-pushing Manhattanites and  Leonardo DiCaprio . But it might be in trouble.  The Wall Street Journal reports  today that the transportation initiative's leaders "are moving quickly to raise tens of millions of dollars to rescue the popular bike-share program as it loses money, according to people familiar with the matter." Per the report, Citi Bike's financial troubles are threefold: People do not ride bikes during the winter. Tourists aren't using it. Infrastructure maintenance--i.e., moving bikes between stations--has been expensive. The first point was to be expected;  who wants to ride in the snow?  Here's a chart to put the winter usage decline into perspective.  What wasn't expected, however, was how popular the program would be with annual members. So