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2017 Glacier NP Adventure RECAP #gravelgrinder #coffeeoutside @GlacierNPS

2017 Glacier National Park Adventure Inspiration from a book claiming that only 3% of the US population has been on a train spurred discussion of a multi-modal trip using bikes, trains and cars. Last fall the discussions turned into a specific trip date, then logistics and reservations for trains, campgrounds, cabins and other rentals. In late June 2017 we headed to Glacier National Park. Here is our story in photos. Two Medicine Lake Train Trip: Roundtrip Chicago to Glacier NP We drove to Chicago Union Station, parked the cars and moved all the gear, including bicycles, to the train for a 30 hour train trip to East Glacier Park. We handed the bikes to the baggage workers who hung the bikes in the baggage car. Only six bikes were allowed per train. Christina and I had a roomette sleeper car for the trip. Picked up the train in Whitefish, MT for the trip back. Photos of our roundtrip train ride on Amtrak are below. Road Trip: Two Medicine In East Glacier Park w