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Bicycle Film Festival - Pittsburgh stop

THE PITTSBURGH BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL IS JULY 2-4 2009 TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE. THURSDAY JULY 2 7:00 PM | Program 1 - Bike Shorts - BUY TICKETS 9:00 PM | BLACK & GOLD SPRINTS Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe - 2518 E Carson St FRIDAY JULY 3 6:00 PM | Program 2 - Where are you go - Premiere - BUY TICKETS 8:00 PM | Program 3 - Urban Bike Shorts - BUY TICKETS 8:00 PM | AFTER PARTY - The Brew House - 2100 Mary St SATURDAY JULY 4 10:00 AM | BIKE POLO AND PICNIC 8:00 PM | BFF GROUP RIDE the site

In Chicago this weekend? Naked Bike Ride on Saturday 13th

Saturday June 13th 2009 PARTICIPANTS: Check-in after 6pm near the "O" sign near 1077 W Randolph. People-powered wheels strictly required. SPECTATORS: Come near Finkl on Cortland by Kingsbury before 11pm. Wave and cheer safely from the sides, behave yourselves, come without car. I though Columbus tried to participate last year, but I never received any details about the ride. Ran across this while looking for things to do in Chicago. site

Follow the real tour today - Le Tour Ultime

Le Tour Ultime The Tour the France in one stage 4000 km non-stop cycling! Le Tour Ultime, the most ultimate Cycling Challenge in the world! The Tour the France (more than 4000 km) non-stop in one stage. the site is here...

The Chain Condom

It's the easy way to Protect Your Goodies.TM Chain CondomTM is a simple-to-use cover that goes on your bike in less than a minute. It keeps the grease and grime from your bike chain and derailleurs away from stuff you want to keep clean, like your car interior. Its unique, patent-pending design means it's simple to use and stays put. Chain CondomTM was created by a professional bike team member and has been used by top pros. Click here to read the Chain CondomTM story , or click here to see how easy it is to put the Chain CondomTM on your bike. the site...


What is L'Eroica "L'EROICA" is a period cyclotouristic rally held mainly on gravel roads, organized since 1997. It is a special "race" from every point of view. It proposes surroundings and scenes from the "heroic" times of cycling: dust or mud, no organized service, vintage refreshments, wonderful and demanding roads, great ability to adapt and to suffer. We search for the authentic roots of the awesome popularity of that cycling world made by the giants of the roads, which created so much literary legends. the website (in English)

800 Lumen light from Dinotte!

When you need the highest level of brightness plus the flexibility of dimming, flashing, long run times with the durability of LED technology, the 800L systems provide the best choice. The 800L is a four LED product sure to impress any road or mountain bike user. It's our brightest light yet, and has a wider beam than the 600L while maintaining similar intensity. The 800L light series offers unique features such as the instant HIGH power - Regardless of your operating mode, we have one button reserved to be the highest setting possible when there is not time to fumble around with lights. our flashmode also has one light steady while the other two strobe. The 800L-LI-4C includes Light engine, 2 batteries, worldwide smart charger, extension cable, straps and O-rings. If you wish to add a helmet mount, it must be selected as an option. All orders within the USA ship using USPS priority mail by default but can be upgraded to express for a small fee. International orders MUST go exp

Night Ride is tonight - 6/8/2007

Weather pending.

Support Pedal Instead

Pedal Instead provides free bicycle parking for people who ride their bikes to major events around Columbus. The service is provided by Mayor Coleman’s Green Team and operated by the University Area Enrichment Association (UAEA). Here is how you use Pedal Instead: Ride your bike to the event Locate the Pedal Instead parking area Fill out a ticket with your name, phone number, and miles ridden to the event Leave your bike with the volunteers, no lock required Take the tear-off part of the ticket and enjoy your event When you’re ready to leave, take your ticket to the volunteers to retrieve your bike Tip them generously Ride your bike away, repeat next time If you’d like to have Pedal Instead at your event, please contact Catherine Girves at .

HOOT 2009 Pics and Ride Report

Brett and I ventured out for the century option for HOOT 2009. We had two others cancel because of a late night, medical conditions, and the medical conditions that occur from a late night. Nice temps and weather to start the ride. The ride is billed as hilly and it definitely lives up to the billing. We climbed 5500 feet over 105 miles. The "makers" had Revenge and Savage hils on the ride. At mile 74 we ran into a 19% grade climb that forced me off the bike. I had mechanical issues and was off the bike for another 1.5 hills. Brett was forced off several times as well because he rides a single speed. We stopped at the Liberty Bell restaurant in Bremen. They don't take credit cards which posed a problem. Good food and service. We gathered up enough cash to cover, but shorted the tip. Sorry about that Ms Waitress. : ( After lunch it seemed to heat up and I went through a ton of water/gatorade. It took a lot longer than I planned plus we missed a few of the turn marks. W

Independent Fabrication custom paintjob

I parked next to a woman at HOOT who had a custom painted IF bike. Very nice.

6/1/2009 - Ride Report

I did not attend... here is the report from Jonny North on High to Bernies, .04 miles, about 7 riders. Haha!