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Cyclists report a disproportionate number of errors to Google Maps @voxdotcom

Google relies on user-submitted complaints to continually improve its maps. If the turn-by-turn directions tell you to turn left at an intersection where lefts are forbidden, for instance, you can report the problem, and engineers at Google's  Project Ground Truth  will adjust their data accordingly. In  this new video  (above), the Wall Street Journal's Christopher Mims dug up an interesting fact about this system: cyclists contribute disproportionately more complaints than anyone else. Google hasn't released hard data, but told Mims that cyclists are "fanatical" contributors to the system. [Keep reading at Vox]

Birth of an American Cargo Bike: an excerpt from the upcoming documentary, LESS CAR MORE GO


XtraCycle EdgeRunner Electric 27D @xtracycle

Our ultimate family cargo bike designed for high performance and long-term durability. IT'S ELECTRIC Features a 350 watt BionX assist system, Shimano Deore drivetrain and hydraulic brakes, and the full suite of Xtracycle Family accessories.   BIONX FEATURES 350 WATT REAR HUB MOTOR The PL-350 System by BionX, paired with their largest battery, will propel you up hills at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.  Regenerative braking can increase battery range up to 10%. EdgeRunner's 20-inch back wheel increases the thrust and efficiency of the BionX system, yielding more miles per charge.  INTUITIVE TORQUE SENSING ASSIST & REGENERATIVE BRAKING The BionX system senses the amount of power you are generating when pedaling, and then multiplies it (you set the amount).  The effect is seamless - acceleration is quick & smooth.  Handlebar mounted throttle can bring you to top speed in seconds. EdgeRunner places the battery

Silo Panniers | Rogue Panda Designs

The Silo – a pannier that’s as comfortable on singletrack as it is on a road. Lightweight, water resistant, durable, and most importantly, built in the bikepacking style. Sometimes a rackless bikepacking setup just doesn’t have enough capacity, and you need a little more. Long water carries or long distances between resupply points, for example. Unfortunately regular panniers aren’t always up to the task.  Rigid rack attachments are prone to metal fatigue, and shifting weight can throw off your balance. The silo remedies these problems by using velcro and an innovative system of compression straps. Everything is flexible, so there’s nothing to snap when you hit the 500th rock of the day. And the compression straps mean that your gear is stable and won’t shift on you and throw off your riding, even on the roughest singletrack. They are made with Xpac VX-42 fabric, which is very durable and waterproof.  The seams are tape-sealed, and the closure is a roll-top, so the bags should

Oru Kayak - Folding Adventure @orukayak

Oru Kayak 2014 Assembly Video from Oru Kayak on Vimeo . The original Oru Kayak, launched on Kickstarter and now in retailers around the world; it’s even the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. On the water the Bay glides like a dream. It's stable enough for beginners, while the length and contouring make it fast and sporty for expert kayakers. There's plenty of room to stash gear (or a picnic) for day trips and short camping excursions. Best of all, transforming it from box to boat takes just a few minutes.  FEATURES -Comfortable foam seat and fully-adjustable backrest -Easy-to-close watertight seams -2 rubber deck straps for extra gear -Easy-to-adjust footrest -Reinforced cockpit for easy entry -Pair of bulkheads for extra rigidity -Simple and intuitive strap and buckle closure system -Fits standard spray skirts (size medium)

Connecting a Town with Singletrack Sidewalks @

Some towns aim to become more “walkable.” One Colorado town has gone the two-wheeled route by becoming more “mountain bike-able.” Eagle, Colorado, a 7,000-person town between Vail and Aspen ,  already has its share of walking paths and bike lanes, but its newest project will allow mountain bikers to ride from their driveways to the trails, and for kids to ride from their homes to school—all on singletrack. The town unanimously approved the project, called  Singletrack Sidewalks , in November, and organizers have started preliminary work for the first part of the network, which will lead from a neighborhood to an elementary school. The new trail addition is only half a mile, but connects an existing network of organic trails that have popped up in a neighboring 1,900-acre plot adjacent to the school. [Keep reading at Bicycling]


Kingston's rail station  would become a "major cycle hub" under London's plan to pour tens of millions of dollars into biking improvements in three of its suburbs. You may have heard that London has just approved a  spectacular crosstown protected bike lane . But another part of its plan has, ironically, gotten little press in the United States. As London's regional government begins what may be the biggest municipal bicycling investment in the history of Europe, it's setting aside $140 million for part of the city that many Americans would feel right at home in: the suburbs. "Cycling is, I think, the secret weapon of suburban sustainable transport," says Transport for London Director of Surface Strategy and Planning Ben Plowden. "It is much more like car travel than transit is." [Keep reading at People For Bikes]

10 of the world's most expensive bikes @bikeradar

Like Bike expo in Monte Carlo to feature some of the world's priciest bikes Like Bike  is a little different from most bike shows, in that it celebrates the most luxurious and expensive bikes on the market – and that it takes place in Monte Carlo. With prices ranging from costly to mind-bendingly expensive, the show offers plenty of drool-inducing bike porn to lust over. Here, in ascending order are 10 of the most expensive bikes that will be on show from 3 to 5 April at Like Bike. Besv Lion LX1  The first e-bike on our list has a beam-style design with an aluminium frame that’s produced using the same manufacturing process as Moto GP bikes.  The Lion LX1’s electric motor sits on the rear  wheel  for maximum efficiency. This is further enhanced by SmartMode, which takes into account current riding conditions to provide power intelligently as you ride. A high-power headlight is incorporated into the stem, and there’s also a large display on the top giving ride a

La Carrettera Austral Salsa Fargo e Surly ECR. Sergio Borroni Riccardo Grossi e Mauro Bertolotto


Skylock - Your Bicycle. Connected. @getskylock


smrtGRiPS: World's First Connected Bike Grips @borealbikes


Riding on Thin Air: Kelly McGarry + Jeremy Lyttle Take on Khardung La

Riding on Thin Air: Kelly McGarry + Jeremy Lyttle Take on Khardung La from Mercedes-Benz Films on Vimeo .

Honaker Hydro Pack

Honaker Hydro Pack 45.00 The Honaker Hydro Pack is designed to hold a full sized Nalgene water bottle on the down tube of your frame. Velcro is sewn in to the bag and an adhesive strip is included for the down tube of your bike. Rubberized material is sewn into the straps where they make contact providing a secure anchor point. A spindrift collar keeps the bottle clean regardless of what you may ride through. Another Bedrock original design. Trail tested in this year's Colorado Trail Race by multiple rider with zero problems. Weight 3 ounces Note! This product does not work with 26ers with suspension forks. It works well with 29ers and 650b with a non curved (radically) down tube.

Boston cyclists built a 40-foot-long snow tunnel for commuting | Mashable

Ari Goldberger temporarily solved a commuting nightmare by living out a child's snow-day dream. Goldberger, a 29-year-old guitar technician in the Boston area, was bicycling from work on the night of Feb. 11 when he noticed that the bike path ahead was blocked by what he later described as a "15-foot mountain of snow," presumably the result of ploughs piling up the city's ceaseless snowfall.  [Keep reading at Mashable]


45NRTH - RIDE GROOMED from 45NRTH on Vimeo . Nestled in the Teton Range, amongst the ski slopes and Nordic trail of Grand Targhee Resort, lies some of the most pristine groomed singletrack in the country. Sponsored rider Evan Simula and the 45NRTH crew found themselves exploring the world-class trails and immersing themselves in all that they had to offer. Filmed at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, WY Rider: Evan Simula Groomer: Andy Williams Song: "Last War" by Haley Bonar Buy Haley's music here: