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Mastodon Ride with Molly

I rode north from my house to meet Molly at Havens Corner. We headed east toward Pataskala and then on to Dawes. We passed the Burning Tree Golf Course / Dinosaur Museum. I have passed this a bunch of times this year, but Molly has not. So we stopped and explored. A couple of workers were out front and I asked about the mastodon. They said it was found in one of the ponds and that the cast of the original was in the basement. Very cool replica and other dinosaurs to view. More... We continued to Dawes and hung out in the Japanese Garden. I love that location. Then we headed south to Jacksontown and stopped at a biker bar for lunch. We were the only customers in spandex. No sweat. Cheeseburger and fresh cut fries. Pretty good. Then we headed back through Hebron and Pataskala. Molly headed out west and I headed home. My guesstimate is 62 miles because my speedometer stopped working. Great day in the saddle. Thanks Molly!

Specialized Globe - Haul 2

Body Geometry Sonoma saddle uses a V-groove design and vibration dampers for comfort and support, even on dodgy roads Globe A1 Premium Aluminum frame with custom tubing and butting profiles; sturdy integrated rack makes loaded transport simple, secure and easy Slim and effective color-matched alloy chainguard keeps your duds clean Beautiful Elm wood deck adds to the function of the rear rack - holds 40kg Globe classic aluminum fenders are color matched with custom chevron detail Wheels feature double-walled 700c rims with 36 spokes for maximum durability Globe City grips deliver form, fit and function in one simple design Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal hub is the epitome of quality, versatility and simplicity Folding alloy kickstand Disc-brake compatible aluminum fork is light and durable LED front and rear lights included for visibility and safety Mechanical disc brakes supply strong, consistent stopping power in any situation more...

Another urban tire choice - Soma Super Everwear

Super Everwear 5mm Tires The Super Everwear takes that long lasting 5mm high carbon rubber tread of the original Everwear and slaps it to the most bullet-proof casing we could find. • Significantly stiffened sidewalls • 10x the sidewall and tread puncture resistance of other road tires • Extra thick long lasting carbon rubber tread • Round profile for predictable handling • Black wall • Steel bead only • Colors: all black, or with white stripes • Made in Japan by Panaracer • 23 or 26c (110psi)

Jazz Jasmin highlighted in Urban Velo

I Love Riding in the City NAME: Jazz Jasmin LOCATION: Columbus, OH OCCUPATION: 3rd shift poop reader (honest!) Why do you love riding in the city? I love the connection. Being in a car cuts you off from so much. I love hearing the birds, or being able to pull over and watch a mink on the riverbank. I love getting konked in the helmet by a duck taking off! (No one got hurt, but I can’t say the same for that one chipmunk—so sorry.) more...

Performance - Funny Video

roll: mentioned in Financial Times, along with other Columbus businesses

Over at Easton Town Center, an open-air shopping mall that opened a decade ago, Stuart Hunter has also seen a segmented response at the bicycle store called Roll that he opened this year, the third location in the city. In spite of the inauspicious timing, he says “we’ve had great growth overall”, which he attributes in part to the “staycation” trend where more people holiday locally. “A lot of people have focused inwards, instead of externally ... as part of a whole shift in consumer values,” says Mr Hunter, who was a branding consultant before setting up his business. Sales of bikes priced below $1,500 have been “very strong” and customised models costing above $4,000 are also doing well. more...

Hufnagel Cycles custom bike rack pics

Tuesday Night Ride Recap and Photos - Big Run Hals Als Ride

So we had 10 riders for the Tuesday Night Ride. Good crowd of old and new riders. We rode out west through Franklinton to Georgesville Road to Big Run Park. A soapbox derby track sits on the far end of the park. We raced each other down and back on the track. Then we headed out the trail side to Demorest and made our way back over to town. We stopped at Hal's and Al's for some Rad Dogs and drinks. Thanks to Tawd at Rad Dog for the free dogs for some of our riders. I was disappointed to hear that the other night ride continues to be a trainwreck. I considered going this past Monday but I chose to ride my own route around town. The constant stopping at parks to drink and partake in other illegalities keeps me from attending. Plus, the routes through construction which caused a bunch of mechanicals is flat out stupid. Oh well.


B1 Bicycles INDOOR TRAINER RIDES - Facebook event page Type: Sports  -  Sports Practice Network: Global Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm Location: 124 E. Long St

The Reverse Keg Ride

The crisp chill in the air means that the end of Pedal Pale Ale Season is nearly upon us. At the beginning of the summer, 500 local (and some not-so-local) cyclists showed up at the brewery to help deliver the very first Pedal Pale Ale kegs of the season. We had such a blast putting this on, that we've decided to close down Pedal Pale Ale Season in style this year...with another ride of course! THE RIDE: To help spread the word about what it means to operate an environmentally sustainable brewery (more on that here), for the past few years, we've been delivering the the very first PEDAL PALE ALE kegs of the season to a local tap-spot in a very unique way....BY BICYCLE. And now, it's time to return the empty kegs to the brewery. On Saturday November 21st after a nice hot breakfast at OTB, I'll set off, with a couple hundred of my closest GOOD FRIENDS in tow, promptly at NOON taking the ceremonial empty PEDAL PALE ALE kegs BACK to the brewery to officially mark the

Bike Pittsburgh - Good tips if you are in an accident, they apply, but change Pittsburgh to Columbus!

In a Crash? Unfortunately, sometimes smooth sailing isn’t in the cards for everyone riding Pittsburgh’s streets. If you are in a crash, though. Here are some things you should do. If you are in pain, stay put. Don’t try to move. You could end up injuring yourself even more Call 9-1-1 or tell someone else to do it for you. Make sure to get the driver’s  a) Name b) License Plate c) Insurance Info d) Contact Info . If there are any witnesses, get their name and contact info as well. Although you may be injured and incapacitated at the accident scene, that is your only chance to identify the motorist who hit you and the witness(s). After the ambulance takes you away, you will never get another chance to obtain this. It is not uncommon for the police officers to fail to get this information after the victim has left the scene. Ask someone to write down the tag number and their own information and give it to you, or put it in you pocket.If a bus is involved click here for more informati

Buckhannon WV to Glenville WV ride report

Rode from Buckhannon, WV to Glenville, WV which is about 40 miles. To get there you must take Highway 33. The good news is that it is a bike route. Buckhannon has share the road campaigns as does the counties in that area. I never ran into any issues with drivers and everybody was really nice. The roads are in really good shape as well. Only two major hill climbs are between the towns and I hit 40mph down the bigger of the two. I ended with 39 miles and averaged 17mph. The temps ranged from 38 to 62.

ABUS BORDO 6000 Foldable Lock

New link construction offers maximum flexibility Compact lock dimensions in handy size for mounting in a few seconds ABUS Extra-Classe cylinder with reversible key Handy frame carrier include Now available in 75cm and 90cm length A website to purchase. Ask your local dealers if they can order Abus

Zoic Commuting Pants - Reign Knicker

Description: * For the Commuter, Cruiser, or Weekender * Ideal for morning commutes, fall days, urban scavenger hunts, and chillaxing. * 23 1/2" inseam with a flat front waistband and an integrated drawcord for adjustability * Snap and zip fly * Tagless waistline * 2 Front slip pockets and 2 back velcro pockets * Leg cargo pocket with hidden MP3 pocket with ZOIC grommet for MP3 storage and headphone accessability * MP3 cord loop * Tonal plaid stitch detail * Signature "Diamond Gusset" for superior range of motion * Removable moisture wicking stretch mesh liner; makes this short functional on and off the bike Content/Fabrics: Shell: 50% Bamboo / 50% Cotton Fusion Gusset: 92% Nylon/8% spandex Liner:  Men's Assault  - 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex Fit: Casual Price: $75.00 ZOIC website