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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tip Top Bicycle Lock Alert

I was at the Tip Top last night and the bartender asked if we lost a key to a bike lock. They found one last week. It has a green wriststrap attached to it. It is in the lost and found box at Tip Top.

Contrail - Biking Community Tool

Builds Biking Communities
Made from Recycled Materials
Human Powered
Short listed entry
Contrail is a tool for developing bicycle communities. As you ride, contrail leaves a faint chalk line behind your bike. The goal is to encourage a new cycle of biking participation by allowing the biking community to leave a unique mark on the road and to reclaim this crucial shared space.

The old cycle: More cars on the road --> more percieved danger for bikers --> fewer bikers on road --> even more cars on the road.

The new cycle: A few bicyclists ride with contrail a couple times per week --> faint lines on the road inspire curiosity and remind bikers where it's safe to ride --> new bikers are encouraged to ride and use contrail --> contrail lines get brighter as community grows.

We like how phrased it:

By using this device, bicyclists will have a clearer path on which to ride safely and out of the way of vehicular traffic. At the same time, as more bicyclists using the Contrail go over a line created by a cyclist before them, the line gets brighter allowing drivers to clearly see a marked bike path where there might be none. It's sort of similar to what happens when a dirt path appears in a grassy field after lots of people have taken the same shortcut over a period of time.

[c]2008 Pepin Gelardi
Gelardi website

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sale at Trek Columbus

A little birdie told me that a sale is going on this weekend at Trek Store of Columbus this weekend.

The website

Thursday, March 26, 2009

SKS Chainboard

Innovative chainguard system.
The combination of shock-resistant plastic elements and SKS-Chromoplastics-Technology gives the product‘s strong advantages:
extremely lightweight, higher stability, material identical to mudguard - perfect optical fusion and uniform design.
ø 199 mm, 46 - 48 teeth

site is here...

Livable Streets Education

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ohio Bill HB 93 Introduced today

HB 93 BICYCLE HELMETS --To require bicycle operators and passengers under 18 years of age to wear protective helmets when the bicycle is operated on a roadway and to establish the Bicycle Safety Fund to be used by the Department of Public Safety to assist low-income families in the purchase of bicycle helmets.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot Tamale Bicycle Tour

The Hot Tamale is a beautiful, flat ride in north central Ohio. This year's ride will explore the Olentangy River basin, Expert riders can choose a 62 mile loop along scenic farm roads. The route meanders along quiet farm roads and through charming small towns. Some riders will choose to enjoy our 34 mile route, while families and casual riders may prefer the 8 or 16 mile options. Helmets are mandatory. Again this year we will offer child-sized t-shirts.


ACB-Ohio Tandem Bike Rally to be held September 19, 2009

Save the Date: September 19, 2009
Takes Two to Tandem

ACB-Ohio Tandem Bike Rally to be held September 19, 2009
Nisbet Park, Loveland, Ohio

The American Council of the Blind of Ohio, (ACB-Ohio) is hosting its third annual tandem rally-fundraiser. Visually impaired stokers and sighted captains will begin and end their routes on the trail near Loveland, but there will be several distances and routes to choose from. Sighted tandem teams and single bikes are also welcome. Explore the area on back roads or stay on the flat trail, and meet the group for a picnic lunch.

Many Ways to Participate:

1. Bring your tandem and your stoker and enjoy a beautiful ride and meet some other folks who enjoy tandem cycling.
2. Bring your tandem and meet your stoker for the day, who might be visually impaired. Many blind folks love to ride, but they need a captain and/or a bike.
3. Volunteer for transportation, registration and/or the picnic.
4. Pledge on a rider or sponsor a tandem team.
5. Donate give-aways to promote your business.

The American Council of the Blind of Ohio is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and equality of life for persons who are blind or visually impaired. We offer information and referral for resources for equipment, training programs, scholarships, emotional support, and seminars.

The proceeds from this ride will help sponsor the third annual Building Blocks for a Brighter Future, a seminar for parents of children who are visually impaired to be held October 3, 2009.

Sign Up Today!
Registration Donation--$30 or more, per rider
Snacks! Lunch! New friends! Great ride! Support a worthy cause! Free stuff!

How to Sign Up:

Contact Mary Hiland at or call 614-221-6688 or 800-835-2226 to request registration forms. Registration packets will include directions to start and more information about ACB-Ohio.

3/24/2009 - Ride Report

25 people showed for the ride. Many people I have not seen in a while. Flat tire before we even made it out the door. We rode west on King, then to 5th. McKinley to the Mound. Hung out and talked for a bit. Headed south on Mckinley and realized we had a severe mechanical. One of the riders stripped out a nut on the rear of a fixie so it wasn't holding. Brett led some riders north toward campus because it was getting late and colder. We made some adjustments and parts swaps and put it back together. We had a split in the group while the repair was occurring and someone hit the railroad tracks and spilled it while heading back to the main group. Flat tire ensued. So after all the repairs we headed into F-ton and hit Broad. 14 riders weigh 2740 lbs according to the scale at COSI. Riders split at High and we headed to the High Beck.

No drama. Mileage later.


About RideSpring

"RideSpring provides an easy on-line method to match carpoolers and an excellent reward method to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips. This program is simple for staff to implement and has increasingly grown in popularity since it was launched at the City."

Cheryl Schmitt
Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator
City of Santa Cruz

RideSpring is a web service that makes alternative commuting more convenient, flexible and rewarding than ever before. Focused at the company level, RideSpring is a very useful and popular employee benefit that significantly improves the worst part of the workday - the daily commute.

Focused on your company, for your employees, RideSpring is the complete alternative commute service.

What makes RideSpring so effective:

RideSpring is company specific. A customized RideSpring web site is provided for your company, exclusively for your employees use. Only employees with a valid company email address can create an account on your RideSpring web site. A company-focused system is much more appealing and convenient for your employees, and provides the greatest benefit to your company.

RideSpring makes it easy to find carpool partners at work with an appealing, easy to use interface that puts your employees in control of their commute.

Regular prizes reward all forms of alternative commuting, such as transit, biking or walking to work, as well as for carpooling. This makes RideSpring popular with more of your employees - ensuring a high level of participation at your company.

Trip reduction statistics are compiled on a daily basis so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your trip reduction program at any time.


3/24/2009 - Comic Book Bike

The guys who owns this bike took pages from a comic book and applied it to the frame, then clear coated it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Selle An-Atomica

Selle An-Atomica is the result of a concentrated research & development effort over more than four years to answer one very important question; What are the fundamental issues within the pelvic region anatomy of women and men in motion that make saddle comfort so universally challenging?

Current Standard Watershed Color saddle and bar tape examples; white, Td'F yellow, mahogany, red, black, golden, brown.


I saw this at the NAHBS in Indy.

Rotor BB - mmmm ceramic bearings

Rotor and CeramicSpeed joined forces with the goal of creating a bottom bracket unlike anything currently available on the market with a flashy and aesthetically appealing look. The BB1 is incredibly light and is sure not to go unnoticed, and the smooth unobtrusive lines marry perfectly with any type compatible crankset, be it made of carbon or aluminum.

The BB1 is available in 2 versions: (1) the black color with steel bearings offers a light and elegant bottom bracket at a very competitive price while (2) the red colored with ceramic bearings (CeramicSpeed or Enduro) is ideal for those looking to shed every possible gram while at the same time acquiring an incredibly smooth bottom bracket. Both versions are available for road (BSA and ITA) as well as MTB use. The red ceramic version comes in at an incredible 89g for the road model, and 93g for the MTB, while the steels comes in at 92g for road and 101g for MTB; still quite impressive.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

GoPro - Wearable Digital Cameras for Sports

The world's smallest, wireless helmet and gear-mountable video camera for outdoor sports.

The Helmet HERO Wide quick-release attaches to vented and non-vented helmets, bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, and even includes a head strap for wearing like a headlamp. Features the industry's widest 170º wide angle lens and 5 megapixel sensor for the most immersive point of view video and photos possible from a wearable sports camera, period.

Shoot 56 minutes of high-resolution video and 5 megapixel photos automatically in "photo every 2 seconds" mode. Use as a hand held camera, too. Shockproof and waterproof to 100 feet/30 meters. Sets up in seconds and is easily moved between different mount locations.

Based on the best selling original Helmet HERO camera, this updated 5MP Helmet HERO Wide camera features improved video, photo, audio, and low light performance. Reliability in ultra-high vibration environments has been improved with an entirely new internal circuit design. Battery life is improved to 3 hours of video record time when using Lithium batteries and 2 hours when using NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Four quick-release adhesive mounts, a vented helmet strap, headlamp style head strap, and associated accessories are included. Adhesive mounts are removable but require purposeful removal by user. Safe on painted surface.

Additional expansion mounts available separately, including handlebar/seatpost, chest harness, roll bar, and surfboard mounts. More mounts are always being developed for your convenience.

Works with a 2GB max SD card. 4GB SD card compatibility, allowing for 1 hour 52 minutes of continuous video recording, will be available soon via free downloadable software upgrade from GoPro.

What's Included:
5 Megapixel HERO Wide Camera with 170º Wide Angle Lens
1 Shockproof/Waterproof Quick-Release Housing
1 Headlamp-Style Head Strap
1 Vented Hemlet Strap
2 Curved, 3M™ Adhesive Mounts
2 Flat, 3M™ Adhesive Mounts
1 Three-Way Pivoting Side Arm Assembly
2 Quick-Release Buckles
1 USB/RCA Combo Cable
Warranty: One Year

the site...

Central Ohio Greenway

The Central Ohio Greenway trail system is an extensive network of recreational trails along our most valuable natural resources. The trails provide opportunities for people to enjoy the many streams and wooded corridors throughout Central Ohio and connect parkland, open space and communities. Use your local trails to exercise, commute, or to just get out and enjoy the outdoors!

the site is here

Biking champ to lend star power to charity ride

Sunday, March 22, 2009 3:36 AM

One month after his much-anticipated Tour de France comeback in July, cycling legend Lance Armstrong will set the pace in the first Columbus-to-Athens charity ride for cancer research.
Armstrong, who captured the world's imagination by beating testicular cancer, then winning a record seven consecutive Tours, will ride in the Pelotonia Tour in late August and serve as honorary chairman.

"This means everything to us," said Tom Lennox, executive director of the event. "His involvement will attract more cyclists so we can raise more money."


Pinhead Security Locks

Pinhead Components Inc was formed in 1997 to develop an effective locking system for bicycle components. Our objective was to provide effective protection to bicycle owners from the growing problem of bicycle part theft due to the high cost of new bicycles and their component parts and accessories.

We are now the premier producer of bicycle component locks which protect the front wheel, rear wheel, seat, forks, stem and handlebars of all standard bicycles. Our locking systems provide effective security for a fraction of the replacement cost of the parts they protect.

Pinhead products are available through quality bicycle retailers throughout North America and Europe.

Our current products include:

front wheel lock
rear wheel lock
seat lock
headset lock for forks and stem
Our future products planned for 2008/2009 include:

handlebar lock
foot pedal lock
U-lock for a complete one key lock up system.

the site...

Bike Path Cleanup Day #1

Saturday, April 4, 2009
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: I-670 Bike Path between Cleveland and St. Clair Aves.
City/Town: Columbus, OH

Please join us for the first Cleanup Day of 2009!
Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 10am
We will be cleaning up our adopted area of the I-670 Bike Path. Along Jack Gibbs Blvd, between Cleveland Ave and St. Clair Ave.
Meet & Park in the Fort Hayes School entrance, close to Cleveland Ave.

Tools provided.

New this year! Participants doing a Cleanup during the Great American Cleanup can enter to win two Troy-Bilt giveaways! Prizes are a Professional Quality 4-Cycle String Trimmer and a 4-Cycle Backpack Blower. Drawing will be held during the first week of June.

Facebook sign-up page...