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The fastest human powered bicycle

Denver's version of Third Hand

The Derailer Bicycle Collective is a free, non-profit, collectively run community bicycle shop on the west side of Denver. We offer FREE parts, frames, use of tools, and knowledge in repairing or building up just about any kind of bike for any kind of person. We are open to everyone, however we prioritize people from our neighborhood and those with few options. Also, while everything is free of charge, you do the work on your own bike with the help of a volunteer mechanic. Please click on the links above for more information on our hours and programs. We run entirely from donations and community support. If you would like to donate bicycles or parts to Derailer, click the Donate link above for instruction on how to do so. If you would like to donate money through Paypal, click the link to the left. Thanks

Prius with a Boneshaker

And I thought my setup was cool. Boneshaker from wiki

From Velonews - Card, Borem win Ohio 'cross championships

Posted Nov. 27, 2008 Article Extras Results The Ohio State Championships were held in Columbus this past weekend on a course that featured equal parts power and equal parts skill. However, the presence of strong winds on race day made the power sections more significant, as three sections of lengthy straightaway went straight into a headwind. The park was extremely spectator-friendly, with most watchers perched up on the finish line hill looking down on the entire course. more...

More spoke lights - Spokelit by Nite Ize

Easy on and off - installs in seconds! Secure - remains in position, even during off-road use Reliable - water resistant, shock resistant Long-life replaceable batteries included The site is here... Purchase here for $5.99

Bicycle Repairman

Rock the Bike - Pimp out your ride

Down low glow Bike Blender Soul Cycle Mobile Audio Systems

iPhone friendly version of Columbus Rides Blog

Click the following link to view your iPhone friendly site and don't forget to bookmark it in Safari or add a webclip on the iPhone home screen

Bike Polo Organization

Welcome to the exciting sport of Bicycle Polo! It's an old game that's been revitalized and growing in popularity throughout the USA and the world. The site is here...

From Craigslist - REWARD for return of bike - $100 (Beechwold)

Reply to: [?] Date: 2008-11-14, 1:53PM EST Up to $100 reward for return of stolen bike in good operating condition. Description: White men's 26" FILA 6 speed bicycle with electric motor in front wheel hub. Batteries and charger on rack on back of bike. Bicycle several years old, motor and batteries new. Whitewall tires. Stolen night of 11/12 or morning of 11/13. Call Columbus Police (614-645-4545) if spotted. I cannot afford to replace my bicycle, but I need it for transportation. Tom (614)477-9522

The Greatest Bumper Sticker in the World

If you corner me I will tell you the story why I think this is the greatest bumper sticker in the world. Thanks a

the Choprical Fish

Completed in summer of 2007, the Choprical Fish is a fully custom human-powered 6-speaker performance bike based on the Soul Cycle Convertible Chopper frameset designed by Fossil Fool and welded by Curtis Inglis. Key features: - Human powered sound system. Party goers and audience members take turns on the bike while it is used as a Dj / performance system. Pedaling the bike at full audio power with all lights turned on feels like climbing an easy hill on a regular bike. - Integrated 4-channel mixer with inputs for guitar, mic, and iPod. - Integrated Shure wireless microphone - Integrated Shure wireless transmitter - 400 watt AMP 9 digital amplifier from - Two power sources: rechargeable Li-Ion battery and "off the grid" human power mode. - Twin 9" Morel Elate SW subwoofers. The subwoofers have Neodymium rare earth magnets, that are stronger and lighter than traditional ceramic magnets, saving about 8 pounds over similarly powerful ceramic magnet subwoofers. - 5

Christmas Gift for the cyclist in your family

Road ID Original is the “original” or “first” version of Road ID that we offered. This classic ID allows you to personalize up to 7 lines of laser-engraved text. Unlike Road ID Original, Road ID Interactive allows you to build a fully updateable, secure Emergency Response Profile (ERP) that is available to first responders via telephone and internet. You can also personalize the first 2 lines of text. You can support the site by purchasing the RoadID through the link on the right. The site is here for more info...

Sweetskinz Tires

It is time to spark an uprising of style in the biking world. SweetskinZ soaks bikes with personality like never before. Make a striking impact, as the days of black tires come to a screeching halt. Every specialized design ignites a thrilling wave of identity. Every color roars with vivid moonlit glare. Enter the new territory of renegade rubber. Our specialized, colored bike tires come in a full range of sizes, designs, and treads. Whether carving the road or grinding the trail, there’s a tire that echoes every identity. Ready to add a sweet new element to your business? Contact us to find out how. Have the next big idea for SweetskinZ? Let us know in the Idea Factory . The site is here...

Work on new park, trail in Metro Parks budget approved today - Dispatch

Monday, November 24, 2008 1:52 PM BY MARK FERENCHIK THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH Projects that include the continuing development of the Scioto Audubon Metro Park and the construction of a 7-mile trail in western Franklin County top the to-do list for Franklin County Metro Parks next year. More... Editor's note - The Camp Chase trail that was approved today is what will connect the Prairie Grass Trail to Columbus.

RACK - Roadside Assistance for Cyclists (silent K)

From Make Cycling Safer and More Convenient With An Informal Bicycle Triple A by Andrew Posner, Providence, Rhode Island on 11.24.08 CARS & TRANSPORTATION The Need For Roadside Assistance for Cyclists A recent email I received from the Brown University cycling listserv got me thinking about the need for roadside assistance for cyclists. Last week, two riders on the cycling team were out for a training ride in 30 degree weather when, five miles from home, one of them snapped a chain. They called several people that live in the area, but couldn't find anyone that could come and pick them up, so the other rider had to sprint home, get his car, and rush back to the stranded rider--who was left waiting for half an hour in the cold. read more...

Official Dirty Dozen Pittsburgh Ride Information

The 26rd Annual Dirty Dozen up Pittsburgh's 13 steepest hills will be held on Saturday, November 29th at 10am. Anticipating another large crowd this year, please show up as early as 8-9am to start registration early. Meet at the Washington Boulevard Track (Where the ACA holds weekly criterium races in the summer). I recommend a low gear of 39x27. The route is 50 miles, but will take at least 5 hours because we go neutral between the hills, and there are 3-4 stops atop hills where I offer snacks and drinks. I plan to go 10 places deep again on each hill this year. Can somebody please drive along the route with me (Still recovering from a recent herniated disk surgery, I will most likely not be riding this year) and take videos of the top finishers on each hill? Also, new this year, there will be a 3 place prize list for women riders only, but they need to ride up EVERY HILL to be eligible. The breakdown will be: 1st woman - $150 2nd woman - $100 3rd woman - $ 50 Register th

England has tax-free bike purchases

I was reviewing the Oxford Cycleworks website and noticed a section on tax-free bicycle purchases. I will let their site speak for itself. I visited the Oxford Cycleworks location this past summer when I was visiting my wife while she attended classes at Oxford. They are the equivalent of Third Hand Co-op.

In Toronto, cyclists form a first-of-its-kind union

Believed to be the first of its kind, the Toronto Cyclists Union plans to offer insurance, roadside assistance, advocacy, and even an online dating service. By Susan Bourette| Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor/ June 6, 2008 edition E-mail a friend Print this Letter to the Editor Republish ShareThis Get e-mail alerts RSS TORONTO Kathy Marks cocks her head, listening for the din of a thousand bicycle bells. For the Toronto grandmother, it’s a cue to hop on her three-speed bicycle and join a riding protest for more bike lanes in Canada’s largest city. But after several years of participating in this annual demonstration, she’s considering joining a new group of rabble-rousers to show her dissatisfaction with cycling conditions here: the Toronto Cyclists Union. more...

Columbus to London (and back) in one day...

London, Ohio of course. After I posted the information about the trailhead for the Prairie Grass Trail, I decided to investigate myself. I started at High and Broad and rode straight out to West Jefferson. Once in West Jefferson look for "bike route" signs. The route heads south and turns at Wilson Road and ultimately ends at the trailhead. It took me exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the trail. The Prairie Grass Trailhead has parking and bathroom facilities. It is paved and marked with mileage which is a nice touch. Typical fare for Ohio trails, a combination of cornfields and residential areas with a couple of road crossings. From downtown to London is roughly 27 miles. I stopped and sat at the trailhead on the way back through. Then headed north back to Broad and back to town. No incidents with autos except for an errant honk. Saw two other bikers out riding near West Jefferson. I thought that I had never been in West Jefferson, but realized that the Ride the Darby ri

Ride your bicycle to Cincinnati via trail system - ALMOST

Miami Valley Trails Organization Welcome: This is the South West Ohio's Trails Website. On these pages we will give you information about each of the Multi-use Trails; RailTrails, Levee Trails, Towpath Trails and other trails centered on Dayton and Xenia Ohio. What does this have to do with riding from Columbus to Cincinnati, you ask? If you look at the page(s) that covers the Prairie Grass Trail, or Xenia Station To Cedarville AKA Ohio to Erie Trail you will see London East to Trail's End AKA Ohio to Erie Trail AKA Roberts Pass. How many AKA's can a name have? I digress. What this means is the trailhead is about 20 miles from Columbus. Construction Plans: The trail is now completed paved to Wilson Road (6.5 miles East of Maple Street. Now the trail is in the hands of Columbus Recreation & Parks as well as Columbus & Franklin County MetroParks . The next step will be to build trail from Wilson Road East into Franklin County on what has been called the "Camp