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ODOT Bicycling Site

2008 Bicycle/Pedestrian TRAIL NEWS Great resources here...


Hello all, happy winter! This e-mail is an open call to all or anyone wishing to help volunteer at WCRS and record short audio bits like Public Service Announcements, Promos or the Simply Living calender of events. I can teach you how to record and edit such pieces. This is all very simple to do, if you have the ability to open, read, and respond to this e-mail, then you can make audio pieces. This can be a lot of fun and creative- the sky's the limit. You can make PSA's about issues and organization's you think share those of WCRS and Simply Living... of particular concern are making PSA's that connect low-income communities to rescources and empower them as well, "to strengthen and supplement efforts to eliminate and alleviate poverty … in the United States by encouraging and enabling persons from all walks of life, all geographic areas, and all age groups, including low-income individuals … to perform meaningful and constructive volunteer service in agencies

I got my "I made a difference" sticker today - Did you?

I voted this morning. For someone. And I got my sticker that says I voted.That's all I got to say.

The irony

Upper 50's. and rain. I did not make it to the ride. I sat on my butt on the couch and worked on a website. Duncan called in and said he was going to do a drive-by to see if any brave souls showed up. I will ride in the rain when it is in the 80's and it is refreshing to have a drenching. But not in the dark in 50 degree weather.

Nihola. I believe you sing/say it like Ricola!

The best for you! Test winner Nihola we knew it all along and now it has been independently confirmed by the experts from the Dutch cycle club Fietsersbond : The Nihola is the best transport bike, beating the nine other bikes in the test! Its sophisticated steering system convinced the judges: the Nihola is easy to handle and provides a superbly comfortable ride. But it’s not just the Dutch biking experts who give Nihola the thumbs up. Over a thousand satisfied customers all over Europe endorse the advantages of Nihola transport bikes. We work continuously to deliver top quality. Give us a try. You can test-ride our models at any time. We look forward to meeting you!

Sunday Ride 03/02/2008 Recap

65 degrees 34.5 miles 14.5mph average I rode through Gahanna to Cassady. Down Airport to Leonard to East 5th. Stopped on St Clair for photo op. Rode over to Summit. Almost got clocked by some guy in blue pickup who turned right in front of me onto Cleveland. South on Summit to town. Stopped on overpass for photos. Rode over to COSI for photo op. Rode through town to Long to nelson and back home. Headwind from East. I was dying toward the end. The photos are for the website which is under development at this point.

Big Savage Mountain Tunnel Video

The Centerpiece of the Great Allegheny Passage is the rehab of the Big Savage Mountain Tunnel. WQED put together a video about the history and the rail trail. The video is here...

West Virginia Rails-to-Trails Council

If you are a fan of rail trails the West Virginia Rails-to-Trails Council has a listing for trails in West Virginia. I have been on a few. The Wheeling Heritage Trail is closer to 30 miles round trip and follows the Ohio River and the valley through to Elm Grove. If you travel north in the panhandle you will come across Brooke Pioneer Rail-Trail (I have ridden this trail many times) and then the Panhandle Rail-Trail . When completed these three trails will allow a rider to travel from Wheeling north to Weirton, then east to Pittsburgh to the Montour Trail. The Montour Trail connects with the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Trail and ultimately Washington DC. I have traversed the North Bend Rail Trail. You can read my review here...